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Birth of a Unicorn Queen

To this rising fashion fanatic, makeup is more than just a blemish concealer! It’s a form of freedom and expression.

Doe Deere, CEO and Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, pushes boundaries with her line of free spirited, vibrantly colored cosmetics. She’s showing the world that there is a way to find style by embracing colors that are outside of norms of the fashion world.

Often seen sporting a range of different, and unnatural hair colors, Doe has even gone as far as to call herself “Queen of the Unicorns”. A title which she is owning with every new look.

If that in itself doesn’t interest you in her cosmetics line, then perhaps her backstory will.

Though she was born in Russia, Doe spent most of her life in New York City. There she had plenty of inspiration when it came to fashion. However, an ongoing issue that Doe continued to run into, was that colorful fabrics and cosmetics were a lot harder to come by than the average “natural” colors.

In 2008, Doe had decided that it was time that somebody show the fashion world that beauty could come in an array of colors and not just one specific look. With that in mind she launched her own line of colorful cosmetics.

The “Queen of Unicorns” seemed to set new rules to an already neatly outline industry. Adding neon pinks and greens and yellows to makeup kits seemed like such a ‘goth’ concept in theory, or was it? Could such vibrant colors truly make it in a world full of nudes and dull reds? Luckily, Doe seemed to think so and quickly began working on her own solution to such a black and white world.

By modeling her own looks and clothing, Doe, began to show the world that not every color had to paint the same picture. In fact, the more color added to a painting, the more connected to the real world it appears to be. And with that, Doe’s cosmetic line soared.

Using vegan and cruelty-free products, Doe developed a look that people could both connect and express themselves with.

In an interview Doe Deere was asked about her daily operations at Lime Crime Cosmetics, and here’s what she had to say:

“I have yet to have a typical day! As a CEO, my job is to make sure all my departments are running smoothly and to provide guidance where needed. This means that some days I’m working on new products, other times I’m focusing on marketing and social media, and some days I’m brainstorming what’s new with my Chief Creative Officer. One thing’s for sure – it’s never a dull moment here at Lime Crime HQ!”

Visit Lime Crime’s website where purchases can be made on the company’s website. Also check out the website to find out more information on all of the products offered as well as other locations where the products can be purchased.

CEO Cosme

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A Re-Cap Of The PRNewswire Press Release On November 10, 2016 Regarding The Texas Bankers Association

The Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M & A Conference for the year 2016 was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. John Holt, the President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. served as a panelist at the conference. NexBank Capital Inc. is a financial services company that

has built its reputation on being there for their clients and business associates when they need them.

The panel discussed different ways to reinvent community banking with the emphasis being on competing by innovation. The annual event brings bank leaders advisors and consultants together to explore the avenues by which the challenges facing the industry can be addressed by the most efficient means possible. Also included in the discussions were strategies for continuous growth and setting the financial patterns for that growth in not as many words as detailed here in this summatation.

NexBank Capital Inc. serves its clients through Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services nationwide. Through commercial lending NexBank offers loans to assist with financial growth of business, corporations, small businesses. Mortgage lending assists real estate developers, owners and investors with their many projects and plans for future expansion. Being a sound financial institution that is well respected in the banking community, NexBank Capital Inc. has the capabilities of assisting in stressful economic times.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is centrally located in Dallas, Texas.

How Your Air Conditioning System Can Run More Efficiently – Easy Suggestions

When it is hot outside during the warm summer months your air conditioner works on overload. You can ease the strain and save money in the process with some very simple suggestions provided by Goettl Air Conditioning.

Consider programmable thermostats. These devices can be set to reduce their call for lower temperatures when you are away from home, such as when you are at work, shopping, or traveling for any reason. There is not any need for you to cool your home to your comfort levels when you are away. According to, some of these devices can even sense when you are away.

Check your outside unit and make sure that there is no high plant growth within two feet of the unit and that all clutter and debris is removed. These factors will make it more difficult for the unit to operate efficiently.

Use your ceiling fans, or if you don’t have ceiling fans, use floor and table fans. By circulating the cooler air around the rooms of your house the thermostat will not be calling for cooler air as often. Sometimes the thermostat can be in a spot where the air is warmer than the rest of the house. The United States Department of Energy states that by using this method, the thermostat can be set four degrees higher with no discomfort to anyone in the house.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1938. They were the first company to introduce evaporative cooling techniques and air conditioning to the desert Southwest. They have locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California. A favorite service that customers love is the Goettl Maintenance Program, see For a fee of just $12 per month, members receive an annual checkup for their air and heating units, discounted parts and service, and an emergency program.

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2,000 Free Prostate Screens to be Awarded to the First to Sign Up, All Thanks to Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Prostate cancer is one of the biggest health problems facing men over the age of 40 in America. It’s estimated, according to the American Cancer Society, that one in seven guys will be targeted by the evils of prostate cancer. Black men are particular susceptible to the disease, as around 20 percent of African-American males will be diagnosed in their lifetime. The scholarly cancer statistics organization, the American Cancer Society, also estimates that 161,360 cases of prostate cancer in men will pop up for the first time, not resulting from people who’ve previously had prostate or another kind of cancer.

Fortunately for men not able to afford a prostate screening, a joint coalition formed between the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp, and the NFL Alumni Association is both running an awareness campaign for people to learn more about the cancer, as well as giving away 2,000 free screens, not to mention discounts for everybody else after the first 2,000.

Guys that are older than 39 years of age, are black, and have histories of colon or other cancers in their families are more likely to succumb to prostate cancer, even if they have good diets, exercise frequently, and don’t smoke, nor drink.

The Prostate Pep talk is the marketing campaign designed to bring awareness to prostate cancer in men, as the NFL has declared the entire month of September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Football legends among the ranks of Bill Cowher, Mike Quick, and Herm Edwards have been recorded in commercials for the disease, or will have spoken live at the initiating press conference one week ago, on August 30th.

DJ Shockely will have made an appearance at CTCA’s Atlanta location, Dan Hampton at CTCA’s Chicago venue, Simeon Rice and Nick Lowery at CTCA’s Phoenix hospital, and Too Tall Jones and Steve Largent at CTCA’s Tulsa facility.

Samuel Strauch: A Man For The People

15 years ago, Samuel Strauch moved to Miami Florida with a vision of turning a city that was known for resorts and flamboyant night clubs into a fully functioning city where people could come to raise their families and plan their futures. Samuel Strauch was no stranger to hard work.

He received his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York and he also studied at Erasmus and Harvard Universities. After beginning his career in the banking industry he decided to join the family real estate company in Florida. Samuel Strauch was able to form extensive relationships within the Latin community because people trust him and they know that he is knowledgeable about banking and the real estate market.

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Now Samuel Strauch has the education, the experience and the trust of the people that he needed to venture out on his own, and he did just that. In 2002, Samuel Strauch opened Metrik Holdings Realty which he is still running successfully to this day. Samuel Strauch is now concentrating on getting to know how the younger generation will impact all fields especially the real estate industry. His hope is to attract more Millennials. Mainly because they live, work and travel much more differently than the generation before them in order for him to adjust his business to suit their desires. Samuel’s key to his success is simply his love of meeting people and maintaining strong relationships with Samuel everyone that he encounters. Whether it’s a client, colleague, broker or investor, Samuel Strauch makes sure that they are aware of how important they are to him. The real estate industry can be a very brutal industry simply because there is so much competition but it is very refreshing to know that there are still good people like Samuel Strauch to protect your interest without being selfish.

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Standout Success Of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a standout amongst the most essential workers of Profits Unlimited. He was the senior Editor and his fundamental point was to help the Main Street Americans in developing their riches through development venture, innovation, and little top stocks.

Paul Mampilly has near 25 years of speculation encounter and has been a famous figure in a few monetary organizations including; Deutsche and Bankers Trust where sooner or later in his profession he was the portfolio chief of these real universal banks.

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The critical point in his profession was the point at which he worked for the Sovereign Society as the senior supervisor. Sovereign Society is a standout amongst the most settled firms in the United States and is thought to be the vanguard of the quest for individual freedom and free markets. It began in the year 1998, and during the time they collected the best ability and enthusiastic group of experts, editors and analysts who comprehended the best venture and riches assurance openings. This medium is the way Paul Mampilly came to prevail as one of the productive editors of the organization as his enthusiasm and point was to give the American individuals’ thoughts that would lead them to budgetary flexibility.

Paul Mampilly figured out how to transform his customer’s records into gold mines. To crown his prosperity, he was perceived by the Templeton Foundation through a honor for one of the records he was overseeing. Moreover, he was likewise ready to bend the benefits of the Kinetic International reserve to benefits inside two years. Paul Mampilly who was the chief at Banyan Hill Publishing, distributing and explore firm could build the base of endorsers by around 200000 paying supporters. As a component of instructing his customer base, he utilizes Banyan as a stage to give learning and data where he sends his supporters’ an eight-page bulletin to advise them about the best stocks in the market.

A Brief Look at Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Career

About Dr. Akhil Reddy

Dr. Akhil Reddy was born and brought up in Lubbock, Texas. While growing up, Reddy was active in Tennis, the Red Cross, Boys Scouts, and Soccer. He knew his calling would be in the field of engineering, medicine, and hand on skill at an early age. Following his acceptance to the Accelerated Dental Program at the University of the Pacific, Dr. Akhil Reddy relocated to California where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. While at the Stockton campus, Akhil Reddy was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity, which helped him to hone his managerial skills. Later on, he joined the University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the age of 23. Shortly after graduating, Akhil Reddy went back to Dallas, Texas, his home state where he started his practice.

His skills in medical world have allowed him to pursue his passion for cosmetic and family dentistry. Having practiced in many parts of Texas, Akhil Reddy has realized that his passion was to create high standard health models that would be affordable for people of all sorts of background. Akhil Reddy currently serves on the Alumni Board of Alma Mater where he partners with his associates to improve access to quality health care. Dr. Reddy loves traveling and spends time with his family and beloved Border Collie during his leisure time. Dr. Reddy has always loved dentistry. While growing in his dental career, Dr. Reddy would coach and mentor aspiring doctors who came out of dental school. Later on, his career stemmed into consulting and partnering with other dental practices.

About M2B Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental practice in Dallas, Texas, which serves as a partner to various affiliated practices and dentists. Its mission is to offer personalized systems and appropriate expertise to handle nonclinical operations. Its focus on non-clinical services is designed to help dentists to provide reliable dental care and hone their decision-making skills. Dr. Akhil Reddy and his team at MB2 Dental Solutions offer specialized treatment such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, and dental implants. In fact, Dr. Akhil uses state-of-art dental technology enhances comfort during treatment. MB2 Dental Solutions’ advanced delivery systems and subscription service make it easier for dentists to tap into its network. Its ability to cultivate doctor loyalty has helped it to open 70 affiliated facilities in six states.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is More than Just a Surgeon

When a person is given the job of fixing things that mess with the physical features of other individuals, that person has an important task before them, and they must appropriately handle their work. Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews is someone who works as a plastic surgeon and helps to care for the appearances of those she serves. She is someone who has helped many individuals regain their confidence through the work that she has completed. She has a heart for those that she helps, and she gives of herself each time that she interacts with one of her patients.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is more than just a surgeon; she is someone who is an expert in her field and someone who has shared the knowledge that she has gained with others. She has been a commentator for multiple news networks, sharing all that she has learned with those who are interested in her expertise. She is someone who has worked to let others in on the information that she has gained through the years. She is not selfish about keeping all that She has learned and not letting anyone else grow through it.

Some doctors work in a variety of ways in order to help others, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has completed consulting work in addition to the work that she has done as a doctor. She has given her knowledge to those who were seeking answers and helped others to grow in all that they are and all that they can offer to the world.

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