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How To Start Writing And Editing Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is a place where people can find information and resources on almost every subject imaginable. Any person wanting to help contribute can gladly do so very easily. There is a small little system you need to follow if you want to start writing or editing pages throughout the Wikipedia site.

Create A New Email

You want to create a brand new email. You do not want to use your own real email on this section mainly because you want to keep your identity hidden. When you sign up for a new email, keep the settings high and don’t give the page too much information.

Unique Usernames

Once the email is ready, create an account for Wikipedia by visiting here. What you need to know is that your username should not be your name.

Create Your Account

Finish creating your main Wikipedia account, and get started reading their policies and editorial guidelines. Start reading their rules and other forms of conduct to avoid future mishaps with their editors and managers who try to keep the site as professional as possible. The creation of the account can be done very easily, but once it’s all done, you can begin contributing content to Wikipedia.

Start Editing

Now it is time to start editing and providing content. Avoid writing on topics that you love. Instead, try going to topics that you know little about to make sure that you are providing real accurate information. This also helps avoid any uneasiness with the content you are providing. When you’re starting out, other editors can complain about your content. If you’re not that attached to that topic, it’ll mean nothing to you. However, if you enjoyed writing that article or making that edit, you’ll discover that you may be offended if the other editors decide to kick off the content you wrote.

Wikipedia is very much filled with a wide range of people with different opinions and ideas of what makes up a writer. Always remember that the others just want the site to be filled with factual content. Do your best and interact with the others who are out there to help you out. Wikipedia can be a fun place.

Creating Acceptable Content for Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become an indispensable resource for many. A general web search on most subjects will yield a Wikipedia article in the top few results. The crowd sourced encyclopedia did not reach this level of trust and respect without a great deal of work. Administrators, editors and users have, over time, formed a consensus of what constitutes acceptable content. The guidelines established through these efforts help ensure that the information contained in any Wikipedia article is consistent and accurate. I took a few on how to create a Wiki page from GetYourWiki and have outlined a few of these important concepts in this article.

When creating a new article or updating an existing article, we need to be sure that the facts we intend to present are true and correct. Before we begin writing, we should already have established reputable sources and citations to support our content. Collecting and organizing this information first is the best way to avoid frustration later on in the process.

Our introductory paragraph needs to be more than just fluff, it serves an important purpose. Within this brief introduction we tell the reader what the subject of the article will be and why it is important. We are establishing our reader’s perception of the entire article with these first few sentences. Ensuring that our initial paragraph is informative and effective can make a big difference in how well the rest of our piece is received. Putting an appropriate amount of time and effort into this process can also help us in structuring the main body of our content cohesively.

When we have reached the point of having our sources in place and our introductory paragraph written, it is time to begin the process of reading the materials provided on the site to help us write an acceptable article. Wikipedia articles on creating and editing content provide a detailed instruction set to help us throughout the process. A great place to start is the Wikipedia Manual of Style.