Bose steps into the AR game!

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Starting its network in the 1990s, Newswatch TV has always provided informational TV segments, technology reviews and online commentary to keep viewers ahead of the crowd with breaking news.One of the newest technology reviews come from Bose, who is one of the leaders in sound.

At 2018’s SXSW conference and festival in Austin, Bose Technologies announced there latest technology with there launch of Bose AR. There take on the latest craze implementing augmented reality, made well known by such products as Pokemon Go. Bose’s new and innovative technology utilizes sunglasses as its muse to offer the AR experience. The sunglasses let you interact with the world around you by offering information with augmented audio through its built-in speakers, motion sensors, and a touchpad thats activated when tapped on the side of the glasses. It lets you point, click, and listen to whats around you, while giving you information about your surroundings. Whether its a cool restaurant or information on a house you walked by, these cool sunglasses make you feel like your in another world, without being a distracted.


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