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Facebook Live Shows The Dangers Of Inmates With Technology

Bennettsville, South Carolina holds a prison by the name of Evans Correctional institution. That prison became a little more infamous last August when an inmate took a video of himself that he posted on Facebook Live for all to see. In the video, the inmate was brandishing a knife and looking very threatening. Not surprisingly, this got a lot of people up in arms. They wanted to know how something like this was even possible. It led to renewed attention to companies such as Securus Technologies and stories like that of ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson.


Securus Technologies is a security company that provides communications blocking technology to hundreds of prisons around the country. As a matter of fact, their products impact more than one million inmates in the country. They also produce items that make it possible for inmates to contact their loved ones, but only in a secure way. Their line of work is something that most of us take for granted, but it is something that provides us with security that we may not have even realized that we needed.


Robert Johnson is one person that you do not have to convince of the benefits of keeping cell phones out of the hands of inmates. He knows about the dangers of this from experiences in his own life. He used to be a correctional officer in a different prison in the state of South Carolina. In his time there, he saw numerous packages that tried to make their way through the doors. It was his job to make sure that items that were not supposed to get through did not. He did this once with a package that was clearly very valuable to whoever was supposed to receive it in the prison. In fact, it was so valuable that a prison gang called someone on the outside to kill Johnson.


The attempt was made, and Johnson was shot in his home by an intruder multiple times. However, he managed to pull through and survive the ordeal. It was a miracle that it worked out this way, but it just went to show that inmates with cell phones is a very dangerous combination.


Since that time, Robert Johnson has worked very hard alongside Securus Technologies to try to make sure that nothing like this ever happens to anyone ever again. He wants to see their technologies deployed in more prisons than they already are. He also wants to see pressure put on lawmakers to do the right thing and strengthen regulations on cell phones getting into the prisons. It is possible to make those changes, but only with the cooperation of everyone involved. Johnson is hopeful that stories like his help to shine a spotlight on the need for these types of changes.

Hussain Sajwani: A Life of Dedication and Hard Work

Hussain Sajwani is a well respected businessman who, through his own hard work and dedication, earned every bit of the billion dollar fortune he now sits on. At the age of only 3 years old Hussain began working for his father at his father’s watch and pen store. It was there that he learned about the hardships that a businessman deals with and began to form his ideas about what he wanted for his own life. While his father had hoped that he would join him in the family business, Hussain discovered that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.


Hussain earned his Bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics at the University of Washington, Seattle and then went on to become the Contracts Manager for GASCO, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). He only spent a brief period of time there before establishing his own business; Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC. This business eventually became the DAMAC Group, which is where he invests most of his energy and time now. Before this, Hussain put together DICO invest, which is an investment company that to this day holds investment portfolios of securities in numerous companies that are traded on different global markets. Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG was also built by Hussain and was eventually consolidated by strategic investments that he made in the insurance sector. Oman-based Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co SAOG along with other successful ventures were also started by Hussain before DAMAC.


DAMAC was started as a catering company in 1992 but since 2002 is known as a luxury real estate developer that provides unmatched living experiences in Dubai, UAE. As a developer of multi-million square-foot golf course communities, high-rise private apartment towers, and ‘limited edition’ living experiences, Hussain has teamed up with brands like Fendi and Bugatti, Versace, Paramount Hotels & Resorts and Donald J. Trump. A large part of his dealings with Donald Trump has been related to the golf courses that serve DAMAC’s luxury property developments. Hussain Sajwani has received high praise from Mr. Trump, who referred to him as a “very great man,” and has heaped plenty of other compliments on him, as well.

Why is Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall the Best?


Looking for a great place to do shopping in Brazil, look no further since you have Manaira Mall. It is one of the leading shopping malls in the country as well as the largest in the state of Paraiba. The mall was founded by one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil Roberto Santiago in the year 1989. Since then, the mall has been growing big and bigger servings thousands of Jao Pessoa residents. The mall is popular with excellent service it offers to their customers, a move that has played a great role in its growth and expansion on Facebook.

Services Offered

For people visiting the mall for shopping, they can also have fun and get entertained. The mall on has a big space reserved for shopping, movie theater, ballrooms, bowling alleys, and electronic and amusement park among others. Roberto added of these features to the mall to ensure that one can visit the mall for other purposes except shopping. Families visit the mall regularly for shopping and fun. The workers of the mall are trained to treat the employees with respect, and this has impacted the number of people visiting the mall each day.


Manaira Mall is undeniably one of the biggest and most exclusive privately owned malls. Its cinema is one the most outstanding feature of the mall. There are 11 rooms set aside for movie entertainment on; these rooms are updated and equipped with all the modern theater features and equipment. Inside the mall, there is a bar, which offers people with drinks, candies, and popcorns for movie fanatics. There is even a gym in the mall for people who love working out. Manaira Mall can be termed as one of the most exclusive shopping mall in the country as well as the best in the region.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a 58-year-old entrepreneur based in Brazil. He is the owner of one of the most exclusive shopping mall in Joao Pessoa; Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto also owns other modern shopping malls in the city. Mangeira Shopping Mall is one of them. Roberto Santiago kicked off his career working at Café Santa Rosa; later he started his cartonnage company that concentrated on the manufacturing of decoration materials. The company was successful, and it encouraged him to invest in other industries.


Other than business, Roberto Santiago also loves sports. In fact, he has won some trophies motocross and kart championships. Roberto attended Pio X-Marist College and later pursued a degree in Business Administration at University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE). Roberto Santiago has made investments in various industries, and they have turned out to be successful making him one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country.

Don Ressler is Changing the Model

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became friends while at Intermix. They began their business partnership after Intermix was acquired by News Corporation in 2005. By 2006 both Ressler and Goldenberg created a platform called Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler and business partner Adam Goldenberg are the creative minds behind a multitude of successful business ventures that include and Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries.

After Myspace was purchased in 2005 for more than $650 million, the ex-MySpacers again carved out a path to financial success. Ex MySpacer Don Ressler and business partner Adam Goldenberg took a chance and started up Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler is both Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. Ressler is also co-founder of BrandIdeas and Alena Media creating Hydroderm, a successful skincare brand. Intelligent Beauty has brought forth a successful online venture called DERMSTORE and a subscription based service called

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DERMSTORE is an online cosmetic and skincare marketplace and JustFab features monthly show rooms for fashion and design. Stepping into the world of fashion, Don Ressler and his business partner Adam Goldenberg new very little about design and other aspects as it pertained to fashion, However, this did not deter their creative genius. Ressler and Goldenberg had enough business savvy to bring in individuals who were good at their job and could see their creative vision for the business.

Once they began to bring together style consultants, and designers, JustFAB began to take shape. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg created an affordable yet attractive subscription model. The model allowed members to take advantage of receiving a selection of shoes, handbags and accessories personalized to suit their individualized taste.

Early in the Ressler’s internet career, Don ressler consulted with companies to pursue taking advantage of the online opportunities. Having built his reputation as a business and brand building-guru, Ressler raised over $100 million in capital for Internet companies and has generated over $1 billion in sales. Don Ressler and his business partner Adam Goldenberg saw the potential in their business ventures and jumped at the opportunity to create something new, different and outside the box.

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One of the most successful businesswomen in the world

Malini Saba is one of the greatest investors and philanthropists making a difference in the world of business and investments world wide. Saba was born in Asia. She didn’t have a lot of support growing up so she had to work hard to prove herself. She has quickly grown to be one of the most influential business philanthropists in the world.


Her leadership and knowledge has helped set an example for how others want to be growing up. She started her career several years ago investing in small regions around the world. Saba ran into several battles with associates along the way finding to make a difference in certain areas. Some of her associates were not friendly and wanted her out. She continued to fight back trying to prove a point, but lost a lot of time and money in the process.


However, she never gave up. Saba decided to team up with her associates and start fresh with another enterprise. Again she faced many tough challenges on the road to success, but never gave up. The spirited businesswoman would not go down without a fight.


Saba has continued to keep fighting to accomplish her vision. All of that fighting that she did growing up has paid off. Malini Saba is now known as one of the most iconic business women in the world. Millions of people look up to her as a leader. Saba is one of the biggest owners of large scale resources that include rice fields, energy companies and real estate.


Now that she has made a successful career for herself, she is looking to give back to others that are less fortunate. She started Stree: Global Investments in Women which helps low-income women prove their worth. Saba helps coach women to work harder to accomplish their goals.


Saba’s investing career started back in the early 90’s by investing in Paypal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. Each one of those companies has turned out to be quite successful. She was able to obtain a lot of income from her investments. She knows that she has been blessed with the opportunity to be a successful businesswomen. Saba was smart about where she put her money. She said she likes the commodity market because there is a lot of risk and reward involved.


Beyond business Saba continues to support her child and never uses babysitters. You would think that she is always really busy, but she finds time for her child.

Don Ressler’s Successes As A Serial Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is the businessman that founded successful start-ups like Intelligent Beauty as well as its multiple subsidiaries. Don Ressler established Alena Media in 2001 following the acquisition of his firm, by Intermix Media. He teamed up with 19 year old Adam Goldenberg, who was Intermix’s COO. The performance advertising and e-commerce unit was the only division at Intermix generating profit. Its revenues exceeded hundreds of millions. Ressler and Goldenberg’s profitable e-commerce venture on Pando was not given the same attention when News Corp took over Intermix in 2005. Frustrated by the turn of events, they left.

Having experience in the growing online performance advertising industry, Don Ressler and Goldenberg knew they possessed the skills to succeed. The partners decided to form a brand building business they could run separately. Taking the previous team at Alena, they created Brand Ideas, which changed to Intelligent Beauty.

The brand building venture went on to develop several businesses. It created DERMSTORE and SENSA that grew into highly profitable businesses on Following the accomplishments of the first two businesses, Intelligent Beauty started JustFab. The e-commerce fashion retailer was launched in 2010. One year after beginning operations, Matrix Partners offered JustFab funding worth $33 million. By December 2011, JustFab had reached 4 million members. In April 2012, JustFab surpassed the six million mark and secured a second funding of $76 million.

After the exploits of the first two years, the company started looking for opportunities to enter new markets. Knowing that parents formed a bigger part of the customers, JustFab bought kids’ fashion retailer, FabKids. The company also bought Fab Shoes, a European fashion site in 2013. The acquisitions increased JustFab’s European membership to over 2 million by bringing on board more members from Spain and France. By the end of 2013, JustFab had over 3 million members across Europe.

Additionally, in October 2013, JustFab inaugurated Fabletics. It launched the athletic wear site in partnership with Kate Hudson. Just Fab also bought ShoeDazzle, a shoe subscription service in 2013. After growing its services to include athletic wear, children wear, and venturing into the European market, the company launched offline service in September 2013. It did that by inaugurating its first flagship store.

Presently, Don Ressler’s company provides millions of members across the world a personalized as well as an engaging shopping experience. It gives them a celebrity treatment each month with a customized selection of apparel, shoes, jewelry, and handbags. It also provides members with fashion tips and expert advice. JustFab also offers high-fashion looks at unbeatable prices. With the success of the various firms that Don Ressler has created, it shows that he is an exceptional entrepreneur with the ability to deliver great results.

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David Osio Is On A Mission For Great Success

Today, David Osio has become known as one of the leading investors for real estate in the world, having done an impeccable job building up his empire for many years. He has set out a perfect example for others to follow and learn how to invest in real estate, this is why so many people look up to him and use him as inspiration. Whether people know it or not, becoming successful in real estate is quite a difficult thing to do, though when mastered, it has a great deal of benefits. Investing and real estate is all about looking ahead to see what’s coming next. Many people spend too much time throwing out all the money they have at once, instead of securing more investments for their future finances. This is one of the major pitfalls that cause people to be unable to build any kind of wealth.

There are loads of different variables to consider in the field of real estate. As for David Osio, he favors the approach that is most conservative for investing in property. Basically what this means is he will not throw himself into debt by stretching his finances too far on investments. This is a good way to go about it as too many people try to throw all they have out there, until they end up needing to borrow more money, which throws them into a downward spiral of finances. When the economy is at a high point, borrowing money can be effective to pull in more profits, but many people do not do this at the correct times, most notably before a market crash. This was similar in 2007-2008 when the economy crashed.

David has managed to build himself a considerable amount of wealth over the course of his career and life, which shows just how well his skills in business are and how much knowledge he has attained. Looking to the future is an important part of making money in business, especially investing. As such, David is the perfect example of what to do and someone to follow in order to have the foundation for success. Reaching goals requires a lot of dedication and persistence in order to receive results, especially after failing the first time.

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Former Swiss banker Mike Baur Is A Member Of The Swiss Startup Factory

The secrecy code that Swiss banks use to protect their clients has been on the federal books since 1934. The Banking Law of 1934 gives Swiss banks the authority to withhold information about client transactions and their identity. The 1934 law was amended in 2009 to exclude banking transactions that were related to tax evasion. The Swiss provided a haven for tax evaders for years, but when one of the Swiss banks was outed by a disgruntled employee in 2008, the banking system in Switzerland change, and change is still going on in the Swiss banking industry.

Mike Baur was part of the Swiss banking empire for more than 20 years, but he left that industry and he has made an impact on the way the Swiss treat their young entrepreneurs. Baur has always been a financial expert. Mike Baur was recognized for his business knowledge while he worked for Clariden Leu and the private bank, Sallfort. Banking in Switzerland represents 6.2 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, so Baur had the opportunity to meet young entrepreneurs that needed money to start businesses based on their ideas. Most of the entrepreneurs didn’t have the knowledge to start a business so the banks would deny their loan requests. Baur saw a trend developing especially as the technology sector became more important in businesses. Many of the entrepreneurs were considered “techies” that had great ideas but no business sense.

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Based on what he experienced at Sallfort, Baur decided to start Bainso, a company that provided the knowledge and the contacts young entrepreneurs needed to start a business. Mike Baur developed a finance, operations, and human resource program for people that needed help and he also provides networking connections as well as investor information, so these new startup companies are properly financed. The concept of helping young people with great ideas become future business executive caught on, and Baur’s business plan became a hit.

There is another venture that Baur believes in. Baur is a member of the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory also helps people start businesses. Baur is one of the expert members of that organization that mentors young entrepreneurs. Baur focuses on finance and basic business programs when he is mentoring.

The Swiss Startup Factory and Bainso are providing a service to Switzerland that has been needed for years. The Swiss are a creative group and many of those creations when unnoticed before Baur decided to change the way businesses get started in his homeland. 

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White Shark Media: A Reliable Marketing Partner

White Shark Media is a company that focuses on developing the marketing strategies of small to medium-sized businesses across the United States. Their goal is to optimize your sales and online presence, and it looks like most people who use their service are generally pleased with the results of the partnership.

“We’re getting a lot more sales for a lot less money each month”, says one reviewer, while another states, “In six months we have increased our conversions by 70%”. While all of these reviews are from their site, it doesn’t give you an idea of the kinds of complaints they have received or whether they learn from their mistakes.

An article from their blog goes into the kinds of complaints they have received and how they have improved due to these mistakes. One complaint they regularly received was that clients had lost touch with their adwords campaigns. It looks like these kinds of complaints led the company to more transparent communication with clients about the in’s and out’s of their campaigns.

In a Youtube video, some believed that communication wasn’t good enough, which is obviously a big problem since they are a consulting firm. Because of this, White Shark Media implemented monthly call meetings with clients. A complaint that hits close to home is that their old campaigns did better than White Shark’s optimized campaigns, which resulted in White Shark implementing the successful elements of former campaigns and making sure every SEM strategist was teamed up with a supervisor to regularly check up on the success of campaigns.

Looking through other reviews, it seems as if White Shark Media has a great company culture that values clients and the lowest employee alike. Many employees have reviewed working at White Shark and have nothing but good things to say about it.

This is an excellent sign of a healthy company that is growing responsibly. It also looks as if this company learns from its mistakes. In their Facebook page, Many new companies flounder when they begin and have a hard time keeping up with demand, but it looks like White Shark has been successful at implementing changes to improve client communication.

Based on reviews and their own stated attempts to learn from their mistakes, White Shark Media seems to be a quality company that is new but learning. Don’t be afraid to ask for a quote and inquire about the work that they do.

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Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Learns Transatlantic Flights Will Take Longer Due To Climate Change

Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães attended the United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference in Paris recently, and he learned about an interesting anomaly that other conference attendees may have already known. Transatlantic flights from the United States to Europe are shorter than they were in the past, and Europe to the U.S. flights are taking longer. The reason, according to weather scientists, is the jet stream is changing. The jet stream is changing due to excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

The United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference addresses carbon dioxide emission, and what individual nations can do to reduce those emissions. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent by the year 2100. Last year, CO2 emissions dropped 0.6 percent and that is good news, but according to Ricardo Guimarães countries like China and India need to do more to cut the CO2 their industries release into the atmosphere. Guimarães also said the UK and the United States are on the right track as far as cutting harmful emissions, but those countries and other developed nations need to do more to reach the goal in 2100.

Mr. Guimarães told the attendees that Brazil has several programs in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. There is a reforestation program in place in several cities, and there is a replanting of natural species program going on to replace plants that were destroyed by Brazilian companies. Brazil is very aware that carbon dioxide could ruin their natural beach formations, and the government is studying other ways to help those formations safe.

The people of Brazil say Ricardo Guimarães is the kind of guy that gets things done. His family bank was once known as the Land Credit Bank when his grandfather established the bank in 1930. The Land Credit Bank was one of the only banks in the state of Minas Gerais at that time. Minas Gerais is a mining state, so the Guimarães family was aware of the environmental dangers that mining causes.

Ricardo took control of the bank in 1998, and he turned the former Land Credit Bank into the nationally known BMG Bank that specializes in payroll loans. Ricardo’s marketing plan included soccer sponsorships and those sponsorships changed the way the country perceived BMG Bank.

The Paris conference opened the eyes of the presidents and heads of state that attended the meeting. Those leaders now know the Earth’s temperature is changing faster than the previous forecast. The countries that attended decided to put plans in place that penalized countries that were still polluting the atmosphere by not controlling CO2 emissions. Other ideas were discussed, and the consensus was to act and change rather than fight about whether global warming is real.