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The Tenure of Mike Baur at Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the brain behind the success of the Swiss Startup Factory. Having spent over two decades in the Swiss banking sector, Mike Baur is in charge of financing and fundraising at the Swiss ICT accelerator. Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 while at the age of 39 years. It would help him support accelerator programs for young digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Mike Baur utilizes the Swiss Startup Factories extensive global network to provide mentorship and training to accomplished and budding entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur has an impressive educational background to help him support his business and entrepreneurial ambitions. He went to the University of Rochester where he graduated with a Master’s of Business Administration as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. His banking experience began while working at UBS as a commercial apprentice before working at several Swiss private banks as an Executive Board member. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 after founding the Swiss Startup Factory, the nation’s leading independent and financially-financed start-up accelerator.


Besides finance, Mike Baur invests a significant portion of his time with the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He inspires and empowers startups to soldier on when the road seems to be rough and rocky. He believes success comes through hard work, determination, and focus. Besides, Mike Baur is involved with the Swiss Startup Association as the Director and co-founder.


Mike Baur’s Leadership Skills


Under Mike Baur’s leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has launched a three-month accelerator program to provide Swiss digital entrepreneurs a platform of servicing comprising of coaching, mentorship, and a free office space at Zurich. The program provides Swiss digital entrepreneurs with incentives to succeed by helping them establish their ambitious goals. It also helps entrepreneurs to set the stepping stones to propel them to greater heights.


Mike Baur takes his entrepreneurial skills and experience to help aspiring entrepreneurs thrive. Since he has been a beneficiary of accelerator programs, Mike Baur finds it important to help young digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland achieve their ambitious objectives. Mike Baur works tirelessly to define his focus and learn from his success and failures. Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory provides a forum and path for creative thinkers to create products and services. As companies grow, so do the economy. Mike Baur spearheaded the Swiss Startup Factory through its partnership with Fintech Fusion and CTI Invest in an attempt to develop the Swiss startup ecosystem further.


Agora Financial Publishing

Many people wrongly assume that the publishing industry is dying. Although the industry has changed greatly in recent years, there are still a lot of business opportunities in the field.

Agora Financial is an example of a company that is growing despite trends in the industry. In the years ahead, the company plans to make several investments to drive growth even higher. Unlike a lot of publishing companies, Agora Financial is investing into online services as well. This will provide additional income and help reduce the risk in the business.

Beginning of the Business

Agora Financial started off as a small company in the publishing business. However, the company grew rapidly for several reasons. Not only did the company have great products, but they focused on customer service as well.

Over the past few years, the company has started to look for acquisitions within the industry. There are a lot of publishing companies going out of business. This is the perfect opportunity for Agora Financial to grow their sales and profits quickly.

Financial Condition

Agora Financial is in a strong financial position for the future. This is a company that made a lot of wise investments over the years. Not only that, but the company has low debt levels compared to the assets owned by the business.

The future is bright for Agora Financial in both their physical and online businesses. A lot of people believe that the company will continue to grow rapidly in the years ahead.

Doe Deere Beauty Entreprenuer

Starting your own business can be exciting and scary all at the same time. You must do your research and start out with a solid business plan. Financing, work ethic and passion are the keys to success when starting your own business. It is a good idea to consult with a successful business owner that can help guide you in the right direction. Start planning out every small detail of your business. A business plan is required, and help make sure you have everything ready to go before finalizing. If you need help with financing, banks will want to see your business plan before lending any money. Consider your time that your business will require from you when you start out. Most startup businesses require around the clock work in order to make it a success. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest market trends. Doe Deere has inspired so many men and women and often speaks at entrepreneur conventions. Learn more:

Female entrepreneur Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her successful makeup line is seen all over Facebook and Instagram. Makeup artists around the world flaunt their Lime Crime cosmetics. Over the past few years, Lime Crime has become so successful that celebrities have been seen wearing her cosmetics. Her line consists of a wide array of cruelty-free makeup products. Doe Deere is known for using wild colors so bright and vibrate you won’t find them anywhere else. Doe Deere started her makeup line in 2004 and her popularity has grown exponentially since. Doe Deere mixes her passion with smart business ideals when it comes to her business.

Lime Crime Makeup was launched right before Halloween in 2008. Doe felt that she couldn’t find makeup so colorful that it worked with her eccentric style. Unicorn lipsticks were launched in 2009, which gave makeup artists more options. The Velvetine liquid lip line was introduced in 2012. All products are never tested on animals and are 100% vegan. Lime Crime Makeup is certified by The Leaping Bunny Program and PETA. The Leaping Bunny certification works with 8 animal protections groups as well as the Humane Society. They have created strict background testing to assure cosmetics are not tested on animals. PETA has certified Lime Crime Cosmetics as both cruelty free and vegan. Doe Deere and her staff are truly committed to the humane treatment of our furry friends. Learn more:

George Soros – Political & Social Influence and Philanthropic Activities

George Soros was born in Hungary in the year 1930 amid the pro-Nazi Hungarian organization before he escaped to London for studies and later returned to America. In London, Soros held hands with the London School of Economics where he operated as a server and railroad master and from that point, he began his financial vocation with the merchant bank. As featured in Politico, over the past years, Soros together with other rich liberals spent thousands of dollars to support various political candidates of their choice. One of the examples is supporting of Hillary Clinton against the previous President Bush and besides against the present President Trump. Regardless, Soros was not a famous supporter of US administrative matters until in the year 2004 where he gave $23,581,000 to different Groups. Visit to know more about George.

On charitable issues, Soros has funded global exercises to help in supporting drug policy reforms. Soros philanthropic financing efforts entail reinforcing serene democratization that involves post-Soviet states touching mostly on Eastern & Central Europe, and generally, happen through Open Society Foundations. In the past, it involved Open Society Institute (OSI) and National Soros Foundations. As demonstrated by Washington Times, Soros fiscally bolstered the Ferguson campaigns where he funded the team which involved activists with $33 million.

George Soros has been an unmistakable general supporter of different establishments and benchmarks fighting for human rights over the last 30 years. His magnanimous Association (Open Society Foundations) offers assistance to democracies and human rights in over 100 nations. In New York, the hedge fund director is a champion among the persuasive people in the world. From the mid-1980s especially, Soros utilized his colossal impact to help reconfigure the political scenes of various countries around the globe.

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Soros started his charitable activities in the year 1979, by offering stipends to dark South Africans while using politically-approved racial isolation. In the year 1980s, he assisted with propelling the open ideas sharing in the Communist Eastern Bloc. The scanners contributed by Soros helped various groups in writing their contents. After the Berlin Wall falling, Soros fabricated the Central European University and financed the social businesses between the Eastern and Western Europe. Henceforth, he took a basic part in helping the Soviet society that had impacted him some time back. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

After the end of Cold War, Soros continued with his philanthropic efforts in different continents including Africa, Asia and the United States where he reinforced a wide variety of new endeavors to outline more clear, capable and democratic societies. Besides, George Soros is among the leading criticizers of the drug business. For some time now, Soros has offered support to legitimate advisors and paralegals addressing many unlawfully captured people. To date, his political effect has continued having a more prominent effect within the United States and even the whole world.

Explore the Innovative World of ClassDojo

Class Dojo is a new and innovative app that is designed to bring together teachers and parents in order to encourage and reinforce positive student behavior. It supplies a place where teachers and parents can keep in continent communication on a student’s development. Since it’s as simple as logging in anywhere Wi-Fi or internet is available it works as an easy access for both the stay at home and working parents to stay up to date with their student’s progress. It’s fully accessible on any computer, smartphone tablet, and can even been used on an interactive whiteboard as well as projectors making it easier to gap the distant between school and home. The website includes many resources for teachers include but not limited to parent letter templates back to school presentation as well as video tutorials and ‘cheat sheets’ for teachers, parents, and students to better learn the system. Teachers also have an option to print out decorations to display around their classrooms or send home with the kids for fun at home activities. Set up is easy and begins with naming your class and selecting the grade level. Class Dojo is completely customizable and while the teacher can create their own the system starts with six positive pillars that the teacher may either opt in or out of including: Helping Others, On Task, Perseverance, Teamwork, Participating, and Working hard. Class Dojo also includes five class values to work on improving such as: Disrespect, No Homework, Unprepared and Talking out of Turn.


Omar Boraie is a real estate entrepreneur who saw the good side of what everyone thought was depleted. As a result of this, the real estate mogul started the Boraie Development and turned the New Brunswick area into a dangerous area.

It has been approximately more than forty years since Omar Boraie moved to New Brunswick from his home country Egypt. When he first came to America, he had planned on studying for a Chemistry Ph. D. Regardless of this, when he arrived in America Mr.Boraie saw another lucrative opportunity and clung to it. The year was 1975, and New Brunswick was far from being called a modern city.

However, he wasn’t discouraged as he begun purchasing dilapidated structures and plots along Albany Street when Johnson & Johnson decided to maintain its headquarters in New Brunswick. According to an article titled “Entrepreneurs In The Real Estate Industry” which was published in, Omar Boraie had already opened his first successful building BY 1988. This structure was called Albany Street Plaza Tower One, and it contained executive offices. By 2003, the office space was expanded to Albany Street Plaza Tower Two.

Boraie didn’t stop there as he constructed a condominium block called One spring street in 2007 to house professionals who were working in the two towers. The condominiums are executive units and although they have numerous designs most of them are two-bed roomed. They also have full windows from the floor to the ceiling. All the 120 apartment units have full balconies. Apart from being an amazing Real Estate mogul, Omar Boraie is also a Genomic Scientist.

Over the years, Omar Boraie’s real estate empire has continued to grow. Presently it is known as Boraie Development, and one of his sons is the vice president of the real estate company. Wasseem Boraie also has a lot of talent when it comes to the real estate business, and he has been able to make many remarkable strides in the company. One of his brainchild is the Richard Stockon College area which he managed to renovate into amazing students’ hostel that can accommodate up to 400 students. The persuasive Wasseem was also able to bring the condos to the market when everyone else believed the project was dead.

About Boraie Development:

Omar Boraie started Boraie Development LLC in 1975, and it has managed to grow over the years.Services offered by the company offers include; sales and marketing, real estate development and property management.

Boraie Development works with professionals to ensure that their client’s dream property come to fruition. Some of the specialists that the company works with include experienced contractors, professional architects, and expert financial institutions. The company also includes Boraie Realty which covers many other real estate services. Visit Yahoo to know more about him.

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McDonald’s and the OSI Group

David McDonald started his early life in the Northeastern parts of Iowa. He Graduated in 1987 from the Iowa State University. He is has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and is also a recipient of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Soon after graduation, he began a fruitful career with OSI industries, Chicago. He rose through the ranks to become President and Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group, LLC. He also, at one time, served as the Project Manager of the same company.

OSI Group, which is a global leader in food processing, recently celebrated two decades since establishing its first food processing operation in China. Its presence in the Chinese economy was witnessed during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 where the company successfully supplied over 110 tons of beef, pork, chicken, dehydrated onions and eggs. Since this operation, OSI China has been a major supplier to many food companies including Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Yum, Starbucks, Subway, and Saizeriya.

The David McDonald OSI Group has a global network with offices and plants spread all over the world. Even though the company is international in stature, it also has local management teams that are designed to understand the local situation within their area of operations. The company has its headquarters in Aurora and is a leading supplier of value added protein products like patties and sausage links. It is a private company that is spread over 17 different countries with over 50 facilities at its disposal.

The company is expanding rapidly and recently did a groundbreaking exercise in Poland and plans to open an additional seven new processing and production facilities around the world. Recently, the company acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company that manufactures deli meats, snacks and convenience foods. McDonald’s views the acquisition as one that gives OSI Group a broader presence in the European market. He feels that Baho’s products and brands are complementary to those of the OSI Group.

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The Technology advancement that Richard Smith has brought to the Prisons Industry

Richard A. Smith a revered telecommunication expert and business leader who currently acts as the CEO of Securus Technologies. He has been holding the office since June 23, 2008. Before joining the company, Smith had been hired by different corporations. He worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. as from 1998 when the firm hired him as the chief financial offer. In 1999, Rick was promoted to be the COO and later became the president as from 2000 to 2003. He also held the CEO position at the firm as from 2003 to 2007.Before being hired by Eschelon, Smith was an employee of Frontier Corporation. The business’ name has been changed, and it is currently called Global Crossing. He joined the company in 1972 and served it until October 1998. Frontier offered him several positions during the five years, and they include vice president of Midwest telephone operations, vice president of financial management, and president of Frontier information technologies, and many others. His last role at the company was acting as the vice president of financial management.

Smith was appointed to serve as Securus Technologies’ chairperson in 2009. His has been an excellent administrator at the enterprise and has led it to become one of top telecommunication services providers in the prisons industry. Richard’s outstanding academic qualifications have significantly contributed to his career success. He studied at the University of New York at Buffalo where he was awarded a degree in electrical engineering. Smith later pursued an associate degree in electrical engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He holds master’s degree in mathematics and business administration from the State University of New York and the University of Rochester.The experience that Rick Smith has gained in the telecommunications sector makes him a highly resourceful individual. The companies that he served before joining Securus Technologies offered him skills in business development, IT, finance, operations, and many other disciplines.

During his tenure as Eschelon Telecom’s CEO, the revenue of the firm increase from $30 million to more than $350 million. He also assisted the enterprise in growing its EBITDA to about $80 million. He Smith was the head of the telecommunications firm when it held its IPO in 2005.Smith has been using excellent strategies in the administration of Securus Technologies. Under his leadership, the company has managed to develop top-notch technologies that have simplified operations in the prisons industry. The company currently boasts of a wide patent portfolio of the products that it has developed. Securus Technologies has grown to serve more than 3450 correctional institutions that are located in the Canada and the United States. The firm has also committed more than $600 million to creating new technologies.