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WEN Is A Unique Hair Cleansing Experience

Cleansing conditioners are the newest and most popular trends in haircare today. The idea behind them is that they are gentler and more nourishing than traditional shampoo. They do not contain any sulfates, there it is less stripping on your hair. Cleansing conditioners work on all hair texture and type.

They are also great for color treated hair because it does not strip the hair of its oils and color pigment making it last longer. Nowadays, it seems that every popular hair care brand has their own version of a cleansing conditioner. WEN by Chaz Dean was the pioneer in cleansing conditioner technology. They brought cleansing conditioners to the market years before they became the hottest hair care product.

WEN cleansing conditioners are an all-in-one type product. They clean, condition, treat, and style. They have a formula of cleansing conditioner for every hair type and texture. WEN works with your hair’s natural oils to optimize your hair’s health and vitality. This will leave your hair nourished, shiny, stronger, and more manageable. WEN by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner are made up of high quality natural ingredients. Glycerin and wild cherry bark help to condition hair and help it to retain moisture. Rosemary and Chamomile extract help to sooth and calm more scalp. Panthenol is used to strengthen and boost hair’s resilience.

Chaz Dean is the creator of all WEN hair care products. His passion for hair began in his days as a photographer. He became a very skilled hair stylish and began developing his own product lines. Chaz Dean ended up buying a salon, Chaz Dean Studio. His clients are still his first priority. He continues to also enjoy working in the salon and at fashion shows. Creating high quality and gentle yet effective hair care products for his clients is still his number one passion and priority.