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Jim Toner: For When You’re Ready To Embrace Unlimited Wealth

Jim Toner is the acclaimed Real Estate Magnet who grew up in humble conditions and set his heart, mind, eyes, hands and feet on entrepreneurship as soon as he did the math..of money ..of number of hours in a day ..of number of days in a year ..and realized there was no way for him to achieve what he wanted to accomplish for his family if he continued to work for someone else. Likewise, the math still didn’t work toward his and his family’s favor even if he worked for 3 different ‘someone else’s. Consequently, he bravely took on the Real Estate Investment (REI) challenge and quickly turned his life around for the better.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner has over a quarter of a century of experience in the real estate investment field thriving through economic downturns just as successfully as during bullish periods. His major bout with adversity was dealt to him and his family via an antithetical methodology against his sage advice to make and keep oneself attractive to the market. But he and his family members did overcome the sabotage and ultimately were better off for it.. ..better neighborhood, ..better life perspective, ..better appreciation for one another’s loyalty and a better attraction, namely his globally received book, “Jim Toner Is Dead: Manifesto.”

According to, along with investing in yourself such that others will feel eager to invest in you and buy into your business and that authorship is a keen way to reach that level, Jim shares a number of other keys to success. They fit itemized into three categories, A. Self, B. Interaction with others and C. Business management. A1. Get up early. A2. Exercise physically. A3. Reflect on your faith and your aims for the day. A4. Honestly hold yourself unto strict accountability. A5. Read often. B1. Share the breakfast meal with your loved ones. B2. While enjoying breakfast, review with one another your goals for the day, any concerns regarding possible challenges and encourage one another towards confidence. B3. Respond to and initiate communication that you need to address with those outside of your immediate home circle. B4. Make yourself available both attitudinal and presently to others who may need your interventive assistance. As Jim Toner explains it, don’t miss out on an opportunity to do well for another person because that’s the essence of why we exist. C1. Analyze your business’s statistics. C2. Assess and communicate your desire for your Company’s goals. C3. Inspire your work team. C4. Surround yourself with people who perform certain skills much better than yourself. C5. Develop more than one or two streams of income. C6. Differentiate your product or service and charge a high end price for it. C7. Know where you are positioned tax wise. C8. Delegate or outsource tasks so as to unencumber your creativity. C9. Persist knowing that setbacks are temporary and that not even an utter financial debacle signifies the end.


Rodrigo Terpins is a Successful Rally Driver and Entrepreneur

Rallying is an enchanting sport. If you want to become a rally driver, perhaps you should follow into the footsteps of Rodrigo Terpins, one of Brazil’s most talented rally drivers. Born in Sao Paulo, Terpins bagged a podium position at the 22nd edition of Sertoes Rally, one of Brazil’s largest off-road races. The race was spread across seven stages along 2,600 km. With his partner Fabricio Biachini, Terpins competed in the Prototypes T1 category where they seized a podium finish and ranked position 8 out of the 38 teams that competed in the race. Regarding their performance, Terpins said to register the excellent performance, his team consisted of ten members who gave their best to ensure they bagged a rewarding performance. Nevertheless, they had difficult specials and a pleasant test that propelled them towards their win.


Background Information


Terpins hails from a sports-oriented family. Jack Terpins his father is a successful businessman who used to play basketball for Hebraica in the 70’s. Also, Rodrigo’s father is always passionate about helping the youth to contribute to sports. Therefore, it is no surprise that Rodrigo Terpins is a rally driver. Besides, his brother Michel Terpins is also a dedicated rally driver for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Moreover, Michel Terpins has equally been successful at rallying. Not only does he help his team to train for upcoming competitions but also the impending challenges. Check out





Besides being a rally driver, Terpins is the managing director of T5 Participacoes. He has been serving this company for about ten years. Also, he is the operations director of Lojas Maria and has been part of the company for about 16 years. Perhaps it is crucial to note that his duties revolve around management, electronic commerce, planning, and commercial automation. Furthermore, he works in the sector of real estate.


The Outline


From the look at his career, Rodrigo Terpins uses key ingredients to succeed in his rallying career. For instance, determination and resilience are two of the most outstanding aspects of his career. As such, he hopes to continue participating in upcoming competitions.


Robert Deignan- Using Power of Gut Feeling to Flourish

Robert Deignan believes that when wheels are always turning in his head whether on positive or negative matters his gut tells him to pay attention. Robert the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ATS Digital services a company with core mandate of helping the consumers globally with their technology matters. The services range from connectivity issues, and even general troubleshooting and the ATS Digital services offer the troubleshooting services and concerns remotely.

Robert Deignan born and grew up in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and went to Purdue University on the full football scholarship. He graduated with Organizational Leadership degree. Robert enjoyed few stints with NY Jets and also Miami Dolphins before co-founding the Fanlink Inc that was his first life entrepreneur venture. His love for sports saw Robert Deignan continue with various sporting tournaments like offshore fishing. Robert worked at Anti-Malware Software firm where he handed the technical issues by having the company software remotely installed on their client’s machines, and that’s how the idea of ATS Digital begun. The ability to help their clients remotely gave him and his partner the power, skills, connections, and knowledge needed to start their business.

The typical day of Robert Deignan started very early and proceeded to the gym working out for an hour combining cardio activity and weight training. After the gym, he attends to his son and takes few minutes in his gazebo sipping coffee and rearranging his thoughts and work coming up with different business ideas. Robert Deignan day in the office is started by analyzing the previous day’s numbers and their performances, answering questions and clearing of unfinished tasks. The day continues by having strategic meetings with his partners on the new opportunities, talking to their partners, lawyers, accountants, and employees and later Robert heads home for a quiet time with his family.

Robert Deignan states that his ideas are mostly born when disconnected from technology that is computer and phone. Robert Deignan loves enjoying nature and the outside life, and that’s how he becomes creative, and he takes the necessary notes, creates a spreadsheet and analyzing if the idea is promising.

Jason Hope and the End to Age-Related Disease

Jason Hope is a philanthropist that is a pioneer in anti-aging. Jason is a man to be admired for everything he has done to fight aging because he wants to enhance the quality of life for all humanity. He not only wants anti-aging to be reversed for a particular group of people, but he also wants the technology to be available to everyone.

Jason Hope does not want to stop aging because of how it makes people look. In fact, he wants to end all of the harsh impacts that occur during aging. As a person ages, their bones become brittle which makes them more susceptible to injuries. Due to the effects of aging, recovery will more than likely take much longer or not happen entirely. Then the individual loses their quality of life. It is not fair when aging can be stopped. That is only the beginning as aging opens the door for age-related illnesses such as cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis. He mainly supports the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is located in Mountain View, California and owns its laboratories and conducts its research. The purpose of the foundation is to change the way age-related disease is treated. As of now, health systems treat these illnesses with medication that only aim to control the symptoms. At times, the drugs can cause more problems than the diseases.

That is why it is so important that health systems begin to treat, diminish, and prevent age-related illnesses. It is just as essential that they make the treatments available to everyone. Part of what the SENS Foundation is currently working on is repairing living cells in the human body.

If successful, it will prevent the harsh effects of aging altogether. Jason Hope supports the foundation because he especially believes in their strategies to cure diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Both are diseases that limit an individual’s ability to care for themselves. Jason continuously supports the foundation because he believes that their research is going to open doors for curing the human body of aging and preventing these diseases from developing.

The truth is that life is hard. People worry, get sick, and battle depression every day. However, as they get older, the effects of these things on their bodies can start to show. It is not fair for people to suffer in this manner which is why it is a miracle that there are people like Jason Hope that are making a difference in aging research.

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The Contribution of Jason Hope Towards the Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur with a great passion for giving back to his community. Jason has been a significant contributor to the SENS Research Foundation where he gives his contribution to the expansion of anti-aging research. SENS is an organization that is non-profit that solely depend on the support from scientists, investors that are passionate as well as the researchers. The main aim of the foundation is to develop the medicine that will aid in battling aging effects where the co-founder Aubrey de Grey who is the chief science officer leads the team.

Jason Hope offered a donation of $500,000 towards the SENS Research Foundation back in 2010. The contribution was significant to SENS since the Cambridge SENS laboratory was constructed; moreover, new research programs were introduced. Through the interview, he said that the donation that he did to SENS was due to the innovation and initiative of the Foundation in combating aging. The SENS Research Foundation concentrate on finding the cure for the diseases that affect the body of the person leading to aging faster. Some of the diseases to find the cure for comprises of lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, Jason Hope is a great philanthropist that was born in Arizona and attended Arizona State University and earned a bachelor degree in finance. Jason Hope furthered his education and received MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. From there he becomes famous due to his excellent achievement in business, and he has been providing mentorship to students and other entrepreneurs so that they can become successful in their endeavors.
As a philanthropist, Jason Hope has been giving donations generously to organizations and more so towards the anti-aging research. The main passion of the Jason is to ensure that there is a cure for the adverse effects of aging and that is why he offers his donations to the willing organizations that focus towards the research. Besides, he is futuristic that primary focus is on the innovation and that has made him have a significant interest towards the smart technology.

Jason Hope also talks about the Internet of Things and is urging lots of companies to have a high concentration on the way they offer services to their customers. The Internet of Things increases the relationship between the company and the customer since the customer’s services are improved. So that companies can have better customers services needs to implement the smart technology in their firms.

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Becoming Part of the Entrepreneurial Spirit At OSI Group

Many people love the idea of being an entrepreneur. People feel compelled to explore the world of business and see what they can contribute to it. Such was the case with a young man many decades ago. Otto Kolschowsky was a man who knew he could make a difference in the world. As the founder of OSI Group, he was a man with a vision. Today, his vision still informs the world. His original company has grown by leaps and bounds. Those who work at OSI Group are pleased to be part of a company that was started by someone who had a sense of how much he could change the world around her. The world he saw as a young man is still very much alive now. People who are looking for a job can find it at his company and find a great career that allows them to unleash their personal entrepreneurial spirit at the same time.

Devoted to Quality

Those at OSI Group today are just as devoted to quality as founder. They know that people around the world are looking for delicious food they can enjoy as they relax with a cup of coffee and take a break during their afternoon break. At this company, people work hard to provide it for them. The company offers many kinds of products that suppliers can purchase. They take raw materials and turn them into something very tasty. From products like meatloaf that make a full meal to other raw ingredients that are only lightly processed, people can pick and chose from a group of great food options every single day. People who want to be part of this Aurora, IL headquartered company can participate in the quality vision espoused by Chief Operating Officer and President David G. McDonald.

New Outlets

Every single year, the company continues to expand in many new markets. People who want to work here can find openings both in the company’s offices in the United States and many other locations such as The Netherlands and India. As the company continues to grow, such openings are only expected to expand and increase allowing for even further opportunities for personal growth and for career expansion. The right employee with the right kind of qualifications can learn to quickly take advantage of the possibilities they can find when they decide to join this vastly expanding company.

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For Susan McGalla, The Woman Card Is Off The Table

While women entrepreneurs and innovators are not always at the front cover of Forbes magazine, there are many that deserve credit for bringing new ideas to certain industries and running companies successfully for many years. One such woman is Susan McGalla who founded P3 Executive Consulting in Pittsburgh and is also the Director Of Creative Strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan merchandising department. McGalla certainly looks back at each company she’s led with a great sense of accomplishment, but when it comes to her being a woman that’s done it, she’s kept that card off the table.

She was once asked about what it was like to be one of the few women presidents of a big company. What she told the media outlet who asked that was that she only looked at it as being the accomplishment of a person, and that it was never ever about doing something a woman never had done. The media outlet was pretty surprised at that answer, yet McGalla really has always lived by that standard of never using a gender card to get promotions because it runs against everything her parents taught her. And she continues to preach the same thing to young women who she speaks to at various gatherings.

Susan McGalla grew up in a small town known in East Liverpool, OH and says right from an early age that she often was out working with her older brothers on the farm. She studied business at Mt. Union College and from there worked several years as a merchandising officer for the Joseph Horne Company. She took some creative ideas she gleaned from there to American Eagle Outfitters next, and at that company had so much success introducing new product ideas that she was promoted to head Chief Merchandising Officer and company president where she stayed until 2009. One accomplishment she does look at during her time there is bringing some fashion lines that have brought more women customers to the retailer. In addition to her work at P3 Executive Consulting and the Steelers’ merchandise department, she also is on the Board of Trustees at Mount Union.

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Todd Lubar the Real Estate Expert on Why Baltimore is a City on the Rise

Todd Lubar is the founder and the chairman of TDL ventures which has offices in New Jersey. He attended Sidewall Friends high school and then graduated in 1995 With a B. A in speech communication from Syracuse University.Todd began his career in the finance and credit industry, and after 20 years Todd began TLD global ventures. He has worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation and legacy financial group and Maryland Legacy financial office and helped move their loan portfolio to 100million dollars. He later was the senior vice president of charter funding. Todd also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary investment.

Todd, through a recent interview, shares insights on real estate In Baltimore which he says is known as Charm City.Todd says one of the most noticeable trends is the converting of older buildings and historical landmarks building into apartments. The building hosting the Bank of America is one such building. Todd also says that Baltimore has become a destination for the millennials due to its cheaper cost of living compared to other cities. Todd explains that Baltimore remains a residence of many recent graduates and young professionals looking to buy their first homes. Check out LinkedIn for more.

According to Todd the influx of young professionals into the city and the fact that it has a friendly for companies that are just starting has enhanced growth in real estate.Other factors such as a supportive community have led to increasing demand for full-service housing. The harbor East attracts young professional’s due to its top-quality shopping and dining options. Todd notes that there are a lot of condominium and apartment options available though they are expensive. There are a lot of construction taking place to increase the number of condominiums. Todd also notes that business grows fast around the areas of east Harbor making the area prime. For more details visit Patreon to see more.

Todd also notes that the city government is also keen to expand the public transportation to cater for the increase in population and to make it friendlier. The transport expansion will also enable the metropolitan areas to grow faster as the dwellers can easily access the town. Baltimore has steadily grown due to the various initiatives that have taken place, and this has also grown the real estate industry.

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The Life and Times of Eric Pulier

There are not many people today under the age of fifty who can boast about their wide array of accomplishments; not the least of which are two successful start-ups and the founder of a special needs camp. Not many can say they worked with Bill Clinton, a well-known man in his own right, on how to best help the educational needs of disabled children. Eric Pulier, however, can boast on all of these things and more. He could, but he won’t; because his kind heart is even bigger than his genius brain, in the end.


Before he even graduated high school, Pulier was already programming computers and working on getting himself into Harvard University. Though his skill in technology was impressive, Eric majored in English and American Literature and went on to become the author of ‘Understanding Enterprise SAO’. Puller is on no less than five company boards, all of which he helped make successful. He hasn’t even hit fifty yet and he’s already affiliated in some way with twelve companies and counting.


Pulier is seen as one of the most successful entrepreneurs the world. He was a major player in making sure the company XPrize had a hugely successful start-up and future, as well as founding the SOA software company, Akana. These two companies couldn’t have survived without Pulier’s genius technological fields and his knowledge on entrepreneur projects.


Yet, Eric doesn’t just have his fingers in the meat of the business world. He’s also involved in several charities and organizations, some of which he founded himself, to help underprivileged and special needs children with their educational needs. More than even that, however, he’s always been focused on making children with disabilities’ lives easier and creating new and fun activities and camps for them to attend to get the most out of life.


Pulier has a mind rivaled only by those decades older than him, but he has the heart of someone able to look around and relate to the younger generation. These two combined are what make him such a successful and exciting face to see in the business and start-up world.



Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and CO-founder of the technology company Tempus. This company has created an operating system that is built to fight cancer. Having donated millions of dollars towards cancer research he is notably passionate about curing cancer. He is also the co-founder and chairman of the global e-commerce marketplace Groupon. Graduated from the University of Michigan and receiving his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.
Working quietly through Lightbank, Tempus has been “building the infrastructure to modernize cancer treatment”. Lefkofsky’s amount of day-to-day participation with Tempus is unknown at this moment, having not responded to emails. Tempus is building the largest operating system worldwide to help cure cancer. They are providing physicians the tools needed to personalize cancer treatment for the individual patient through an “interactive analytical machine learning platform”. These tools are able to learn and grow as more data is obtained. They are collecting allotted amounts of data from each patient to make the treatment for every new coming patient easier and easier. Tempus has assembled one of the most advanced teams of physicians today. has more of this.
Lefkofsky is also the author of the business development book Accelerated Disruption. This is a sure guide on how to leverage a smart idea to quickly grow into the successful business it can one day be. Lefkofsky focuses a great length on the businesses he has built and how they have brought something different and unique to the market today. The chapters within will take you through the process to create a successful disruptive business. Following Lefkofsky’s social media we can see he is actively working to find new technology and new ways to treat patients in the modern day. He blogs about how today’s technology has created so many scientific breakthroughs within healthcare. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most well known Entrepreneurs in Chicago, having also founded Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake– the startup led by CO-founder of Groupon Brad Keywell. More at

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