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3 things that must be done in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Batman vs. Superman film looms in the distance on the blockbuster film landscape. Warner Brothers really needs this to be a big hit to launch their answer to Disney’s mind-bogglingly successful Avengers franchise. This should be a piece of cake. If Disney can have success with second tier superheroes like Iron Man and Thor, then surely Superman and Batman are a slam dunk.

It hasn’t worked out that way though, has it? If Roger Corman’s abominable Fantastic Four movie has shown us, superhero movies are easy to foul up. For every good Batman movie there’s a bad one to match it (anyone need some bat-shark repellant, looking at you Alexei Beltyukov?).

Here are 3 things that must be done to make Superman vs. Batman a success:

1. Build on the brilliant Superman they’ve created in Man of Steel.  Superman is one of the best characters in the history of comics, but they have to help bring that to light.  Let’s see the depth that 75 years of mainstream relevance have given him.

2. Make this Batman different from the Christopher Nolan version. The key here is to not let this batman become a pale imitation or parody of Christian Bale. The new Batman’s look seems to be inspired by Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight”, which was one of the seminal Batman stories in the world of comics.

3. They will need to make the Batman vs. Superman fight plausible. With Superman’s powers, he could wipe out Batman from space. Snyder would be smart to emulate the battle from Miller’s Dark Knight, where Batman used a combination of wits and kryptonite to defeat the man of steel.