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DIY School Supplies by Wengie


Wengie is a popular YouTube vlogger with over five million subscribers. Her videos range from makeup and beauty to DIYs and everyday life hacks. In her video “12 DIY School Supplies Hacks Everyone Should Try for Back to School,” she explains different ways that anyone can make their school supplies more fun to use, or how simple life hacks can make the use of school supplies easier than ever! She gives step-by-step instructions that are so easy that it’s next to impossible to make a mistake! Some of my favorite DIY hacks that Wengie explains in the video are:


DIY Pens

For this hack, mix 2tbsp water and 1tbsp white glue. Dismantle the pen and pour the mixture into the clear tube, letting it drain through the other side. Pour a small amount of glitter of your choice on a piece of paper, then pour it into the pen. The glitter will stick to the clue, coating the pen and creating colorful, sparkly pens!



Quills are old-time pens made with light feathers. Wengie starts off by taking a plain white feather and painting it. Next, she dismantled a pen, measured it, and cut the excess tubing. She then cut the feather to reveal the opening, and stuck the cut pen inside of the feather tube.



For this hack, simply take a paper clip and bend it upwards towards the open end of the clip. The fun part is that when you use the clips, they’ll be shaped like little hearts!



This hack is for those small pencil sharpeners that don’t come with a container to catch the shavings. Wengie hot glued the sharpener to the opening of a Tic Tac container, and that’s it!



Wengie simply takes a piece of washi tape and sticks it onto the colored part of the folder divider, folding down the sides. This hack makes going through the content of your folder ten times easier!



For this hack, Wengie takes a piece of construction paper and hot glues her sticky note pads onto it, creating super easy organization!


Other DIY hacks explained by Wengie include DIY highlighters, DIY pencils, DIY colored staples, DIY pencil sharpeners, DIY paper clip magnets, and DIY folder chalkboards.

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