Jim Toner: For When You’re Ready To Embrace Unlimited Wealth

Jim Toner is the acclaimed Real Estate Magnet who grew up in humble conditions and set his heart, mind, eyes, hands and feet on entrepreneurship as soon as he did the math..of money ..of number of hours in a day ..of number of days in a year ..and realized there was no way for him to achieve what he wanted to accomplish for his family if he continued to work for someone else. Likewise, the math still didn’t work toward his and his family’s favor even if he worked for 3 different ‘someone else’s. Consequently, he bravely took on the Real Estate Investment (REI) challenge and quickly turned his life around for the better.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner has over a quarter of a century of experience in the real estate investment field thriving through economic downturns just as successfully as during bullish periods. His major bout with adversity was dealt to him and his family via an antithetical methodology against his sage advice to make and keep oneself attractive to the market. But he and his family members did overcome the sabotage and ultimately were better off for it.. ..better neighborhood, ..better life perspective, ..better appreciation for one another’s loyalty and a better attraction, namely his globally received book, “Jim Toner Is Dead: Manifesto.”

According to ideamensch.com, along with investing in yourself such that others will feel eager to invest in you and buy into your business and that authorship is a keen way to reach that level, Jim shares a number of other keys to success. They fit itemized into three categories, A. Self, B. Interaction with others and C. Business management. A1. Get up early. A2. Exercise physically. A3. Reflect on your faith and your aims for the day. A4. Honestly hold yourself unto strict accountability. A5. Read often. B1. Share the breakfast meal with your loved ones. B2. While enjoying breakfast, review with one another your goals for the day, any concerns regarding possible challenges and encourage one another towards confidence. B3. Respond to and initiate communication that you need to address with those outside of your immediate home circle. B4. Make yourself available both attitudinal and presently to others who may need your interventive assistance. As Jim Toner explains it, don’t miss out on an opportunity to do well for another person because that’s the essence of why we exist. C1. Analyze your business’s statistics. C2. Assess and communicate your desire for your Company’s goals. C3. Inspire your work team. C4. Surround yourself with people who perform certain skills much better than yourself. C5. Develop more than one or two streams of income. C6. Differentiate your product or service and charge a high end price for it. C7. Know where you are positioned tax wise. C8. Delegate or outsource tasks so as to unencumber your creativity. C9. Persist knowing that setbacks are temporary and that not even an utter financial debacle signifies the end.

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Destination Fagali Has It All

Surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Upolu is one of the largest in the Samoan Archipelago. The village of Fagali is just a short drive southeast to downtown Apia, the capital of Upolu. Although the population is under 2,000, Fagali is home to the Royal Samoa Golf Course and an International Airport.

The Fagali Airport, owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines, currently provides service to Pago Pago while Samoa Airways is serving other routes to American Samoa. Inexpensive flights are being offered, encouraging weekend get-a-ways. The proximity to Apia, the coastal beaches, villas and hotels as well as many top tourist attractions make this a desirable destination.

Visitors flying into Fagali will discover opportunities to enjoy the marine environment through 5 Star Samoa Dive and Snorkel, located less than 2 miles from the airfield. Spending the day viewing the coral reefs and marine life in the clear waters of the Pacific is a unique breathtaking experience.

A little further down the road, visitors are introduced to timeless customs presented in a fun, interactive way at the Samoa Cultural Village. Here, people are invited to experience a traditional Polynesian society.

Just a short drive from the Airport, additional attractions are available including the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral with its beautiful frescoes and interesting exterior architecture.

The beauty of the area is reflected in the home of Scottish author, Robert Louis Stevenson. In 1894, Stevenson died at the estate and was buried at a site overlooking his home. Many original artifacts are on display in the stunning home.

Today, Samoan society takes pride in its traditional culture. The many small villages like Fagali are hospitable hosts, welcoming visitors while initiating them with insights into their customs and traditions.

Learn More: www.expedia.com/Fagalii-Airport-Hotels.0-aFGI-0.Travel-Guide-Filter-Hotels

Milan Kordestani, growing organic saffron and poultry in Milan Farms.

Starting a company from scratch and building it to a successful enterprise, is an art most people live a lifetime without mastering. Often when a CEO is mentioned, especially of a farm, most people will have the impression of an old person who has done farming for the last fifty years or so.

This is not the case of Milan Farms, which is owned and founded by Milan Kordestani, a young entrepreneur who is a first-year student at Colorado College. For Milan, his agriculture venture is just the start of greater things he hopes he will achieve. The young CEO does not stop at Milan Farms; he pushes his multi-abilities to the maximum. He is a decorated equestrian, a Huffington Post writer and CEO of Guin Records and Dormzi. Milan got involved in horse riding and racing at the tender age of ten and began competing nationally. Back in 2016, Kordestani participated in the Worlds Championship Horse Show and became 2nd in the Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Division.

Milan Kordestani interest in agriculture began at an early age, in a small garden in the backyard of their home. He was introduced to saffron and began planting it in his small farm. Later Milan would pick up interest in poultry and as his saffron farming started making profits, he began Milan Farms in the year 2015. Milan Farms is popular for its organic farming of poultry and saffron. At his farms, he raises poultry in the most humane and organic ways, and this has contributed a lot to maintain his customer base.


Today, at Milan Farms, you will find mint, organic eggs and 100% pure saffron. Kordestani takes pride in the fact that Milan Farms offers consumers a variety of options. As an entrepreneur, Milan knows that meeting clients’ desire and the taste is the key to having a successful business and he applies that in his farms.

Over the years Milan Farms has grown to include 3 separate farms, which all the major distributors of eggs in Colorado and the entire west coast. Milan Farms became a trademarked enterprise in 2016 and has grown to be a big supplier of saffron across the world. At Milan Farms, they are always looking for more innovative ways to increase and enhance their production.

More about Milan Kordestani

He was born in Stanford, California and attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. He then attended Eaton Square School in England after his family moved there in 2009. He would later come back to California and graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017. Presently he is a sophomore at Colorado College.

The Queen And All Of Her Majesty

As New Gold Enters The Market

Gold is easy to love, and a recent release of the 65th anniversary for the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II coin is easy to get excited about. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve/ and https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/cotm/detail/545/US-Money-Reserve

Some may be confused about what gold stands for, but it pays to see the future it has. You won’t need to predict the future to take a substantial position on gold. Gold is also easy to find once you’ve fallen in love with it. You can find it at the U.S. Reserve market with every precious metal they offer.

The 65th coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II coin is available in limited numbers. There’s a lot to learn regarding what rare coins can do for your portfolio. The truth of gold may help you to realize the long term power of it.

The world nations are still holding to this commodity as a default world currency, and the release of this gold coin creates a new occasion.

Gold is being sold at market value right now, and you can get in on it.

The Reserve Waiting For A Future Profit

The U.S. Reserve is a premiere agency that handles bullion trades globally. It is the only U.S. agency with this coronation coin.

This agency holds a reserve of gold that’s also supported by the U.S. Mint.

The Mint gives the Reserve access to some of Californian gold from our nation’s rush, and much of this metal was collected when the gold standard ended. The only role gold ended was as an exchange within national economies.

This means that gold remains as the only universal currency accepted by the world at large. Not all currencies are. The future profit that investors are seeing in gold brings rewards today and will continue to be the item of international governments. This is the confidence you have in the precious metal commodity.

How To Get Your Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Coin Collection Started Now

The best way to get started is with the U.S. Money Reserve.

The U.S. Money Reserve is an agency that backs their bullion product. The backing of these bullion items require that purity and quality be ensured upfront.

Collecting gold in this way allows you to return all of the products you purchase. This is the security you have on bullion products and where you start building your collection.


Clayton Hutson attended the University of Central Michigan and was awarded a degree in theater design. He later went ahead to further his studies in the school of business earning him a degree in Business Administration. After completion of his studies, Clayton held a few positions with active amusement organizations. He was a project director and filled in as a sound engineer. Even though Hutson worked in corporate entertainment, Clayton Hutson, in the long run, picked the music business.


Clayton was particularly enthusiastic about shake ‘n’ roll since he had a few occupations that presented him to each feature of sound designing, live exhibitions, and administration. Hutson found that he was a characteristic business visionary, and he was fruitful in his undertaking. His business developed rapidly alongside his image for exemplary and reliable work.


Clayton Hutson later decided to start his own business as he felt the need to utilize his abilities and experience from the organizations he has worked with previously. Hutson has had the opportunity to travel worldwide with a few musicians. Among his most significant achievements, he has worked with One Republic’s programmed rigging system amid one of its most celebrated visits. Clayton had a lot of involvement with sound designing for live entertainment and also with the tour production organizations.


Clayton Hutson ongoing and current work includes stage administration for an outstanding artist. There are a ton of critical undertakings that he needs to either do or regulate. One mix-up can ruin an execution or even a whole occasion. Energizing innovation has led to rapid changes. To reassure customers, it’s significant to stay aware of these improvements.


Mobile lighting gadgets have turned out to be substantially brighter, and also they can be quickly be moved around more effortlessly. Most shows productions own massive video walls. This innovation positively offers a few advantages, when entertainers try to inspire fans in more inventive ways. For example, Lady Gaga and Pink have been willing to attempt new things. Their shows regularly include tumbling and other fascinating stunts. Clayton welcomed this aesthetic inventiveness considerably more than a video screen that is much greater than the rest.


To achieve his objectives of precision and flawlessness inside his industry, Hutson is continually going to a work site. When he finishes an important show, Clayton Hutson knows from the most necessary subtle elements to the minor completing focuses on what needs to happen and all through the entire occasion of the show. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/clayton-hutson-1a2e

Robert Deignan- Using Power of Gut Feeling to Flourish

Robert Deignan believes that when wheels are always turning in his head whether on positive or negative matters his gut tells him to pay attention. Robert the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ATS Digital services a company with core mandate of helping the consumers globally with their technology matters. The services range from connectivity issues, and even general troubleshooting and the ATS Digital services offer the troubleshooting services and concerns remotely.

Robert Deignan born and grew up in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and went to Purdue University on the full football scholarship. He graduated with Organizational Leadership degree. Robert enjoyed few stints with NY Jets and also Miami Dolphins before co-founding the Fanlink Inc that was his first life entrepreneur venture. His love for sports saw Robert Deignan continue with various sporting tournaments like offshore fishing. Robert worked at Anti-Malware Software firm where he handed the technical issues by having the company software remotely installed on their client’s machines, and that’s how the idea of ATS Digital begun. The ability to help their clients remotely gave him and his partner the power, skills, connections, and knowledge needed to start their business.

The typical day of Robert Deignan started very early and proceeded to the gym working out for an hour combining cardio activity and weight training. After the gym, he attends to his son and takes few minutes in his gazebo sipping coffee and rearranging his thoughts and work coming up with different business ideas. Robert Deignan day in the office is started by analyzing the previous day’s numbers and their performances, answering questions and clearing of unfinished tasks. The day continues by having strategic meetings with his partners on the new opportunities, talking to their partners, lawyers, accountants, and employees and later Robert heads home for a quiet time with his family.

Robert Deignan states that his ideas are mostly born when disconnected from technology that is computer and phone. Robert Deignan loves enjoying nature and the outside life, and that’s how he becomes creative, and he takes the necessary notes, creates a spreadsheet and analyzing if the idea is promising.


Bob Reina: It’s All About The End Game

Whenever someone starts up a company and they have used Talk Fusion to do so, they are looking at the end game. They are looking at the finish line. That is what they are working for and that is what matters to them. They want to live an independent life where they can be happy and they don’t have anything holding them back or stopping them in their tracks. The world is their oyster, and it is all there for the taking. They are in control and they are in command for once. Once they have achieved that level of success, they are unstoppable with their company. Learn more: https://humanesocietytampa.org/bob-reina-the-man-behind-the-million-dollar-gift/


Talk Fusion helps them get their company started in the first place with video emails and video chats. It is all about using video to further the brand and let people know they are out there and they need to be taken seriously. That’s a tremendous feeling for a great number of people out there. For so long, they have been in the background and people have ignored them and overlooked them. That is not going to happen anymore with Talk Fusion here now. They will be seen, heard, and they will get the attention they deserve. Bob Reina has made sure of that along with his talented team at Talk Fusion.


As a matter of fact, whenever Bob Reina gets the chance, he is always raving about his IT team and the work they have put into the technology aspect of it. The company is all about being cutting edge and staying in touch with their customers. Bob Reina is big on giving motivational speeches. First and foremost, he wants to inspire people and let them know how their lives can be changed. Second of all, he wants to get a sense of what the customers think about the product and how it has helped them and what they think can be improved on along the way as well.


Bob Reina is not going to become complacent and he is not going to become lazy just because they have had some success. As a matter of fact, that is going to serve as fuel to keep this company headed in the right direction and to keep the arrow pointing up. They know they have more they want to do and more they need to do, which is what makes this company so special and it is what makes Bob Reina so unique.

The “End Citizens United” Organization Is Helping To Implement and Maintain Fair and Honest Campaign Finance Laws

In a recent Reporter Expert article, the author examines the hard work that the End Citizens United organization is doing to help improve campaign finance laws in America.

When the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2010 that corporations have the same right of free speech that is afforded to individuals, the American political landscape was changed dramatically. No longer would government limitations on corporate influence in elections be in place. Because of this court ruling, political campaign contributions can now be more anonymous and without financial limits.

The court case that the Supreme Court ruled on originally concerned another organization named Citizens United. This conservative group had attempted to air a negative television film regarding Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries.

When the Federal Election Commission ruled that Citizens United’s film about Hillary Clinton was essentially an hour-long campaign ad, the conservative organization refused to say who was covering the costs of producing and airing the film.

The Citizens United group filed a lawsuit attempting to have the campaign finance decision overturned, but a federal court upheld the earlier ruling. Then, two years later, the federal court ruling was overturned by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court’s extension of the right of free speech to corporations surprised and shocked many people. With political campaigns at all levels already exercising negative and ugly advertising tactics, such a ruling would only make it easier for political donors to finance these ads without having to take responsibility for them.

Along with organizations such as the League of Women Voters and the American Civil Liberties Union, the End Citizens United grassroots political action committee is focusing on keeping American political campaigns honest and ethical.

While the eventual goal of End Citizens United is to see the Citizens United court decision overturned, the PAC is also supporting political candidates who are committed to implementing and maintaining fair and transparent campaign finance laws.

The End Citizens United group is proving to be very popular with American citizens, with a donor base of more than 380,000 people. The organization has already endorsed more than 120 candidates across America in 2018, and recently increased the size of its staff.

Contact End Citizens United: www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

Upwork Some Tips to Organize your Day as a Professional

Whether you are a freelance professional or salaried person, you need to ensure that you lead a disciplined life that has a routine. Without discipline, it would be difficult to balance your personal and professional life as well as meet your professional goals. The health, both physical as well as mental, depends entirely on how you approach your day to day life. If your routine is scrambling all over the place and nothing is in order, your mental health would also get affected, and so would your physical health as well with time. The best way to get things back in order is to set a work schedule and follow a to-do list.


If you are a freelance professional, it is by default that you must have heard about the freelance platform named Upwork, where service buyers and sellers can meet easily. There are millions of freelance professionals as well as clients on board. However, even as a professional, no matter how talented you are, it is essential that you follow a to-do list. The first thing that you need to do to organize your to-do list is to put up every task at hand on a piece of paper or a diary. It is essential that you jot down every task, small or significant, to ensure that you don’t forget anything at the end of the day. You have to make sure that you write about what needs to be done the next day, the night before. It would help you save precious time the first thing in the morning. Most of the people wait for the day to start before writing the to-do list for the day, but writing the night before helps a lot.


Also, make sure to prioritize as per importance and ensure that you follow a tracker to complete the task on time. Put deadlines on the work you write down and complete those tasks on time. Also, use a to-do list app that is synchronized with all your devices, so that you know the tasks that are left and the ones that you are procrastinating. It helps to stay on schedule, which would also help you get better reviews as a professional on Upwork, and more jobs too.

Find out more about Upwork: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upwork

Upwork; Prioritize that To-Do List

Upwork is a freelancing website that offers web and mobile development, virtual assistants, customer service, and more. Clients utilize Upwork since it is simple and cost-effective. Upwork offers ideas on how to get organized and complete tasks on time.


Write it down! When you jot things down it helps the brain to not feel so stressed and it can focus on the present. Make a to-do list and use an app if needed.

Don’t waste valuable time in the morning and allow an hour to complete an important task. So, the night before, decide which task needs completed.

When writing down tasks, keep them all in one spot so nothing gets lost. Again, use an app on the phone to keep everything in one place.

As you’re writing down tasks, think about how long it will actually take and set a deadline. Along with this, pick times you will start the task and how many minutes it will actually take. This will help execute the task in a realistic manner.

Prioritize. Possibly one of the most important keys. Something may pop up unexpectedly, but if prepared, a quick decision can be made.

If there are tasks that have been on the to-do list for a while, re-evaluate the task and try to give it a value. If completing the task is not making you or any of the other tasks more productive, just take it off the list and move on.

There may be a time where there are too many tasks for one person to handle and some delegating may be needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance in completing a task if there is someone else qualified to do it.

If there is one dreaded task that is so consuming and large, break it down into smaller tasks. It will eventually get completed with much less stress. Also, doing similar tasks one right after the other can be more productive.

Assign your energy levels to a certain task. Energy changes throughout the day so choose certain tasks to complete at certain times of the day.