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International Food Company- OSI Group

In 1909 Otto Kolschowsky migrated to the United States of America from German, and there he established a meat business in Oak Park Illinois two years after his arrival. Otto worked hard in 1917 his business had grown to become a wholesale meat dealer and even he even relocated the business to Maywood which is a suburb in Chicago. In 1928, Otto named his meat business Otto&Sons. The business continued to provide quality meat to the region and the country. McDonald’s another food dealer established their first food store in Des Plaines and made Otto&Sons their main supplier of fresh beef patties. Ray Rock whoa is the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of McDonald’s formalized the deal together with Otto’s sons.

McDonald’s and Otto&Sons build a strong relationship which gave Otto&Sons an opportunity to be the main suppliers of meat for the McDonald’s. Otto&Sons continued to expand their business, and in 1973 they opened their first end meat factory which was located in West Chicago. The food factory had liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty-forming machines. At the factory, Otto&Sons established another separate unit which they named Glenmark and was responsible for folding non- McDonald’s business. Apart from delivering meat to the McDonald’s Otto&Sons also distributed meat and meat products to the area food stores. In 1975 Otto&Sons changed their name to OSI Industries. OSI Group has continued to expand their business to other areas of the world and has become an international food company.

To grow their organization, OSI Group has acquired other food companies among them Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, and Tyson Foods company. OSI Group also launched one of the largest poultry factories in China. In 2016 OSI Industries was among the food groups which were recognized and awarded several honors including Globe of Honor Award which is presented by the British Safety Council for their efforts to manage the environment. OSI Group is a premier food supplier and to deliver quality services to their clients they have partnered with other world food companies. The food firm is established on strong core value which is an entrepreneurial passion and lightness which offers state of mind and customer collaboration. OSI Group can be relied on for their fresh food and their way of turning their ideas into success.

Shervin Pishevar Tells People The Stock Market Is Not As Stable As They Believe

Try to convince someone that something they believe is true is really not. It is not an easy sell to most people. You can fight and fight with them to try to get them to see things from your prospective, but you will most likely just be howling into the wind. That doesn’t stop Shervin Pishevar from giving it a try though.

Shervin Pishevar recently went on Twitter and in a fit of explaining things went on a fifty tweet rant about the economy and how things are shaping up around it. He tried to explain to people that he does not believe that the stock market deserves to be priced as high as it is right now. He also tried to point them to the idea that Bitcoin is something that they should dump for the time being as well.

The reason some people care what Shervin Pishevar has to say about these things is because he has such a solid record of predictions in the past. He personally made himself wealthy by being an early investor in Uber. He knew that if he put money on the line with Uber that he was taking something of a risk, but he also believed that doing so would pay off for him in the long run. Therefore, he made that investment and ended up doing well with it.

Twitter is now filled with the thoughts of Shervin Pishevar as he frequently tries to tell people what he thinks about what is happening in the world. Some people love what he has to say while others are less appreciative. As long as he is right in the end, Shervin Pishevar doesn’t much care what individual Twitter followers think of his opinions. He just wants them to take it from him that he put out his opinions ahead of time and we can all sit back and wait to see what happens with them. He has taken the gamble in a sense by putting his reputation on the line every time he makes one of these economic predictions. It is literally that important when he tweets.

Robert Deignan- Using Power of Gut Feeling to Flourish

Robert Deignan believes that when wheels are always turning in his head whether on positive or negative matters his gut tells him to pay attention. Robert the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ATS Digital services a company with core mandate of helping the consumers globally with their technology matters. The services range from connectivity issues, and even general troubleshooting and the ATS Digital services offer the troubleshooting services and concerns remotely.

Robert Deignan born and grew up in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and went to Purdue University on the full football scholarship. He graduated with Organizational Leadership degree. Robert enjoyed few stints with NY Jets and also Miami Dolphins before co-founding the Fanlink Inc that was his first life entrepreneur venture. His love for sports saw Robert Deignan continue with various sporting tournaments like offshore fishing. Robert worked at Anti-Malware Software firm where he handed the technical issues by having the company software remotely installed on their client’s machines, and that’s how the idea of ATS Digital begun. The ability to help their clients remotely gave him and his partner the power, skills, connections, and knowledge needed to start their business.

The typical day of Robert Deignan started very early and proceeded to the gym working out for an hour combining cardio activity and weight training. After the gym, he attends to his son and takes few minutes in his gazebo sipping coffee and rearranging his thoughts and work coming up with different business ideas. Robert Deignan day in the office is started by analyzing the previous day’s numbers and their performances, answering questions and clearing of unfinished tasks. The day continues by having strategic meetings with his partners on the new opportunities, talking to their partners, lawyers, accountants, and employees and later Robert heads home for a quiet time with his family.

Robert Deignan states that his ideas are mostly born when disconnected from technology that is computer and phone. Robert Deignan loves enjoying nature and the outside life, and that’s how he becomes creative, and he takes the necessary notes, creates a spreadsheet and analyzing if the idea is promising.

Bob Reina: It’s All About The End Game

Whenever someone starts up a company and they have used Talk Fusion to do so, they are looking at the end game. They are looking at the finish line. That is what they are working for and that is what matters to them. They want to live an independent life where they can be happy and they don’t have anything holding them back or stopping them in their tracks. The world is their oyster, and it is all there for the taking. They are in control and they are in command for once. Once they have achieved that level of success, they are unstoppable with their company. Learn more:


Talk Fusion helps them get their company started in the first place with video emails and video chats. It is all about using video to further the brand and let people know they are out there and they need to be taken seriously. That’s a tremendous feeling for a great number of people out there. For so long, they have been in the background and people have ignored them and overlooked them. That is not going to happen anymore with Talk Fusion here now. They will be seen, heard, and they will get the attention they deserve. Bob Reina has made sure of that along with his talented team at Talk Fusion.


As a matter of fact, whenever Bob Reina gets the chance, he is always raving about his IT team and the work they have put into the technology aspect of it. The company is all about being cutting edge and staying in touch with their customers. Bob Reina is big on giving motivational speeches. First and foremost, he wants to inspire people and let them know how their lives can be changed. Second of all, he wants to get a sense of what the customers think about the product and how it has helped them and what they think can be improved on along the way as well.


Bob Reina is not going to become complacent and he is not going to become lazy just because they have had some success. As a matter of fact, that is going to serve as fuel to keep this company headed in the right direction and to keep the arrow pointing up. They know they have more they want to do and more they need to do, which is what makes this company so special and it is what makes Bob Reina so unique.

About Market America Products And How Attitude Helps Their Unfranchise Business Owners

Market America is a company that was founded in 1992 and their headquarters is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The founders of the company is Loren and JR Ridinger. Unfranchise business owners or independent contractors, are the ones who sell Market America products. Here is more information about the products they sell, as well as how the right attitude can help those who run their own Unfranchise business via Market America.

Products Offered

Products fall within numerous categories, including home & garden, health and nutrition, pet care, personal care, automotive care and weight management. Other categories they have products in are jewelry, cosmetics and water filter systems.

Unfranchised Business Owners And Keys To Success

Those who become independent distributors or Unfranchised Business owners as they are often called, will want to keep up to date with the latest Market America news and features. The right attitude matters too, which means people will want to believe that they can and will succeed with their business, as this is the right attitude to have. Jim Winkler, the vice president of sales for company, believes people have to work to be successful because they aren’t born successful. His other tips includes people should speak with their senior business partner on a weekly basis and to take part in weekly meetings and conferences.

Feel free to visit Market America’s website if you want to become an Unfranchised business owner or learn more about their products.

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JHSF is a Reliable Real Estate Firm

Are you in need of real estate education or advice? Want to find someone who can help you start your own real estate business and become successful? Perhaps you have read about JHSF and its Chief Executive Officer, José Auriemo Neto.

JHSF is a renowned company and successful real estate development and management firm. Based in Brazil, this highly recognized company has provided services to numerous clients in Brazil. The company’s CEO, José Auriemo Neto, is a knowledgeable and experienced professional and comes highly recommended in the industry.

JHSF has great expertise in the development of upscale real estate properties, including hotels, stores and residential properties. The company has been in business for many years and has a team of high qualified professionals.

José Auriemo Neto has a good understanding of residential real estate including both resale homes and new construction residential properties. He has handled numerous transactions involving single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, co-ops, vacation homes, duplexes, and high-value homes.

José Auriemo Neto also has vast experience in developing and managing commercial real estate, including hotels and offices, shopping centers, medical and educational buildings, and strip malls. Apartment buildings are often categorized as commercial. That is because they are income producing properties.

If you are considering getting into the real estate field, José Auriemo Neto can advise and guide you. Many people have consulted with José Auriemo Neto and are now running their own real estate enterprises.

Real estate is a highly lucrative field but you need proper guidance if you are serious about achieving great success. It is an industrial where any ambitious person can get started and create vast fortunes once they understand what works and what to avoid.

José Auriemo Neto works with clients to make sure they understand the various aspects of the industry and what real estate entails. He takes the time to explain things in a way that even a newbie can easily understand.

From licensing to navigating city approvals to obtaining financing, José Auriemo Neto and his team of experienced real estate professionals can help you tremendously.

Cotemor Mexico: A Giant Lying Along The Gulf Of Mexico

Cotemor S.A de C.V is a high end service company, lying along the Gulf of Mexico that prides itself in its service to the gas industry. The award winning company is known for their diversified services. The company offers transport services to their high profile clients and provide vessels that are used for recreational purposes for their clients. The company also has more than thirty years maintaining offshore for their clients. They make sure that the ores are maintained and are in great shape before they are used by the oil companies. In addition to their services, the company offers fine dining and accommodation services to their clients.



Cotemor Mexico has been described as one of the best employer in the country. The company understands that their employees are the reason behind the great service the company is able top offer their client. Due to the high risk industry, the company offers their clients frequent training sessions so as to minimize the number and chances of injury on the sites. Also the management sees to it that their clients are trained every now and then in order to advance their careers. Many employees at the company have confessed of the fair treatment by the management adding that the company allows them to enjoy the recreation facilities in the hotels.



Of course the company has been able to stand strong for all these years due to the great management and the culture built and communicated to the employees. High levels of professionalism are expected at all times from all employees. Employees are encouraged to uphold business and personal ethics at the organization at all times. This has resulted in a healthy working environment at the organization, with the human resource team have a great time as there are few cases of conflict at the organization.



Cotemor believes in sustainability and conservation of the environment. The company therefore has a strong social corporate responsibility that sees to it that the company utilizes technology that is meant to conserve the environment. Additionally, the company conducts annual training and conferences that encourage students in colleges and universities to attend. There, they are taught of the various technological advancements and encouraged to apply jobs.



Cotemor has been in the game since 1979. In those years, the company has mastered the art of customer satisfaction through provision of high quality services and their compassion for the environment and the people around.



Hussain Sajwani: A Life of Dedication and Hard Work

Hussain Sajwani is a well respected businessman who, through his own hard work and dedication, earned every bit of the billion dollar fortune he now sits on. At the age of only 3 years old Hussain began working for his father at his father’s watch and pen store. It was there that he learned about the hardships that a businessman deals with and began to form his ideas about what he wanted for his own life. While his father had hoped that he would join him in the family business, Hussain discovered that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.


Hussain earned his Bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics at the University of Washington, Seattle and then went on to become the Contracts Manager for GASCO, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). He only spent a brief period of time there before establishing his own business; Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC. This business eventually became the DAMAC Group, which is where he invests most of his energy and time now. Before this, Hussain put together DICO invest, which is an investment company that to this day holds investment portfolios of securities in numerous companies that are traded on different global markets. Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG was also built by Hussain and was eventually consolidated by strategic investments that he made in the insurance sector. Oman-based Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co SAOG along with other successful ventures were also started by Hussain before DAMAC.


DAMAC was started as a catering company in 1992 but since 2002 is known as a luxury real estate developer that provides unmatched living experiences in Dubai, UAE. As a developer of multi-million square-foot golf course communities, high-rise private apartment towers, and ‘limited edition’ living experiences, Hussain has teamed up with brands like Fendi and Bugatti, Versace, Paramount Hotels & Resorts and Donald J. Trump. A large part of his dealings with Donald Trump has been related to the golf courses that serve DAMAC’s luxury property developments. Hussain Sajwani has received high praise from Mr. Trump, who referred to him as a “very great man,” and has heaped plenty of other compliments on him, as well.