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Lovaganza is the mother of all foundations aimed at bringing together the entire globe. She has worked towards the development of peace, harmony, love and unity amongst all races. She has a passion for promoting equality amongst all humanity despite the geographical differences and different levels of hardships in various locations.

The primary objective of Lovaganza is, therefore, to lessen the extent of suffering amongst people in less developed areas and increase their self-confidences as they interact with people from the developed regions.

Lovaganza is achieved through a thorough evaluation of the existing problems and intelligent decision making on what could be rectified. Several programs have been designed for the achievement of these objectives; provision of basic needs to children, food, clothing, and shelter, provision of quality health services and migration of children from the war-infested areas to peaceful regions of psychological stability.

Lovaganza excelled in peace promotion through the development of films capturing actors from different areas and showcasing different themes. The act of combining has helped in peace promotion programs between people from the different regions. The films are a great attraction to people as the topics evoke the memories of the people and indirectly lead to the creation of connections between them.

Sharing of cultures from different nations creates a beautiful scene where people meet to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of their partners. Each party will always have something interesting and unheard of by the others. The uniqueness of Lovaganza will, therefore, enlighten their souls to participate in the events of the other.

Music is a great source of entertainment, harmony, and education. They have been used as a tool for calming wavering situations. It is the mix of the culture and music that people will enjoy the company of the other. Events henceforth planned for such activities will be eagerly awaited. Dance surpasses all items of entertainment and will be the greatest healer of the most painful wounds and rifts amongst people.

Parties have a lot to learn from each other hence the thirst to be part of and learn what the other people experience and enjoy. The sharing of these entertainment objects will strengthen the bond between nations thus global prosperity. It is through the exchange of music, dance, and culture that citizens will be fully involved physically, mentally and emotionally. Situations like these leads to softening of hearts in cases where grudge existed, gradually emerges of relationships between people and within no time, permanent elimination of differentiating factors.

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