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How Classdojo Aims To Build Classroom Communities


In 2016 Classdojo raised $21 million of venture funds in order to add on to and promote their classroom community building smartphone app. The app, available on iPhone and Android, allows teachers, parents, and students a way to communicate through their phones. As an example, the app gives teachers the ability to send text, pictures, and video of work a student has done in class or to show classroom activities. This gives parents a way to stay in contact throughout the year rather than the older format of parent-teacher conferences a few times a year.  More news on


The founder of Classdojo, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, plan to use the additional funds to add content and features to the app as well as hire additional staff. One of the features they plan on adding will help parents at home support the learning their child is doing in school. Other ways they have under consideration for building out the app includes a feature where parents can pay schools through it for things like field trips and lunches.

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According to, the app has proven to be wildly popular and is now used by teachers in almost half of the schools in the United States as well as in schools in over 180 countries around the world. Teachers and parents are drawn by its ability to help foster a positive culture in the classroom and to empower them, along with the student, to build a strong educational connection.

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