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Drew Madden Is Leading The Way in Healthcare Technology Consultants

An experienced healthcare IT entrepreneur, Drew Madden cares about his clients and works hard to ensure that he has built trusting partnerships. He is passionate about creating teams that are high caliber as well as unique. Drew first joined Nordic Consulting Partners back in 2010. From 2011 to 2016, Drew served as the president of Nordic. This is the largest consulting company and they have multiple awards from KLAS because of their consulting excellence. They have a #1 rank for their services from 2012 to 2014.

It was during Drew’s presidency that he was able to grow the company from 10 employees to 725. The business went from 3 clients to over a hundred. Their annual revenue prior to Drew becoming president was just at a million dollars and since then, the business now carries an annual revenue of $130,000,000. Before Drew started at Nordic, he worked alongside other high tech individuals at Ingenex which is a subsidiary for the United Healthcare Group. He worked here as their Epic consultant.

Drew Madden first started out in the healthcare IT field with Cemer Corporation. He has his bachelors in the industrial engineering field and his primary focus is in the medical systems field from the University of Iowa of the College of Engineering.

A new healthcare consulting firm that is adopting the Epic Systems digital record keeping is making a name for themselves with the help of Drew Madden. The former president is working to make a major Madison healthcare startup a big success.

The Madison based business execs first made the announcement on LinkedIn and was announced by the Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madison is known for their workers through Nordic, Sagaicious and Bluetree. They specialize in the electronic medical records consultations and most of their employees are heavily staffed by the former Epic employment firms.

Drew’s hope is that even though they are considered to be a advisory firm, they hope to also provide assistance for the healthcare technology portion as well. He hopes that this business will be more than just consultants for healthcare technology.

Brian Torchin is on the Move to Create Better HealthCare for Patients

Health Care is one of the most important parts of this world. Many people do not have the greatest health and need much help, however, most of these people don’t have many funds to pay for their Health Care either, which makes it extremely hard to provide help for these types of people today.

However, there is a certain man out there who is going around making healthcare agencies in different places like Delaware, Florida, and Philadephia. This man is known as Brian Torchin. Brian Torchian is a healthcare professional who is trying to widen his services in order to help the many who are suffering today. Torchin understands that Health Care can also be very expensive, so he is also trying to lower the prices of his services.

As said before, Brian Torchin is a HealthCare professional who is trying to expand his services around the world. Torchin started as a professional physician of chiropractic practice, however, he expanded his knowledge and found out more about Health Care by lots of research and studying.

After much research, Torchin decided that it would be best if he could provide is clientele with the best and most affordable services and staff possible. Torchin created his own staffing agency known as the Health Care Recruitment Counselors. In this company, Torchin works long and hard to find the best people who can provide the best health care services as staff members in different health work positions.

Torchin wants to make sure that patients can have confidence that their HealthCare is efficient and carries great staff members who can truly satisfy their needs.

Currently, to this day, Brian Torchin and his employees are still working very hard in his staffing agency, trying to find the best workers for the HealthCare world. Torchin does admit that it can be very hard finding the most efficient staff members out there, but he does try his best to get it done and he has seen a big improvement in the response of patients with HealthCare.

Brian Torchin is a determined, caring, and understanding man who only wants the best for patients out there because their health always comes first, so it is important to always serve them immediately.

Torchin is also expanding his staffing agency and creating more agencies around the world, like in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Florida. He plans to continue to expand to help more people.

Overall, as said before, Health Care is a very important part of the world today and thankfully, there are people out there like Brian Torchin, who help to make Health Care even better for those who need it.