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How DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Conquered the Real Estate World

There are many people who want to make it in the world of real estate. One property developer has been able to build one of the world’s most impressive portfolios of luxury buildings. That real estate entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani, has become an inspiration for a generation of real estate developers.

Mr.Sajwani’s company, DAMAC Properties, owns and operates a number of luxury properties in Dubai, the wider Middle East and the United Kingdom. Since 2002, DAMAC properties has created a reputation for building the most desirable properties in the world.

Among the more notable properties in Hussain Sajawani’s portfolio are those found with Nine Elms Property Limited. This joint venture with DAMAC Properties Dubai Co PJSC and DAMAC International Company Limited is currently working on the mixed-use development that will become one of London’s largest buildings. That building, AYKON London One, is estimated to have a completion date of 2020.

Another major project under development is Mina Al Sultan Qaboos – a joint-venture with Oman Government’s tourism promotion team and Mr. Sajwani. This project is designed to be the ultimate tourist port and lifestyle destination budgeted at over $1 billion. Included in the development are hotels, luxury residences, dining, retail and recreational activities.

In the South Pacific, Hussain Sajwani is developing AYKON Maldives Resort. This resort will be built on a reclaimed island featuring a five-star resort hotel. This hotel will offer its clients 100 luxury suites, water villas and bungalows. In addition to the hotel, AYKON Maldives Resort will offer fine dining, a start-of-the-art fitness center, spa facilities and entertainment events.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani started his career in 1981 at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries working in the finance department. Two years later, Mr. Sajwani started a catering venture counting Bechtel and the U.S. Military as some of his biggest clients. This business venture is still in operation today under the name Global Logistics Services. Today, Hussain Sajwani continues to work on multiple ventures with a focus on creating the biggest and boldest real estate developments in the world. Read about Sajwani’s charity work here.

Watch this interview with Hussain Sajwani, Chairman and CEO of DAMAC on More demand than supply in Dubai property.

Gareth Henry: A Way Out

Although Gareth Henry is recognized as a successful athlete and one of the best badminton players from Jamaica, there are many other ways to describe him that hold much more value to the former athlete. As a proud gay refugee now living in Canada, he has dedicated his life’s work not to badminton but to ensuring that other gay, lesbian, and transgender people suffering persecution in their home countries can find safety and peace. Gareth Henry was forced to flee Jamaica in 2008 after receiving death threats due to his work with the LGBTQ community in Jamaica, known as J-FLAG (Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexual and Gays).

Although it may seem like living in the island nation of Jamaica would be an idyllic life, for those in the LGTBQ community, including the supportive family members, life is full of worry and fear. Due to same-sex relationships still being criminalized in Jamaica, along with 76 other countries in the world, same-sex relationships are highly persecuted and violence against the community is either ignored or oftentimes encouraged, even by law enforcement. Gareth Henry was on the receiving end of such threats and violence from law enforcement, nearly losing his life as they beat him with a crowd cheering them on. After this attack, another police officer later approached his car and told him that he would be killed. Fearing that he would not survive continuing to live in Jamaica, Gareth Henry fled to Canada after filing for refugee status.

Not to be silenced, Gareth Henry dedicates all his time to the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation as well as the Rainbow Railroad, helping persecuted gay, lesbian, and transgender people flee their country to get to safety. Gareth has helped many Jamaicans escape, some of whom experience even worse conditions than he did. Unfortunately for many, Gareth’s help is not enough. Gareth is calling for change in Jamaica that enables all sexual orientations to live free from persecution, hate, and violence.