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Lovaganza is the mother of all foundations aimed at bringing together the entire globe. She has worked towards the development of peace, harmony, love and unity amongst all races. She has a passion for promoting equality amongst all humanity despite the geographical differences and different levels of hardships in various locations.

The primary objective of Lovaganza is, therefore, to lessen the extent of suffering amongst people in less developed areas and increase their self-confidences as they interact with people from the developed regions.

Lovaganza is achieved through a thorough evaluation of the existing problems and intelligent decision making on what could be rectified. Several programs have been designed for the achievement of these objectives; provision of basic needs to children, food, clothing, and shelter, provision of quality health services and migration of children from the war-infested areas to peaceful regions of psychological stability.

Lovaganza excelled in peace promotion through the development of films capturing actors from different areas and showcasing different themes. The act of combining has helped in peace promotion programs between people from the different regions. The films are a great attraction to people as the topics evoke the memories of the people and indirectly lead to the creation of connections between them.

Sharing of cultures from different nations creates a beautiful scene where people meet to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of their partners. Each party will always have something interesting and unheard of by the others. The uniqueness of Lovaganza will, therefore, enlighten their souls to participate in the events of the other.

Music is a great source of entertainment, harmony, and education. They have been used as a tool for calming wavering situations. It is the mix of the culture and music that people will enjoy the company of the other. Events henceforth planned for such activities will be eagerly awaited. Dance surpasses all items of entertainment and will be the greatest healer of the most painful wounds and rifts amongst people.

Parties have a lot to learn from each other hence the thirst to be part of and learn what the other people experience and enjoy. The sharing of these entertainment objects will strengthen the bond between nations thus global prosperity. It is through the exchange of music, dance, and culture that citizens will be fully involved physically, mentally and emotionally. Situations like these leads to softening of hearts in cases where grudge existed, gradually emerges of relationships between people and within no time, permanent elimination of differentiating factors.

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What Has White Shark Media Done In Response to Complaints?

White Shark Media wants its clients to see a lot of money roll into their bank accounts. After all, the sole purpose of advertising is for a business to generate revenue.

Revenue equals profits, but only when the money that comes in is more than what is expended. Once reason business owners like AdWords campaigns is because they cost little to operate and can bring in a lot of money.

More to the point, these types of campaigns are sure to bring in money when properly managed. This is where White Shark Media comes into play. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

White Shark Media specializes in Bing and Google AdWords management. Clients who want an expert invisible hand guiding pay per click success absolutely are going to be in a better position than those trying to muddle through the process on their own.

White Shark Media has done a solid job of pleasing numerous clients. Many have made money. No company, however, is capable of running operations without ever hearing complaints from customers.

White Shark Media, in an interesting blog post, noted that management has reviewed complaints directed by customers. Rather than dismiss the complaints, the firm has worked hard at making necessary changes to arrive at improvements.

Areas of communication are were sore spots for White Shark Media Complaints team. Clients did complain about losing track of their campaigns. Others stressed annoyances with the inability to get in touch with search engine marketing (SEM) or sales representatives. White Shark Media eventually arrived at conclusions to solve concerns and complaints regarding communications.

In addition to totally changing the way the phone systems works, the company set up monthly video streaming sessions through the highly-reliable GoToMeeting platform. Every 30 days, clients meet online with a company representative to discuss the state of their campaign. A client never has to worry about being stuck in the dark.

As for the phone system itself, direct extensions have been set up so clients can reach the staff member they wish to discuss something with. The general number still exists, but it is no longer the only number people can call.

There are various other changes White Shark Media has instituted. The company has opted to improve its supervisory staff, institute phone lead tracking, and partially retain pre-existing campaign components.

White Shark Media is a business that wants to do best by its clients. Commitments to change and improvements are clear evidence of this.

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Securus Technologies Advocates for Ethical Business Practices by Shaming GTL

Breaches in integrity can cause significant damage to the reputation of a business or the entire industry. To avert this case, Securus Technology recently unveiled a plan to shame Global Tel Link (GTL) for its integrity breaches in its line of operations as an inmate communications provider. In a report by PR Newswire Securus Technologies intends to release a series of articles, reports, findings as well as facts pertaining Global Tel Link. In line with its intentions, it released its first report.

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As a leader in the particular industry,Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer expressed his personal and industry disappointment in GTL’s actions. Richard A. Smith cited that the business mission of his company goes beyond simply making money. It significantly involves providing satisfactory customer services to all its clientele including family members, inmates, correction facilities and law enforcement agencies.

The First Release

The release revolves around the actions or wrongdoings of Global Tel Link during its provision of outbound telecom solutions or services to numerous inmates incarcerated at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The report, which was filed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission in a 17-page report dubbed Order No.U-20784-B, was dated January 21, 1998.The wrong doings include:

The investigation reports show that GTL participated in the deliberate programming of the clocks involved in timing the call duration for its telephones. GTL added several seconds to the call duration.

It also charged higher rates. This was done under GTL’s PSC rate caps or tariffs. Further, it added charges to calls made by its customers, especially after the rating of calls. This unauthorized activity was also accompanied by double billing practices on single calls.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the largest provider of civil and criminal justice technology services involved in monitoring, corrections, investigation and public safety. It boasts of a large clientele in North America, which includes more than 1200000 inmates. Early this year, it accomplished BBB accreditation as well as becoming an A+ rated company.

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