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Igor Cornelsen And His Invaluable Stock Strategies

The financial sector is a quagmire that confuses even the most experienced financial analyst, but not the likes of Igor Cornelsen. Being a retired banker he has seen it all. Having worked in Brazil which is the largest economy in South America and 8th largest in the world he has experienced the turmoil that is associated with the banking and investment sector. He is an active economic analysts and his insight has helped Brazilian banks steer themselves during the financial crisis.

He is a facebook legend in the investment sector advising numerous clients and even governments on Investment banking. He has stated time and again that investing in stocks for the long haul could work if an investor was patient enough. While interviewing for CNN I Report he stated that investing is a long term stint and an investor should be prepared to wait for a long periods in order for their investments to bear fruits. He characterized investing as a career. Other than CNN he has been featured in numerous publications such as the Herald and He has worked with both the investment and commercial banks where he has gained invaluable experience.

Having been born in Brazil he has insider knowledge on how the economy is doing and advises his clients both foreign and domestic to invest in the Brazilian economy. He has insisted that the Brazilian economy guarantees almost instantaneous results to those willing to take the risk.

After Igor Cornelsen’s departure from the banking sector he moved to private sector where he started Bainbridge Investment Inc in 2011. His investment strategy at the financial firm is to find viable long term investment options.

He has urged his clients to invest wisely and look into the company portfolio before committing to invest in it. Blind investment can be a dangerous undertaking and might results in big financial losses. However he has stressed the importance of spreading your investments in different companies reducing the risk of losses.

He has spent most of his life in the investment world and specifically the stock exchange market. He knows more about the market than most investors combined. He has demonstrated courage by venturing into that one place that most people are afraid to venture into. Many experienced actors in the investment industry agree with his methods and sound financial advice. I know and believe that he has a lot to offer in the stock exchange and new investors should follow his guidelines.

His numerous attempts to educate the masses in investment are good pointers to his character. Not many people have the heart to do what he does with passion and dedication. Those new to the investment world should follow his advice religiously in order to succeed.