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Feeding The World Is OSI Group Goal

There are 7.5 billion humans on Planet Earth and the numbers continue to climb. The OSI Group out of Aurora, Illinois has a wealth of experience providing healthy, tasty food to the citizens of the world. It might have the secret to making sure everyone is fed properly.

OSI Feeds the World

Since 1909, OSI Industries has provided high-quality meat, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish and poultry to the customers of global restaurants. It all started with Otto Kolschowsky in Oak Park, Illinois. He created the Otto Sons company, which would eventually become the OSI Group.

One of the key innovations of the OSI Group was the use of nitrogen to freeze the meat. This gained the attention of McDonalds, which has developed a long fruitful relationship with OSI Industries, ever since.

Increasing Healthiness Meal by Meal

There is plenty of food on Planet Earth to go around. Many of the problems with feeding the hungry involves transportation, storage and preservation. Over time, OSI has expanded to 16 countries with 20,000 employees.

All of this success has led to Forbes ranking OSI as the 58th most important private food company in America. OSI has $6.1 billion in revenue in 2016. It has keep climbing over the years, purchasing a Tyson plant in Illinois recently.

With its range of food products, record of success and innovative food preservation techniques, the OSI Group has a lot to offer the global food industry. It is an award-winning brand in the UK. It hopes that American restaurant brands will continue to gain traction around the world.

The world needs to have everyone well-fed. Those in the food industry hold the secret to making this a reality. From the Heart of the Midwest to restaurants around the world, the OSI Group prepares meals that keep people happy, healthy and satisfied. The sky is the limit – the world is fed by the enterprising OSI Group.

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