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Upwork; Prioritize that To-Do List

Upwork is a freelancing website that offers web and mobile development, virtual assistants, customer service, and more. Clients utilize Upwork since it is simple and cost-effective. Upwork offers ideas on how to get organized and complete tasks on time.


Write it down! When you jot things down it helps the brain to not feel so stressed and it can focus on the present. Make a to-do list and use an app if needed.

Don’t waste valuable time in the morning and allow an hour to complete an important task. So, the night before, decide which task needs completed.

When writing down tasks, keep them all in one spot so nothing gets lost. Again, use an app on the phone to keep everything in one place.

As you’re writing down tasks, think about how long it will actually take and set a deadline. Along with this, pick times you will start the task and how many minutes it will actually take. This will help execute the task in a realistic manner.

Prioritize. Possibly one of the most important keys. Something may pop up unexpectedly, but if prepared, a quick decision can be made.

If there are tasks that have been on the to-do list for a while, re-evaluate the task and try to give it a value. If completing the task is not making you or any of the other tasks more productive, just take it off the list and move on.

There may be a time where there are too many tasks for one person to handle and some delegating may be needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance in completing a task if there is someone else qualified to do it.

If there is one dreaded task that is so consuming and large, break it down into smaller tasks. It will eventually get completed with much less stress. Also, doing similar tasks one right after the other can be more productive.

Assign your energy levels to a certain task. Energy changes throughout the day so choose certain tasks to complete at certain times of the day.


Whitney Wolfe: A Glimpse of the Initiation of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the chief executive officer and founder of a dating app led by women. It is called Bumble. The article majors on the views from an interview that was conducted to know what she has to say about the entire matter and what people think about the Bumble. She disclosed that Bumble is not her first encounter with a dating connection. She narrates that in 2012; she had moved to Los Angles where she co-founded Tinder. However, she left the company due to unavoidable circumstances and accusations of sexual harassment as well as discrimination issues. The lawsuit was eventually settled, and as a way of moving on, Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble. At this point, she had begun figuring out how she would leverage her experiences into this new venture.

As she was contemplating on this new idea, Whitney received a call from the chief executive officer of one of the largest dating sites under Andrey Andreev. His company was called Badoo. He perceived the exit of Whitney as a way of landing into fresh and new opportunity to meet with the Badoo team that operated from London.On meeting, Andreev asked Whitney to join their team as a chief marketing officer. Whitney Wolfe did not take up the chance because for her she would have to relocate to London. In contrast, Whitney shared her views about the new project that she wanted to work on.All this while, Whitney was not interested in diving into dating. Hers was just to come up with a social network for women.

Nevertheless, Andreev advised here that this would be more brilliant if she does it in dating. Following this, Andreev was gracious enough to offer Whitney funding necessary for the app to take over. Andreev also offered Badoo technical team in building and shipping the same. Besides, there was the provision of decision-making and creative control towards giving the company direction.The funny this is that Whitney was not interested in building this kind of app and on the other hand, Andreev was not interested to be involved in social networking. She went home with the ambitions to make the Bumble, then Merci a reality. However, all this time, the idea of the support from Andreev was still fresh in her mind. Her husband Michael that awakened her to realize the opportunity and to seize it jealously. As a result, Whitney thought about the offer and felt that it was good enough not to consider. She then traveled to London and had a handshake with Andreev, and that is what marked the birth of the first dating app for women.


Stansberry Research’s Approach to Berkshire Hathaway Investments

Stansberry Research is a leader in providing well-researched investment guidance to individuals who wish to manage their own investment portfolios. As such, they take great pride in researching and analyzing companies and investments thoroughly to understand past successes and mistakes in the industry. For the average onlooker not well versed in finance or business, the success and growth of Berkshire Hathaway are mythical. Warren Buffett’s ability to amass such wealth consistently over time gives Berkshire Hathaway the reputation of a virtual investment dragon with impenetrable skin. But as experts in investing, once Stansberry Research took a closer look, it found that there are vulnerable areas due to some relatively recent changes in the investment principles of Buffett. To understand fully where these vulnerabilities lie, you must first understand what made Berkshire Hathaway so successful (

The first thing an investor must have is capital or access to it. If there is no capital, you can not invest and earn returns on that capital. In the 1960s, Warren Buffett found an excellent source of capital – insurance companies. Each insurance companies holds float – the premiums it is paid by its customers that have not yet been paid out for claims. Based on Stansberry Research, by acquiring insurance companies, Warren Buffett gained access to this float. As long as the insurance companies are well run and its customers continue to pay premiums Buffett was able to use this float as capital for his investments. When starting out, Buffett used the float from his insurance companies to invest in highly successful stable companies. By buying into the most successful companies in the world, Buffett was able to create a money-making machine. With the acquisition of more insurance companies, he gained access to more float giving him more money to invest in these virtual institutions Berkshire Hathaway into what it is today.

However, in recent years Buffet began to invest in companies in need of capital, better management or that are heavily regulated. These companies are very different from the American Express and McDonald’s investments Buffett had made previously. With the inclusion of these companies in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio, Buffett began to see his returns decreasing. This change in investment strategy is a big mistake and can ruin the impressive run Buffett has held onto over the years.


From Tinder to Bumble: The woman who’s story turned out for the better

The age of women empowerment is here. You have many women who are feminists, who are fighting for equality. Women want to be paid equality, and be treated equally.There is one woman who is a true victim, and her name is Whitney Wolfe.Whitney Wolfe is a former executive to Tinder and someone who helped start up the company. She was born in Salt Lake City and attended Sothern Methodist University where she studied in International Studies. When she was only 19, she started her own business. She sold bamboo tote bags, that benefited areas that were affected by the BP oil spill.But now, she filed a lawsuit against Tinder’s chief executive and chief marketing officer.

According to The New York Times, “Tinder’s chief executive and chief marketing officer subjected Ms. Wolfe to “a barrage of horrendously sexist, racist and otherwise inappropriate comments, emails and text messages.””She was one of the founders of the app, but she wasn’t called that by her colleges, because of her age and gender.Even though she “…was instrumental in the establishment of the dating app” according to the New York Times.And this is not the first time. The technology industry is filled with sexual harassment and discrimination charges.The New York Times says, “Facebook, for example, recently disclosed that just 31 percent of its 6,500 workers worldwide were women, and in its United States offices, more than half of all employees are white.

Whitney Wolfe is now the CEO and founder of Bumble, another dating app that has girls make the first move. They also released Bumble BFF, a feature to find new friends, and Bumble Bizz, a new mode of professional networking.Whitney Wolfe recently got married in September 2017, and according to, “the ceremony was supposed to take place on a grassy cliff, which was now soaking wet. Whitney and Michael, along with all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, went down with dozens of towels and dried the land and the benches so that the space was ready to go.”Whitney had also said to Vogue, “We had the most majestic, special ceremony ever, and there was not a dry eye on that cliff!”

Jeremy Goldstein enlists in new lawyer referral service

Although Jeremy Goldstein is not a household name, among high-level lawyers throughout the country, he is well known as one of the most prestigious mergers and acquisitions attorneys in the United States today. After having graduated from law school with a Juris Doctor in law from New York University, Goldstein was quickly hired on by one of the most well-known law firms in the country. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Working as a junior partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, he was able to participate in some of the largest and most impactful mergers, acquisitions and corporate takeovers in the history of the United States. These included the Kmart acquisition of Sears Roebuck, the Verizon merger with Alltel and the Phillips Petroleum acquisition of Conoco. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein – Twitter

But after working with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz for the better part of 20 years, Goldstein decided that he was growing tired of working with the largest corporations in the world.

Although his services were greatly appreciated, and he was able to become very financially successful, Goldstein wanted to help small business owners to navigate the same tricky decisions that he was able to provide counsel on to some of the largest companies in America.

Goldstein quickly realized that there was a huge market for advising small businesses on how to properly structure their executive compensation packages. The same problems that Goldstein saw again and again working on multibillion-dollar mergers and acquisitions were being repeated at the level of small business.

There, Goldstein quickly realized that very few small business owners had access to the same kind of high-level legal advice that was so common for all major corporations.

This was the impetus behind Goldstein’s founding his own law firm. Called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, the firm specializes in providing executive compensation advice too small and medium businesses.

Goldstein also recently enlisted in the Lawyer Referral and Information System, a system put together by the New York State Bar Association in order to help New York residents find the most appropriate lawyer for their location and their case type.

With this new listing, Goldstein is now able to be seen by almost every small business person in the state of New York, helping to grow his fledging law firm quickly and effectively.

Goldstein says that with the right advice, no small business owner has to go through the terrible pitfalls that can beset those who do not properly structure their executive compensation packages.

Vijay Eswaran Shares A Very Precious Gift With Mankind

Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder and chairman of the very successful direct sales company the QI Group, is known for his unique personal and business philosophy. That philosophy is the reason he was able to build a company that rose to prominence while Asia was in the midst of a severe economic crisis. Eswaran shares some basic information on his philosophy in many of his long-form articles, books and motivational speeches. This has enabled him to help a growing number of people to improve the quality of their lives. The QI Group’s independent marketing representatives use that philosophy to guide their actions.

The essence of the philosophy of Vijay Eswaran is the willingness and ability to develop and maintain a positive mindset no matter what is going on in the world around you. Using positive self-talk and creative visualization, Eswaran and his staff developed a clear picture in their minds of the success of their plan. Holding that image in their minds helps them to push through any obstacles they face and continue to move forward with their work. This keeps the entire team motivated as they make their way into the small towns and obscure villages marketing their products.

For Vijay Eswaran, teaching his philosophy to the staff of the QI Group wasn’t enough. He saw an opportunity to have a global impact. Eswaran understands that anyone can be successful on a regular basis if they understands the mechanics of building a positive mindset. While Vijay Eswaran feels good about turning his fledgling company into an e-commerce juggernaut that generates almost a billion dollars in sales annually, he understands that improving the lives of the masses is much more important.

Fear and uncertainty limit the ability of countless people to be their best selves and accomplish their goals. In his long-form articles ‘Two Minutes from the Abyss’, ‘The Stages of Change’ and ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’, Vijay Eswaran talks about using fear as a motivational tool. He gives a fuller explanation of the steps it takes to developed a success mindset in his books ‘In the Sphere of Silence’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ‘On The Wings of Thought’ and ’18 Stepping Stones’.

Even though Vijay Eswaran has given millions of dollars to charity through his RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam Foundation, the greatest gift he has ever given to mankind is sharing his philosophy through his writings and motivational talks.

Jason Hope and the End to Age-Related Disease

Jason Hope is a philanthropist that is a pioneer in anti-aging. Jason is a man to be admired for everything he has done to fight aging because he wants to enhance the quality of life for all humanity. He not only wants anti-aging to be reversed for a particular group of people, but he also wants the technology to be available to everyone.

Jason Hope does not want to stop aging because of how it makes people look. In fact, he wants to end all of the harsh impacts that occur during aging. As a person ages, their bones become brittle which makes them more susceptible to injuries. Due to the effects of aging, recovery will more than likely take much longer or not happen entirely. Then the individual loses their quality of life. It is not fair when aging can be stopped. That is only the beginning as aging opens the door for age-related illnesses such as cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis. He mainly supports the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is located in Mountain View, California and owns its laboratories and conducts its research. The purpose of the foundation is to change the way age-related disease is treated. As of now, health systems treat these illnesses with medication that only aim to control the symptoms. At times, the drugs can cause more problems than the diseases.

That is why it is so important that health systems begin to treat, diminish, and prevent age-related illnesses. It is just as essential that they make the treatments available to everyone. Part of what the SENS Foundation is currently working on is repairing living cells in the human body.

If successful, it will prevent the harsh effects of aging altogether. Jason Hope supports the foundation because he especially believes in their strategies to cure diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Both are diseases that limit an individual’s ability to care for themselves. Jason continuously supports the foundation because he believes that their research is going to open doors for curing the human body of aging and preventing these diseases from developing.

The truth is that life is hard. People worry, get sick, and battle depression every day. However, as they get older, the effects of these things on their bodies can start to show. It is not fair for people to suffer in this manner which is why it is a miracle that there are people like Jason Hope that are making a difference in aging research.

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Rodrigo Terpins and The Reasons and Lessons from His Sertoes Rally Victory

We hear news of people having a sort of insurrection against boredom. People travel to fight such boredom. People go against the grain just to achieve the ways to fight such boredom. They also go against the grain and find the meaning for their lives in the most dangerous, risky and even unlikely places. This is something that only the brave people who go even to the fringe of the safe comfort zones to test their limits, can understand. This is the passion for life that people like Rodrigo Terpins have. In the case with Rodrigo Terpins, it is his passion for racing that really defines his popularity and meaning in life. For more info you can visit



The Passion for Racing


We can scribble anything here in the feature about Rodrigo Terpins, but nothing of them could be as relevant as an article that talks about his Sertoes Rally victory. The world already knows that Terpins has been a consistent participant of the Sertoes Rally race, but it was the 22nd edition that really defined his career. It is his passion for developing a team of experts, professionals and passionate race car individuals that had also helped him get to the aim of his race: the victory. It wasn’t an easy rally to begin with. There were muddy tracks, terrains that would test the limits of man and roads that are sinuous as the mechanics of the car being used by Rodrigo Terpins.


We should also say here that just because the race is difficult, doesn’t mean Rodrigo Terpins will back off from it. He faces the entire race with utmost diligence and reverie, and even faces life-threatening risks just to finish it. It, fortunately, paid off, because Rodrigo Terpins won 7th place in the overall rankings, with the help of his team consisting of his MEM Team, using the T-Rex vehicle.


More Than A Race


We can say that the myriad lessons one learn from racing could only be learned by those who put their neck on the line, which means they actually race and risk their lives. To Rodrigo Terpins, the victory that he got from joining the Sertoes Rally 22nd Edition was enough of a reason that he really did learn a lot of lessons mainly because he put his neck on the line.




Understanding Different Market Shifts with Stansberry Research

If you are in the business of trading stocks, bonds as well as other funds, you need to be able to identify all signs of a market bull so as to plan the next trading strategy for your benefit. Some of the signs that the industry is entering into the bull phase include;

  • Low-interest rates
  • A rise in technology and cyclic stocks
  • A rise in bull markets even before the economy begins to recover

As Steve Sjugg, our avid reader and contributor of Stansberry Reseach suggests, the bullish market has different market shifts including the melt up. According to him, there will be a tremendous change in the market shift thanks to the impending melt up. Like in the past, there has been market melt ups. But the current situation has left many people wondering if this situation will change eventually.


Background Information

Well, from time to time, Sjugg a subscriber of Stansberry Reseach has urged readers to be following the market shift by observing the movement of stocks. For decades, he has offered insight on the market shift and predicted the future of the investment by predicting an eventual explosive rally that will disrupt all market stocks. He called this a melt up.


Additional Information

The melt-up is here to stay, Mr. Sjugg has insisted. From the look of things, even some of the most loyal readers have often questioned just how long this melt up will take because they never fathomed its possibilities in the first place. Also of concern is the fact that the bullish history is somewhat on the mainstream ( A lot of references have also been used to describe the melt up and its impact on the financial industry.


Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is an investment publication that seeks to disseminate critical information on market shifts. Especially in the stock exchange, the team working at the company works with up-to-date information to offer insight regarding different investment dockets. Also, Stansberry Research has qualified professionals to work on various marketing projects that are beneficial to clients. What is more, the team is made of experienced individuals who strive to offer customers the right services.