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Beneful Offers Great Tastes For Healthy Dogs

Beneful believes that healthy foods should make dogs happy. They want dogs to crave the tastes and variety that a Beneful diet can offer. Beneful has more than 39 different choices between their wet and dry foods and their treats.Every dog has a flavor and Beneful has that flavor in a healthy food that your dog will love.

Dry Foods

The Beneful line of dry foods offer 8 choices in three categories. These categories include their original line of foods, their healthy line of foods and Incredibites. The original line of foods offers meats like beef, chicken and salmon as the main ingredient. They also contain healthy ingredients like carrots, peas and rice.

The healthy line of dry foods supports your dog at different stages of life. The healthy weight dry food helps older dogs to process their foods better in order to maintain healthy weights. Active and puppy formulas aid with the generation of energy to do all those things that dogs do.

Wet Foods

Stews, medleys, and chopped blends are all on the menu with Beneful’s full line of wet foods. Whether seeking a mix in with their dry offerings, or simply as a stand alone meal, the wet foods are sure to be a hit with your dog. Romano tastes and mediterranean mixes offer flair and style to the diet.

All of the wet foods offer real meats like beef, pork, and even chicken for a taste that every dog will love. One will also find carrots, barley, rice, and even green beans to offer a one of a kind taste for every dog.


Beneful are real treats from Walmart that dogs will beg for over and over again. Tastes like real beef and bacon are tastes that every dog loves and wants more of. Their baked delights include cheese, chicken and peanut butter. These are treats that are great for a special time, or simply to give your furry friend a taste they will love.

Healthy smile treats are also great for keeping your friends smile at its best. A dog’s teeth are important so keeping them healthy is vital. Healthy smile ridges and twist treats are just the thing to offer a clean smile and strong teeth. They also have healthy smile treats for all sizes of dogs. From small to large every dog will find a healthy smile treat to their liking.