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Glen Wakeman Sets the Business Startup World Alight With His Revolutionary Ideas

Glen Wakeman is a business strategy and planning consultant and a prolific blogger on the subject of entrepreneurship. He has been cited to be the reason lots of businesses have made it in the competitive markets. Glen has a bias in his posts on fiscal issues including strategy, emerging market platforms, administration and management and other related business subjects. He is a specialist in training and mentoring executives at C-level. Some of the major contracts he has been offered include counseling for Sitter Bees and Dreamland. Glen Wakeman has an eye for innovation in business. That is why he tends to focus a lot of his discussion and business lessons around the subject. He understands the need for growth in business and the development of executive management in skills that can steer a business to perform well.


Launching a Business to Help Businesses

Glen is credited with founding a number of important organizations that have helped mentor hundreds of business startups. He is the brains behind LaunchPad Holdings, an agency that focuses on business entrepreneurs just budding out. He helps such startups to transform good business ideas into good plans that work for a business in the practical world. He does the coaching at a cost of $100 dollars. Glen Wakeman says that he discovered the need to educate many entrepreneurs about the difference between a good idea and a good plan that can work. He recounts how many business executives have asked him why their businesses failed when they were great ideas that could work, at least when viewing from theoretical windows. He says LaunchPad was a result of wanting to decipher for such people why their great ideas flopped and how a good plan would propel the same ideas to business success. He notes that the fact that there were so many people in need of such advice hinted at the idea of launched being an avenue to also generate some income for him. Glen Wakeman loves challenges. He says he derives his energy from trying to decipher the reasons behind mishaps in business.

Glen Wakeman is a well-known figure in the field of investment and business management. He has lots of experience in global business trends. He is best known for his business management training called 5-Step Performance Methodology. The program focuses on managing risk in business, the power of leadership, and carrying out the plans in business scenarios.