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Democratic Billionaire George Soros Won’t Give Up The Fight For Democratic Principles In Spite Of The Election

When the name George Soros is mentioned, a distinct image comes to mind. Soros is an 86-year-old Hungarian-born New Yorker. Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund investors on the planet. His personal net worth is between $29 and $32 billion, and his fortune continues to grow. published an article in July 2016 about Soros and his political donations. The article said George Soros donated more than $25 million to help Clinton and other Democrats get elected. The last time Soros donated big money to a political campaign was in 2004. Soros wanted to keep George W. out of the White House.

The 2016 election brought Soros back to the political arena on Biography. Soros and Clinton have been friends for more than 25 years. Donald Trump is not a Soros friend and never will be. Trump’s ideas conflict with the principles that Soros believes in. The Soros Open Society Foundation has helped countries around the world break free from political oppression. George Soros believes Trump represents a break-a-way from the true American Democracy. And he is willing to fight to block Trump from destroying American freedom for all regardless of race, religion, and gender. The Open Society Foundation funds more than 100 organizations around the world that fight for freedom and human rights. Soros and others think that Trump’s campaign promises will turn the United States into a watered-down version of the original Democracy. published another article that describes what Soros and other Democratic heavyweights plan to do over the next four years to stop Trump from destroying the foundation of the country. The Democratic Alliance Donor Club on Time recently met in Washington to discuss several plans to keep Trump in check. Soros is one of the founders of the Democratic Alliance.

It’s not in Trump’s interest to ignore Soros and other Democrats that can and will make his life difficult over the next four years. Soros is known as a relentless fighter for Democratic values. Human rights and freedom top the Soros list. The Republicans may have control of the Senate, Congress, and the White House, but George Soros and other Democratic leaders have the people behind them. Millions of people are nervous about a Trump presidency. Soros and other Democrats have enough political clout to keep Donald from stepping all over freedom and the concept of an open society at Soros will not stop the fight for freedom and open borders.