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Jon Urbana Is A Charity-Minded Man

Jon Urbana grew up in Denver. He was always a passionate man about the environment that he lived in. It is no wonder that he takes special care to keep it that way for a long time to come. He’s been really vocal on Twitter about this in recent weeks and it’s no surprise that Urbana’s environmental movement has caught on with his Facebook fans and almost everywhere else in America.

Jon Urbana And His Charity Work

He has launched a program, which he announced on Product Hunt and then on Slideshare, for Earth Force. This is funded through a Go Fund Me campaign. It is all about making the environment nice and clean like it has been so that the future generations can enjoy it. There are many people that back him on his want to raise awareness and get funds for the support.

Another Passion Of Jon Urbana’s Is Lacrosse

Jon Urbana loves the sport of lacrosse, and he has started a camp for younger players. At this camp, he coaches them to become the best players that he can. He is a role model for them (Jon Urbana career stats at, and he loves to teach them about the sport and being part of a team. This camp is called the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and it is known for its good work.

He Is Also Into Photography

When Jon Urbana is out and about, he always takes along his camera. Capturing the wildlife is a favorite of his. He likes to take pictures of the animals, plants and landscapes all across the countryside. Many of these can be found on Urbana’s Tumblr.

Jon Is Also A Recognized Pilot By The FAA

The FAA is the Federal Aviation Administration. They have recognized Jon Urbana as an exemplary pilot showing extreme care when he is operating a plane. This is a very high honor to achieve, and he is proud about the fact that they chose to give it to him.

Jon Urbana continues to succeed at everything that he tries. His past, present and future look to be a great success.