2,000 Free Prostate Screens to be Awarded to the First to Sign Up, All Thanks to Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Prostate cancer is one of the biggest health problems facing men over the age of 40 in America. It’s estimated, according to the American Cancer Society, that one in seven guys will be targeted by the evils of prostate cancer. Black men are particular susceptible to the disease, as around 20 percent of African-American males will be diagnosed in their lifetime. The scholarly cancer statistics organization, the American Cancer Society, also estimates that 161,360 cases of prostate cancer in men will pop up for the first time, not resulting from people who’ve previously had prostate or another kind of cancer.

Fortunately for men not able to afford a prostate screening, a joint coalition formed between the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp, and the NFL Alumni Association is both running an awareness campaign for people to learn more about the cancer, as well as giving away 2,000 free screens, not to mention discounts for everybody else after the first 2,000.

Guys that are older than 39 years of age, are black, and have histories of colon or other cancers in their families are more likely to succumb to prostate cancer, even if they have good diets, exercise frequently, and don’t smoke, nor drink.

The Prostate Pep talk is the marketing campaign designed to bring awareness to prostate cancer in men, as the NFL has declared the entire month of September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Football legends among the ranks of Bill Cowher, Mike Quick, and Herm Edwards have been recorded in commercials for the disease, or will have spoken live at the initiating press conference one week ago, on August 30th.

DJ Shockely will have made an appearance at CTCA’s Atlanta location, Dan Hampton at CTCA’s Chicago venue, Simeon Rice and Nick Lowery at CTCA’s Phoenix hospital, and Too Tall Jones and Steve Largent at CTCA’s Tulsa facility.

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