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Healthy Aging Medical Centers- Dr. Dov Rand

Allopathic medical doctor, bioidentical hormone specialist, owner of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, all descriptions which fit one man being that of Dr. Johanan Dov Rand. Dr. Dov Rand has been the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers practice since 2010. He has contributed to the acclaim the practice has gotten due to their integrated regenerative therapy approach as he is a big supporter of regenerative medicine. His application of regenerative medicine in being tasked to cure aging-deficits is able to help many people year-round with problems ranging from obesity to various hormone and nutrient deficiencies. This therapy is vital to combat aging in Dr. Rand’s patients. Ultimately the course of treatment allows patients integrated support for a holistic method of treatment.

The course of treatment which Dr. Rand takes in treating his aging patients is revolutionary. He combines aspects of hormone level regulation, nutrition, and exercise in order to attempt to assist his patients with the detriments of aging. Ultimately this allows for his patients to gain energy, strength, and stamina. In addition to these benefits his therapy methods also allow for a decreased risk of cancer amongst patients, as well as the lowering of cholesterol and the susceptibility to heart diseases. The method which specifically contributes to these benefits is that of his bioidentical hormone regulation. This is one of Dr. Rand’s specialties which is what separates his method in combatting aging from that of others. His services are able to both males and females and can address problems from aging such as weight gain and other general effects, as well as that such as menopause in women and andropause in men. All-together Dr. Rand’s contributions to the field of healthcare, in terms of anti-aging treatment are revolutionary. They have allowed for many advances in regenerative medicine. From hormone balancing therapies as methods of combatting aging to that of exercising and nutrient therapies. Dr. Dov Rand has been vital to the anti-aging market. His contributions have helped his patients stay healthy and fit while experiencing detriments due to aging. Ultimately his company, Healthy Aging Medical Centers has allowed him to make the advances in the field of regenerative medicine which have changed so many patients lives.