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George Soros Outlines His Plan To Deal With Syrian Refugee Crisis

George Soros is considered to be one of the most successful financial investors of all time. He has overcome great odds and difficulties to become one of the most respected and famous, not to mention wealthy individuals on Wall Street. George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, and was forced into hiding in his native country due to the Nazi takeover. The Soros family who is Jewish survived World War II. The experience of hiding left Soros with an experience on that he would never forget.

George Soros went on to study economics in London after World War II. The young Soros proved to be very component in financial management and investment. He quickly made a name for himself in London’s stock exchange as a shrewd investor who made good returns for his clients. After working for a while Soros struck out for New York City and found work at a Wall Street firm. He was immensely successful and later founded his own hedge fund firm called Soros Fund Management on George Soros also created the Open Society Foundation which he heads to help countries acclimate to free enterprise.

Witnessing persecution and forced hiding himself George Soros is very sympathetic to the plight of the Syrian refugees. He has recently outlined his plan for dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. The major highlights of George Soros’ plan are discussed below.

One of the major points of George Soros’ plan to solve to migration and refugee problem from Syria involves the European Union providing a total of 15,000 euros each year for a total of two years for each asylum seeker the union takes in. The money would go towards providing housing, education and healthcare for the asylum seekers. He also believes that the EU should allow a minimum of one million refugees into Europe a year until the crisis has been solved. The refugee population should be distributed evenly among member nations, so no single country has more refugees that it can handle.

Another point that Soros makes is that more money should be given to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan to support the refugees who have fled there. These countries have already have more refugees than they can handle and it is imperative Soros believes that Europe and the rest of the world help them take care of their refugee population.

George Soros also believes that the European Union should create one Migration and Asylum Agency and one European Union Border Guard. These agencies would have supreme authority in securing the borders of the European Union and its member nations. The agencies would also be responsible for determining who is eligible for asylum and process their applications. Right now each individual member state in the European Union has its own asylum policy and its own border guard. This complicates things and makes it more difficult for states and asylum seekers to secure their border and obtain help. To read more about George Soros’ plan for fixing the European refugee crisis, check out this article published on Marketwatch.