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Destination Fagali Has It All

Surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Upolu is one of the largest in the Samoan Archipelago. The village of Fagali is just a short drive southeast to downtown Apia, the capital of Upolu. Although the population is under 2,000, Fagali is home to the Royal Samoa Golf Course and an International Airport.

The Fagali Airport, owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines, currently provides service to Pago Pago while Samoa Airways is serving other routes to American Samoa. Inexpensive flights are being offered, encouraging weekend get-a-ways. The proximity to Apia, the coastal beaches, villas and hotels as well as many top tourist attractions make this a desirable destination.

Visitors flying into Fagali will discover opportunities to enjoy the marine environment through 5 Star Samoa Dive and Snorkel, located less than 2 miles from the airfield. Spending the day viewing the coral reefs and marine life in the clear waters of the Pacific is a unique breathtaking experience.

A little further down the road, visitors are introduced to timeless customs presented in a fun, interactive way at the Samoa Cultural Village. Here, people are invited to experience a traditional Polynesian society.

Just a short drive from the Airport, additional attractions are available including the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral with its beautiful frescoes and interesting exterior architecture.

The beauty of the area is reflected in the home of Scottish author, Robert Louis Stevenson. In 1894, Stevenson died at the estate and was buried at a site overlooking his home. Many original artifacts are on display in the stunning home.

Today, Samoan society takes pride in its traditional culture. The many small villages like Fagali are hospitable hosts, welcoming visitors while initiating them with insights into their customs and traditions.

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All You Need to Know About Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I airport is found in Fagali’I, a suburb found in Upolu Island in Samoa archipelago. Fagali’I airport was owned and managed by Polynesian Airline as well as the Samoan Government. In July 2002, the airstrip was up and running. At that time during its reopening, it was grass only airstrip. After operating for a few years complains arose from the neighboring villages about noise pollution and lack of safety. The Fagali’I airport was then shut down in January 2005.

During this time, the airport acted as a playground for children. After about four years, Polynesian Airport decided to reopen it and give it another shot. It expanded its flights to cater for international flights to and fro America Samoa.

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The airport has engaged with a few airlines such as Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, South Pacific Islands Airway and the Polynesian Airlines. The Samoa Air was privately owned. It catered for domestic flights. At one point, Samoa Air almost crashed with Polynesia Airlines as they both were on the same flight path. Later, it was discovered that Samoa Air was responsible for the incident as it had not followed the airlines’ protocol. It was then shut down in 2015 according to

There are a few fun activities that take place near Fagali’I Airport. This includes; FiaFia night whereby people enjoy a night outdoors as well as enjoying nature, diving at Samoa Dive & snorkel. There is Samoa Cultural village that offers knowledge on Samoa cultural practices and cultural foods. There is also a Catholic church by the name Immaculate Conception of Mart Cathedral according to Yoga hiking tours also offer hiking and touring services. Shopping can also be done at Janet’s and at old Apia market.

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