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Search Results And E-Commerce Work Together

The Internet has changed a lot over the past two decades. What appeared to be great technology a decade ago does not even raise an eyebrow today. Technology changes fast. This is especially true on the Internet. One of the best examples of the changing times on the Internet are search engines.

As a platform, the search engine has been a cornerstone of the Internet. Since the inception of the modern Internet, people have been conducting online searches. Millions of people go to search engines or shopping portals on a daily basis to search for information covering a wide range of topics. A few decades ago, just to see search results was exciting. The display provided with the search results was basic. Generally a picture and text was all that was provided, but this was usually okay a decade ago.

However, times have changed. The Internet today is much different than the Internet one or two decades ago. The Internet today is much more than just basic pictures and text. When people are online today, they want much more than basic text and pictures. People want what they typically see offline. People want to see high quality video. They want to hear high quality audio. People want a real world experience in the virtual world of the Internet.

Although technology innovations have allowed many areas of the Internet to provide a near real world experience for people online, one of the areas where technology innovations have been slow to provide a real world experience is online products. In many ways, online products still resemble what the products looked like a decade or two ago.

However, in recent years, several tech startup companies have developed technology that has improved the online product experience for people conducting online searches. The technology is centered on visual search. This technology allows the information provided for online products to be shown in a visual presentation instead of the traditional text and picture format. The visual presentation provides a significantly better online product experience.

Slyce is one of the tech companies that has developed technology that uses the components of visual search. The company integrates aspects of real life objects into online products to offer a visual look that is real life in nature.

Slyce designs software for e-tailers and retailers that focuses on visual search. The software can be used on desktop and mobile devices. While the software is available worldwide, the company has placed a focus on countries where online search is becoming vitally important because of the increase use of e-commerce.

Securus Technologies Announces A Big Success For Its Mobile Video Visitation Mobile Application

It has been almost since Securus Technologies, the leading provider of public safety and inmate communication services and products in the world launched its video visitation mobile application. This is the first application of its kind in the correction facility industry that allowed video visitation through mobile phones. The Securus Technologies video visitation mobile application has been laughed on Android and Apple operating system phones and tablets. The Android and Apple operating systems are the widely used on smartphones owned by Americans and Securus Technologies choose this two platforms so that is can reach more consumers.

Before Securus Technologies launched the video visitation mobile application, this service was only being offered on the computer platform that is laptops and desktops. The launch of the mobile platform increased its market penetration and enabled it to reach more people all over the United States. Recently Security Technologies came forward to release its progress in the market since the laugh of the mobile application. According to Securus Technologies, the video visitation mobile application has been downloaded more than 65,000 times since its launch. The Android application (download here: has been downloaded more than 60,000 times since it was launched 6 months ago, on the other hand, The Apple application which was launched less than a fortnight already has more than 5,000 times. So far this is a success for them as it is expected that the downloads will hit a million mark in less than six months speared by the release of the Apple application. As time goes by more and more people are expected to embrace the benefits of this application and download it. The Securus Technologies mobile video application gives its users the benefit of flexibility in communication to its users. Now the users of this mobile phone app to book video calling appointments arranged visitation and video chat with their incarcerated friends and family. For the inmates, this application will give the a chance to share special moments with their families and friends.

Securus Technologies is well known in the market for its cutting edge technological products that are aimed at providing solutions for the public safety agencies and correctional facilities. Securus Technologies recently released an upgrade to their THREAD security platform, a product that will be known as the THREAD 3.1. This new release is aimed at improving the evidence analysis tool in incorporating live video and phone call feed. Now investigators can better analyze evidence and prevent more crimes from happening thus promoting public safety.

Get more information about Securus by contacting their customer service representatives here.

Beneful Dog Food Keeps Your BFF Healthy And Here’s How

Beneful dog food is made with high quality ingredients that help maintain their shiny coats. The quality assurance department are staffed with 33 experts who continue to monitor the ingredients that goes into the Purina dog foods. They want to go a step above to make sure their pet foods are fresh and safe for your pets. Beneful is just one product of many that have to offer.

Beneful wet dog food offers a wonderful variety of flavors and textures to choose from. The employees are hardworking people, who are passionate about their work. Here is a list of some flavors to choose from










Beneful is textured with small slices or large bite sizes that will assure the furry member of your family will clean their bowl to the last bite. There is that last bit of proof your dog loves their food, and that’s the wagg of their tail.

Beneful offers a wonderful variety of dry dog food for those days that they just want more. The amazing snacks provide that bit of inspiration to show how much you do love your best buddy.

So, whether you have that gobble up everything dog or that picky eater who only eats a certain flavor and texture, there’s a choice.



Jon Urbana Is A Charity-Minded Man

Jon Urbana grew up in Denver. He was always a passionate man about the environment that he lived in. It is no wonder that he takes special care to keep it that way for a long time to come. He’s been really vocal on Twitter about this in recent weeks and it’s no surprise that Urbana’s environmental movement has caught on with his Facebook fans and almost everywhere else in America.

Jon Urbana And His Charity Work

He has launched a program, which he announced on Product Hunt and then on Slideshare, for Earth Force. This is funded through a Go Fund Me campaign. It is all about making the environment nice and clean like it has been so that the future generations can enjoy it. There are many people that back him on his want to raise awareness and get funds for the support.

Another Passion Of Jon Urbana’s Is Lacrosse

Jon Urbana loves the sport of lacrosse, and he has started a camp for younger players. At this camp, he coaches them to become the best players that he can. He is a role model for them (Jon Urbana career stats at, and he loves to teach them about the sport and being part of a team. This camp is called the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and it is known for its good work.

He Is Also Into Photography

When Jon Urbana is out and about, he always takes along his camera. Capturing the wildlife is a favorite of his. He likes to take pictures of the animals, plants and landscapes all across the countryside. Many of these can be found on Urbana’s Tumblr.

Jon Is Also A Recognized Pilot By The FAA

The FAA is the Federal Aviation Administration. They have recognized Jon Urbana as an exemplary pilot showing extreme care when he is operating a plane. This is a very high honor to achieve, and he is proud about the fact that they chose to give it to him.

Jon Urbana continues to succeed at everything that he tries. His past, present and future look to be a great success.

Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Learns Transatlantic Flights Will Take Longer Due To Climate Change

Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães attended the United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference in Paris recently, and he learned about an interesting anomaly that other conference attendees may have already known. Transatlantic flights from the United States to Europe are shorter than they were in the past, and Europe to the U.S. flights are taking longer. The reason, according to weather scientists, is the jet stream is changing. The jet stream is changing due to excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

The United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference addresses carbon dioxide emission, and what individual nations can do to reduce those emissions. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent by the year 2100. Last year, CO2 emissions dropped 0.6 percent and that is good news, but according to Ricardo Guimarães countries like China and India need to do more to cut the CO2 their industries release into the atmosphere. Guimarães also said the UK and the United States are on the right track as far as cutting harmful emissions, but those countries and other developed nations need to do more to reach the goal in 2100.

Mr. Guimarães told the attendees that Brazil has several programs in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. There is a reforestation program in place in several cities, and there is a replanting of natural species program going on to replace plants that were destroyed by Brazilian companies. Brazil is very aware that carbon dioxide could ruin their natural beach formations, and the government is studying other ways to help those formations safe.

The people of Brazil say Ricardo Guimarães is the kind of guy that gets things done. His family bank was once known as the Land Credit Bank when his grandfather established the bank in 1930. The Land Credit Bank was one of the only banks in the state of Minas Gerais at that time. Minas Gerais is a mining state, so the Guimarães family was aware of the environmental dangers that mining causes.

Ricardo took control of the bank in 1998, and he turned the former Land Credit Bank into the nationally known BMG Bank that specializes in payroll loans. Ricardo’s marketing plan included soccer sponsorships and those sponsorships changed the way the country perceived BMG Bank.

The Paris conference opened the eyes of the presidents and heads of state that attended the meeting. Those leaders now know the Earth’s temperature is changing faster than the previous forecast. The countries that attended decided to put plans in place that penalized countries that were still polluting the atmosphere by not controlling CO2 emissions. Other ideas were discussed, and the consensus was to act and change rather than fight about whether global warming is real.

Securus Technologies Philanthropy Work And Its Awesome Technology Solutions

Not only is Securus Technologies a leading provider of criminal and civil technology solutions for purposes related to investigation, public safety and corrections, it is also involved deeply in philanthropic matters. By the beginning of 2016, the company had managed to reach a company record with its Associates donating more than $347,500 for the United Way 2015 campaign. Securus was happy to report that it had managed to exceed its $290,000 goal by not less than 19% and the 2015 results by more than 23%.

Comparing to when the company started the campaign in 2008, it only managed only $32,995 which means that it made an increase of more than ten times. Through the years, Securus Associates kept stepping up their game and opened up their hearts so that the campaign can reach the level it currently is.

The campaign seeks to support causes in healthcare, basics to life as well as healthcare. The latest campaign managed to achieve a lot because it had the largest amount of Leadership Givers, the biggest amount of Associates giving, the highest level of annual Securus Associates contributing as well as the biggest percentage increase in the annual goal since the campaign was started.

Securus’ top management was happy with the contribution levels and expressed contention that those helped by United Way were the real benefactors and that they had felt a real change in their lives. Being an agent of change, Securus is determined to make lives better by saving lives and improving living conditions.

The company has very up to date and modern inmate communication technology that go a very long way in making sure that incarcerated inmates connect with their friends securely and conveniently and at very fair rates. One of its most reputable technologies is the Video Visitation technology that allows the two parties to have secure video conversations. It is not expensive (the app is free to download), and it has played a very crucial role when matters related to saving time and money by making physical visitation trips to the prisons are concerned. To learn more about this service, click on the following link:

Another technology is the Advance Connect pre-paid solution for inmate phone calls that allows the two parties to have a secure way to talk anytime conveniently. With both technologies, the charges are routed to the relative or friend at home who is also offered with different varieties to make payment. Dallas, Texas based Securus is a true definition of a company that is found on the precepts of driving change in society because that is precisely what it does.

Reputation Management Done Right

Online reputation management is a growing industry. The truth that most people aren’t aware of is the fact that building your business and creating a good online presence is not entirely easy. There are countless people who tend to forget about the world of the Internet, and that your brand is only as good as you protect it. There are countless people who will do whatever they can in order to start ruining the brand of a company, and usually they are very undeserved.

What is online reputation management?

This kind of management is basically the way for a business to help manage their brand and protect what they have as a business. You need to be proactive by pushing aside the horrible reviews and making sure that nobody is saying bad things about your brand. Managing your reputation is not easy, and this is why people companies like Status Labs makes themselves readily available to help your business.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that is known for providing amazing experiences that guarantee your company is protected. Your company is easily capable of being ruined if you aren’t careful. Darius Fisher is the man behind this company, and he himself has dealt with bad reviews in some of his previous endeavors, but he has always known from the very beginning that you can start protecting your brand if you are proactive and you know exactly what you are doing. Status Labs is highly respected in the world of a arresting and brand management because they are the ultimate branding agency. They understand the power of website and brand identity, and the importance of keeping your business efficiently.

If you own a business, you probably are looking for more ways to save it from disappearing. Some companies have shut down simply because of not being careful with their business and their reputations. Be wise with your marketing choices and always stand behind your brand. Status Labs is the right company to speak to if you’d like protect your business. They have saved countless businesses from disappearing, and they can help you.

Some Of The Smartest Financial Minds Are Agreeing With The Soros Global Meltdown Prediction

For years, China was the main engine on the global economic train. Whatever China did was right, according to some economist. China was the major source of cheap products for the world, and one of the main investors in assets in other emerging markets. China was a global importer that couldn’t get enough resources and materials from Brazil and other developing nations, but something happened. The Chinese are victims of their own success. Prices started to increase and their manufacturing sector began to break down.

The great Red Nation is pushing itself to convert itself to a consumer and service economy, and the push hasn’t been hard enough. According to the legendary hedge-fund investor, George Soros, and other great investors, China could bring the global economy to its knees because of their currency manipulation, their stock market issues and their export flaws.

The idea that China could wreak havoc on the rest of the world was ignored for years. Financial experts and reporters said China couldn’t bring down the global economy, but George Soros, the man that is considered the smartest investor in the world, said that was just wishful thinking. Soros has been talking on Bloomberg about a global meltdown as large as the 2008 meltdown for quite some time. Even the Chinese government disagrees with Soros. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters recently that China wasn’t globally exporting deflation.

But according to a article, Soros said that is not true. At the Davos Economic Summit, Soros called China one of the three causes of global deflation. The other two causes, according to Mr. Soros are competitive currency devaluation and commodity prices. China is involved in those other causes as well.

China has been manipulating its currency since last December and in order to boost their export business the Chinese have been played a role in decreasing commodity prices. China’s manufacturing base is deteriorating faster than the transition to a consumer based economy, and the Chinese are using every trick in the book to keep adding fuel to the enormous Chinese engine. But that fuel is creating some serious issues for the rest of the world.

The world is not a healthy place, according to Soros. Mr. Soros expressed his views in a article recently. He said Europe is under siege due to the migration crisis. The Middle East is on the verge of a major war, and Russia is experiencing a recession and Ukraine fall-out. Several emerging markets are fighting recessions, and the United States is facing one of the most crucial presidential elections in its history.

There are always predictions about the global economy, but the Soros prediction has merit, according to some of the smartest minds in the financial industry.

Town Residential, Leaders in New York Real Estate

The New York real estate market is definitely going to be very interesting in 2016. The bouncy stock market and interest rate spikes will definitely have a direct effect on New York’s real estate market.

The steady rise in interest rates will lead to cautious buyers, which will send prices in a downward spiral. Transactions will still occur, but the process will take longer because buyers will ask more from their sellers and study the contracts very closely. As a result, buyers will take much longer to make up their minds. Buyers searching the market will most likely view the property at least twice instead of jumping on it immediately as they have in the past.

It is predicted that baby boomers will play an extremely important role in the New York City market. Many baby boomers are ready to downsize and make their way back into the city and they often like to pay in cash. It is expected that the amount of high priced top of the line luxury condos will skyrocket.

Town Residential has established itself as New York’s premiere luxury real estate company. Town Residential, with its professional team of executives, have deep experience in high class residential sales. Town Residential also specialize in the leasing and sales of both, retail and commercial developments, as well as marketing strategies. Town Residential is considered one of the top 50 best companies to work for in New York. Their representatives provide their customers with exceptional service and expertise in the real estate field.

Town Residential offers their expertise in relocation services as well. They offer a personal consultation for an employee ready to relocate. After potential properties are decided on, Town’s relocation specialists will set up viewings, provide transportation and deliver insights to the neighborhood. Their team will help their clients settle in by setting up utilities and providing links to social networks and doctors in the area. When it comes to first class service, Town Residential has the experience and expertise, not to mention the most reliable luxury real estate service in the New York City area.