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Finding Hope With Healthy Dog Food

I am going to be a new dog owner soon. While I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, there is so much I have to learn. I decided that what matters most right now is food. I mean come on we all have to eat, right?
I do not shy away from wikipedia research. The more you know, as they say. I ran into this great article about healthy dog food. Before reading this, I had no idea there were so many choices out there. This is so exciting.

These dog food companies are doing so much. There’s healthy dog food that sounds so delicious. I’m almost jealous. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say my new puppy is going to eat way better than I am. I don’t know if I should have admitted that, I should look into that. With the different varieties of flavors, I’m sure my puppy is going to love it.

I’m really liking what Beneful has to offer on their amazon page. They have a dry food mix made just for puppies. But that’s not all. I don’t know what type of food my dog is going to like, be it wet or dry, there is still so much to choose from. There’re these Incredibites treats (, for small dogs, and this would be great for my puppy. With proteins like salmon, beef and chicken, and ingredients like wild rice, I can’t go wrong. Oh, and they have dental sticks, for the doggy breath issue. I’m confident that when the time comes, we will be all set in the food department and the health department too.

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