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The Health Reason People Are Suing EOS Lip Balm

Can a lip balm make you smile? We suspect as much. That is the reason we concocted this one. EOS lip balm is 95 % organic, 100 % characteristic, and paraben and petrolatum free. Stuffed with cell reinforcement rich vitamin E, relieving shea spread and jojoba oil, EOS keeps your lips soggy, delicate and sensationally smooth.

Geniuses of EOS Lip Balm

– Looks so damn adorable with this appealing round shape and lovely pink shade

– 95% natural that is the thing that the organization claims

– Easy to convey because of its size

– Very one of a kind and entirely unexpected from the other lip balms

– Keeps my lips exceptionally moisturized

– Will mend somewhat dry lips

– The scent is a sweet one noticing extremely fruity yet the taste is significantly sweeter like berries and I generally wind up licking it

– Great one at the cost

– It doesn’t feel any waxy or substantial on the lips by any means

It arrives in a plastic egg molded holder that has a contort off top. Inside this is a littler ball-molded hill of lip balm. It comes in numerous appealing hues like blue, red, pink , purple , green and so on and so forth . So the bundling may appear to be exceptionally helpful for a few and badly designed for others relying upon how you need to convey it. If you need to convey it in your jeans take.. simply overlook it 😛 though it is anything but difficult to discover in a totally chaotic satchel like mine as it just buoys around While these balms are smooth, they don’t dissolve into your lips like a truly saturating balm would. They have an inclination that they’re mostly sitting at first glance, and the impact vanishes rapidly.

The scents are presumably the most remarkable element of eos’ balms, and I truly welcome a decent scent. Honeydew Honeysuckle is my outright top choice – the melon is pleasant and splendidly artificial without being excessively plastic – yet the greater part of the aromas smell really flavorful.

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Luscious Lips Always Wear Balm; Evolution Of Smooth Perfect TLC

You don’t think twice about buying the ideal face cream, which shows intelligent beauty thinking. However, most of us neglect a key area of the face, especially when we head outdoors, and that would be our precious lips.
Your mouth needs uber protection all the time, because lips are vulnerable. They actually burn when the sun is searing hot and turn super dry and chapped when the cold dry winter air rushes in.

The perfect lip balm is the shield you need 24/7; it’s one that should provide a moisturizing base, offer hydration and protection from the elements.

Most women are unaware that swollen lips area sign of sunburn, and yes, your lips can develop skin cancer. Those who are addicted to lip gloss, can actually be harming themselves when exposing that shiny surface to the sun, say dermatologists like NYC’s Dr. Bruce Robinson, according to

“Take a magifying glass and put it over your lips,” he explains. When you put on shiny lip gloss and spend time in the sun, “that’s essentially what you’re doing.”

Balm is mandatory daily and smart to include in your beauty routine. We like the tasty and moisturizing assets of Evolution of Smooth lip balms. First of all, the cool shape of these balms in the spherical design in its small spherical pot is a clever one. The ball balms are convenient to use, because they glide over every tiny crevice of your lips.

Most importantly, EvolutionofSmooth lip balms come in a wide variety to choose from. EOS lip balm features Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres and Organic Smooth Sticks. These wonderful balms are formulated with the proper protective and immensely hydrating ingredients of shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Available from online retailers such as and

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Fabletics Marie Claire

In a recent interview published by Marie Claire magazine at, actress Kate Hudson discussed her new line of athleisure dresses from her Fabletics brand that debuted this spring. According to Hudson, some of the bikini tops in the new line can also serve as a sports bra. Clothing with style and comfort is one of the company’s top goals, she says.

She mentions the classic little black dress in the collection of Fabletics. It is made from ultra-comfortable performance wear; yet, it is classy enough to be worn on a night on the town. Some of the recent dresses have built-in bras, says Hudson. She says that all of her collection give the right lifts and tucks where they are needed and that there is no need to wear Spanx ® with them.

Even the swimwear was made secure enough that the wearer can exercise in them with confidence. Although they have a sturdy design, they remain sexy and feminine, notes Hudson. These clothes were designed to be flattering to the figure.

When the Marie Claire reporter asked Hudson about athleisure clothes becoming high fashion, Hudson mused that there are a few designers who have accomplished this with higher prices. Fabletics uses a direct-to-the-customer model, she says, so her company can produce the same beautiful style for a fraction of the cost.

Kate Hudson has been a role model to thousands of women across the world to enjoy being fit and beautiful. For a long time, Hudson was not satisfied with how the fashion industry made high-quality active wear unaffordable to many people. In 2013, she co-founded Fabletics to change that. They now have a special line of clothing for men and children. Source:

Customers can go to the Fabletics website and order what they want to have shipped right to their home. Buyers give the brand high marks for quality and affordability. Those who want to join the VIP program get special discounts. There is even a loyalty card that offers even more specials after so many purchases. Fabletics is a company that caters to the needs of active people who want to stay stylish within a budget.

Cruelty-Free and Creative Conscious

Creativity in Cosmetics

Finding the perfect shade of ravishing rose, soft primrose pink or pale plum to complement a curvy lip, can brighten any artsy fashionista’s mood. Drawing the eye and capturing the imagination through the use of cosmetics, the artist in all of us can express individuality and creativity via a unique platform. Whether one is creating the illusion of smoky eyes for a late night lounge party, or brushing on bright and bold colors of shadow to highlight a bubbly personality, makeup application is an art-form all its own. For many, the face is a blank canvas anxious for a painter’s talented touch.

The Darker Side

Over the years numerous varieties of beauty products have provided dusky cheekbones, luscious lashes, and glistening lips to appreciative consumers. Cosmetics are responsible for bringing relief to generations of people struggling with skin problems. Countless times potential disasters from the sudden onslaught of an unsightly pimple or a facial blemish on picture day, have been averted by hastily procured cover-up products. Sadly, many don’t realize that animals pay the ultimate price to provide consumers with those “aw” moments or sighs of relief. In cosmetic testing, animals suffer in excruciating conditions for the sake of endorsing a beauty product. Animals used in cosmetic testing are: rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and rats. Notorious for its inhumanity, the lethal-dosage test forces animals to consume varying doses of ingredients, to pin-point the amount it would take for someone (or in this case an animal) to die after ingesting a specific ingredient. To add even more insult to injury, cosmetics that are animal-tested cannot fully guarantee safety for human use. Results from cosmetic testing are confusing and often unclear.

Making A Statement

One cosmetic company is standing up against animal cruelty and standing out. With their firm stance in opposition of animal-testing and their line of fashion-forward makeup, Lime Crime successfully creates vibrant, high-quality products made with cruelty-free/vegan ingredients. For trend-setters,or avant-garde enthusiasts, Lime Crime cosmetics offers the perfect medium to illustrate the fanciful and the fashionable. Their liquid-to-matte lip color makes for a brilliantly fresh statement, while they celebrate grunge and earthy undertones in the offering of a multi-color eye shadow kit. Not adverse to glam, their zodiac themed cosmetic glitter is affordable, adding just the right accent to pouting lips or polished nails. A sparkling testament to originality and appreciation of the arts, Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that embraces self-expression, encouraging consumers to continue to dream in color. Impacting the cosmetic world, as well as the world of activism, Lime Crime brings awareness to animal suffering, and creates aesthetically pleasing products for the enjoyment of consumers everywhere.