Birth of a Unicorn Queen

To this rising fashion fanatic, makeup is more than just a blemish concealer! It’s a form of freedom and expression.


Doe Deere, CEO and Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, pushes boundaries with her line of free spirited, vibrantly colored cosmetics. She’s showing the world that there is a way to find style by embracing colors that are outside of norms of the fashion world.


Often seen sporting a range of different, and unnatural hair colors, Doe has even gone as far as to call herself “Queen of the Unicorns”. A title which she is owning with every new look.


If that in itself doesn’t interest you in her cosmetics line, then perhaps her backstory will.


Though she was born in Russia, Doe spent most of her life in New York City. There she had plenty of inspiration when it came to fashion. However, an ongoing issue that Doe continued to run into, was that colorful fabrics and cosmetics were a lot harder to come by than the average “natural” colors.


In 2008, Doe had decided that it was time that somebody show the fashion world that beauty could come in an array of colors and not just one specific look. With that in mind she launched her own line of colorful cosmetics.


The “Queen of Unicorns” seemed to set new rules to an already neatly outline industry. Adding neon pinks and greens and yellows to makeup kits seemed like such a ‘goth’ concept in theory, or was it? Could such vibrant colors truly make it in a world full of nudes and dull reds? Luckily, Doe seemed to think so and quickly began working on her own solution to such a black and white world.


By modeling her own looks and clothing, Doe, began to show the world that not every color had to paint the same picture. In fact, the more color added to a painting, the more connected to the real world it appears to be. And with that, Doe’s cosmetic line soared.


Using vegan and cruelty-free products, Doe developed a look that people could both connect and express themselves with.


In an interview Doe Deere was asked about her daily operations at Lime Crime Cosmetics, and here’s what she had to say:


“I have yet to have a typical day! As a CEO, my job is to make sure all my departments are running smoothly and to provide guidance where needed. This means that some days I’m working on new products, other times I’m focusing on marketing and social media, and some days I’m brainstorming what’s new with my Chief Creative Officer. One thing’s for sure – it’s never a dull moment here at Lime Crime HQ!”


Visit Lime Crime’s website where purchases can be made on the company’s website. Also check out the website to find out more information on all of the products offered as well as other locations where the products can be purchased.

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The Unicorn Queen is daring you to be different! Will you accept the challenge? Learn more:


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