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Beneful’s Dream Dog Park Project Takes a New Shape

In celebrating their fifth year of their Dream Dog Park Program, Beneful dog food brand on walmart will be supporting dog park projects across the United States. They are looking to improve existing dog parks or help build new dog parks with community leaders by providing financial assistance, volunteers and expertise in dog parks. By supporting more dog park projects, Purina Beneful’s own Dream Dog Park Program can reach more communities across the United States. Beneful first started the Dream Dog Park Program in 2010 and was able to transform four dog parks in different parts of the country over the past four years. According to the PR Newswire, these parks have “custom features like oversized food ingredient obstacles, a first-of-its-kind tennis ball launching tree, colorful splash pads and Beneful’s signature Doxie Tunnel.” This new spin on the Dream Dog Park Program, brings the Beneful team looking for opportunities around the country to help current “organizers of dog park projects” with funding if needed, sharing knowledge about safety and materials, and working together to bring current dog parks back to life or creating a new environment for dog owners and their pets to share moments together. The Beneful team has already started a makeover in St, Louis, Mo area. The park will be renovated to “feature dog-friendly turf and a Beneful Doxie Tunnel.”