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Greensky Credit Is Changing Financing For Home Improvement Projects

What results when you combine the best of finance ideas and new technologies? The answer is a financial technology company such as GreenSky Credit. It is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill financing company. It uses the power of technology to make financing more widely available and easier than ever before.

David Zalik built GreenSky Credit from the bottom up over the course of many years. He is a true entrepreneur who had encountered many ups and downs in his business career. The still relatively young entrepreneur lost a lot of money in real estate, but that did not deter him from trying a new venture in the world of financing.

His idea to use technology and finance together ultimately culminated in what is now a billion-dollar company called GreenSky Credit. The company has a simple mission. It is to leverage the power of technology to make financing home improvement projects faster and easier than before.

GreenSky Credit improves upon traditional financing methods for projects by allowing financing applications to be completed on the go. This means people can complete an application for a home improvement directly on the smartphone. There is no need to complete page after page of paperwork. One can easily complete everything needed for a financing loan on his or her smartphone thanks to Greensky’s online and mobile-friendly application.

GreenSky also saves people a tremendous amount of time when applying for loans. The typical loan process can be very lengthy. GreenSky Credit’s application can be completed in as little as 90 seconds. The approval or rejection of your loan application is just as fast. You often get a response right away on whether you were approved for a loan or not. There are a few rare instances where some more information must be collected. This will not apply to the vast majority of applicants, however.

David Zalik has brilliantly blended together a time-tested financial product with the power of technology in his financial technology company called GreenSky. Homeowners benefit from the easy and quick approval process. Contractors also benefit because they can now offer loans to their clients right on the spot. They can also act as a salesman to help improve the experience of their customers and their own bottom line as well.

Bose steps into the AR game!

Are you ever in need of a quick news fix, thats not drawn out and boring, well Newswatch Tv might be the right fit for your entertainment needs. These informative, quick news segments allow the viewer to get scoop without the bore. Newswatch TV supplies all the latest news and technology in the media today. Whether you want to catch up on breaking news or find out what’s on the cutting edge of technology, Newswatch TV always at the forefront of breaking news.

Starting its network in the 1990s, Newswatch TV has always provided informational TV segments, technology reviews and online commentary to keep viewers ahead of the crowd with breaking news.One of the newest technology reviews come from Bose, who is one of the leaders in sound.

At 2018’s SXSW conference and festival in Austin, Bose Technologies announced there latest technology with there launch of Bose AR. There take on the latest craze implementing augmented reality, made well known by such products as Pokemon Go. Bose’s new and innovative technology utilizes sunglasses as its muse to offer the AR experience. The sunglasses let you interact with the world around you by offering information with augmented audio through its built-in speakers, motion sensors, and a touchpad thats activated when tapped on the side of the glasses. It lets you point, click, and listen to whats around you, while giving you information about your surroundings. Whether its a cool restaurant or information on a house you walked by, these cool sunglasses make you feel like your in another world, without being a distracted.


Explore the Innovative World of ClassDojo

Class Dojo is a new and innovative app that is designed to bring together teachers and parents in order to encourage and reinforce positive student behavior. It supplies a place where teachers and parents can keep in continent communication on a student’s development. Since it’s as simple as logging in anywhere Wi-Fi or internet is available it works as an easy access for both the stay at home and working parents to stay up to date with their student’s progress. It’s fully accessible on any computer, smartphone tablet, and can even been used on an interactive whiteboard as well as projectors making it easier to gap the distant between school and home. The website includes many resources for teachers include but not limited to parent letter templates back to school presentation as well as video tutorials and ‘cheat sheets’ for teachers, parents, and students to better learn the system. Teachers also have an option to print out decorations to display around their classrooms or send home with the kids for fun at home activities. Set up is easy and begins with naming your class and selecting the grade level. Class Dojo is completely customizable and while the teacher can create their own the system starts with six positive pillars that the teacher may either opt in or out of including: Helping Others, On Task, Perseverance, Teamwork, Participating, and Working hard. Class Dojo also includes five class values to work on improving such as: Disrespect, No Homework, Unprepared and Talking out of Turn.

Securus Technologies Announces A Big Success For Its Mobile Video Visitation Mobile Application

It has been almost since Securus Technologies, the leading provider of public safety and inmate communication services and products in the world launched its video visitation mobile application. This is the first application of its kind in the correction facility industry that allowed video visitation through mobile phones. The Securus Technologies video visitation mobile application has been laughed on Android and Apple operating system phones and tablets. The Android and Apple operating systems are the widely used on smartphones owned by Americans and Securus Technologies choose this two platforms so that is can reach more consumers.

Before Securus Technologies launched the video visitation mobile application, this service was only being offered on the computer platform that is laptops and desktops. The launch of the mobile platform increased its market penetration and enabled it to reach more people all over the United States. Recently Security Technologies came forward to release its progress in the market since the laugh of the mobile application. According to Securus Technologies, the video visitation mobile application has been downloaded more than 65,000 times since its launch. The Android application (download here: has been downloaded more than 60,000 times since it was launched 6 months ago, on the other hand, The Apple application which was launched less than a fortnight already has more than 5,000 times. So far this is a success for them as it is expected that the downloads will hit a million mark in less than six months speared by the release of the Apple application. As time goes by more and more people are expected to embrace the benefits of this application and download it. The Securus Technologies mobile video application gives its users the benefit of flexibility in communication to its users. Now the users of this mobile phone app to book video calling appointments arranged visitation and video chat with their incarcerated friends and family. For the inmates, this application will give the a chance to share special moments with their families and friends.

Securus Technologies is well known in the market for its cutting edge technological products that are aimed at providing solutions for the public safety agencies and correctional facilities. Securus Technologies recently released an upgrade to their THREAD security platform, a product that will be known as the THREAD 3.1. This new release is aimed at improving the evidence analysis tool in incorporating live video and phone call feed. Now investigators can better analyze evidence and prevent more crimes from happening thus promoting public safety.

Get more information about Securus by contacting their customer service representatives here.

Securus Technologies Philanthropy Work And Its Awesome Technology Solutions

Not only is Securus Technologies a leading provider of criminal and civil technology solutions for purposes related to investigation, public safety and corrections, it is also involved deeply in philanthropic matters. By the beginning of 2016, the company had managed to reach a company record with its Associates donating more than $347,500 for the United Way 2015 campaign. Securus was happy to report that it had managed to exceed its $290,000 goal by not less than 19% and the 2015 results by more than 23%.

Comparing to when the company started the campaign in 2008, it only managed only $32,995 which means that it made an increase of more than ten times. Through the years, Securus Associates kept stepping up their game and opened up their hearts so that the campaign can reach the level it currently is.

The campaign seeks to support causes in healthcare, basics to life as well as healthcare. The latest campaign managed to achieve a lot because it had the largest amount of Leadership Givers, the biggest amount of Associates giving, the highest level of annual Securus Associates contributing as well as the biggest percentage increase in the annual goal since the campaign was started.

Securus’ top management was happy with the contribution levels and expressed contention that those helped by United Way were the real benefactors and that they had felt a real change in their lives. Being an agent of change, Securus is determined to make lives better by saving lives and improving living conditions.

The company has very up to date and modern inmate communication technology that go a very long way in making sure that incarcerated inmates connect with their friends securely and conveniently and at very fair rates. One of its most reputable technologies is the Video Visitation technology that allows the two parties to have secure video conversations. It is not expensive (the app is free to download), and it has played a very crucial role when matters related to saving time and money by making physical visitation trips to the prisons are concerned. To learn more about this service, click on the following link:

Another technology is the Advance Connect pre-paid solution for inmate phone calls that allows the two parties to have a secure way to talk anytime conveniently. With both technologies, the charges are routed to the relative or friend at home who is also offered with different varieties to make payment. Dallas, Texas based Securus is a true definition of a company that is found on the precepts of driving change in society because that is precisely what it does.

Shopping Made Easy with Image Recognition Technology- Snap, Search, Purchase

Have you ever seen someone wearing an item that you just fell in love with, but had no idea where to go to find the item? A new technology is entering the mainstream on that will make it easy to find that shoe, dress, vase or even lipstick shade.

Nieman Marcus, and others are experimenting with the technology that could help them boost sales, while helping consumers shop for the products on their wish list. The technology has been in the works for years but previous versions didn’t live up to expectations.

Slyce is an image-processing technology that was developed by artificial-intelligence startup Sentient, that enables consumers to snap a photo of the item they’d like purchase, information then comes back that matches the product along with information on where the item can be purchased. For instance, let’s say you see someone with a unique purse, but you don’t know the person and are hesitant to ask where they got it. All you’d have to do is snap a photo of the item and information will pop up showing print catalogs, magazine ads and online stores where the product or similar products can be found.

Slyce’s visual searches can utilize 1, 2 and 3-D images which may include real world scanned actual product images as well as product tags, print materials, bar codes, QR codes and even coupons. When using product image, the consumer will get product matches as well as similar products. Print materials and product tags will return product matches and where the items can be purchased online while barcodes, QR codes and coupons will connect the buyer directly to the product and product information.

With the ever evolving use of computers, cell phones and other technologies developed to make consumers live easier and enhance the purchasing experience, new visual search technology is the next generation of purchasing in the evolving retail environment. With more and more retailers adopting this new technology, soon all buyers will have to do is snap, search and purchase.

Facts About Skout You Should Know

These days, the number of social networks that a traveler can access so as to connect with other travelers on the road are many. However, one mobile application has used its direct network to create a platform for people who want to interact. Originally created as a travel app for those who want to expand their travel circle, Skout has in the recent months turned itself into a dating one. Since it introduced the travel feature, more than ten million members have since joined. Many have been intrigued by the virtual journeys feature that allows a user to meet another user from a different location.

A big number of the virtual travelers and especially the young ones end up taking real journeys to meet those that they met on the platform. When Skout introduced the travel feature, it intended users to use it in two different ways; to enable users meet and get to know different people from different cities and countries and to enable users know people who can help them help them when they visit a new destination. So far so good, the company has had success with both missions, and it has proved to be a very popular app for young people who want to meet and make new friends from different cities.

Skout has also purchased Fuse, an app for people on the go. Skout’s collaboration with Fuse is meant to give users simpler tools to make social networks that function from the addresses on their tablets or smartphones. Fuse allows users to set up a ‘fuse’ so that all messages posted disappear automatically in less than ten minutes. Users in Fuse are identified by initials from their cell numbers. The app also has social dynamics that are very interesting. To join a group, for instance, one can ask members for permission but once a member, there is defriending. However, users who chose to opt out can easily do so.

Skout has also improved its privacy, and is not accepting bathroom selfie nudes. Popularly known as the official flirting app, it has banned the oversharing of people photos in front of the mirror or even stripped down in a tub full of bubbles. According to Skout’s management, the photos add no credibility to the user’s image or reputation and its precisely the reason they were banned. Skout also wants people to associate it with positive characteristics and features and not just flirting.

The best thing with Skout is the fact that it segregates teens and adults. Each group is placed in its appropriate peer group to avoid instances where they mix. Once in the peer group, users can feel free to comment on each other’s posts, comment, chat and add pictures. When users from a nearby geographical location come online and check them, they receive notifications and to check out who they are, they buy points. The app has been rated as one of the safest apps to use by teenagers because of its strict moderation.