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George Soros – Political & Social Influence and Philanthropic Activities

George Soros was born in Hungary in the year 1930 amid the pro-Nazi Hungarian organization before he escaped to London for studies and later returned to America. In London, Soros held hands with the London School of Economics where he operated as a server and railroad master and from that point, he began his financial vocation with the merchant bank. As featured in Politico, over the past years, Soros together with other rich liberals spent thousands of dollars to support various political candidates of their choice. One of the examples is supporting of Hillary Clinton against the previous President Bush and besides against the present President Trump. Regardless, Soros was not a famous supporter of US administrative matters until in the year 2004 where he gave $23,581,000 to different Groups. Visit to know more about George.

On charitable issues, Soros has funded global exercises to help in supporting drug policy reforms. Soros philanthropic financing efforts entail reinforcing serene democratization that involves post-Soviet states touching mostly on Eastern & Central Europe, and generally, happen through Open Society Foundations. In the past, it involved Open Society Institute (OSI) and National Soros Foundations. As demonstrated by Washington Times, Soros fiscally bolstered the Ferguson campaigns where he funded the team which involved activists with $33 million.

George Soros has been an unmistakable general supporter of different establishments and benchmarks fighting for human rights over the last 30 years. His magnanimous Association (Open Society Foundations) offers assistance to democracies and human rights in over 100 nations. In New York, the hedge fund director is a champion among the persuasive people in the world. From the mid-1980s especially, Soros utilized his colossal impact to help reconfigure the political scenes of various countries around the globe.

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Soros started his charitable activities in the year 1979, by offering stipends to dark South Africans while using politically-approved racial isolation. In the year 1980s, he assisted with propelling the open ideas sharing in the Communist Eastern Bloc. The scanners contributed by Soros helped various groups in writing their contents. After the Berlin Wall falling, Soros fabricated the Central European University and financed the social businesses between the Eastern and Western Europe. Henceforth, he took a basic part in helping the Soviet society that had impacted him some time back. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

After the end of Cold War, Soros continued with his philanthropic efforts in different continents including Africa, Asia and the United States where he reinforced a wide variety of new endeavors to outline more clear, capable and democratic societies. Besides, George Soros is among the leading criticizers of the drug business. For some time now, Soros has offered support to legitimate advisors and paralegals addressing many unlawfully captured people. To date, his political effect has continued having a more prominent effect within the United States and even the whole world.

Thor Halvorssen Is Fighting For Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 to aid in the liberation of political prisoner and obtaining basic human rights for those oppressed by corrupt dictators and governments. Thor’s family is no stranger to political oppression. In fact, that is what spurred him to become so involved in the movement.

Tracing back to his grandfather who was a consul to Venezuela from Norway during WWII, his family has been fighting for human rights and unfortunately paying the price for other’s freedoms and basic human rights. His grandfather Oystein diverted Norway’s fleet of merchant ships to ports located in Venezuela during the German invasion of his homeland. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

He is also related via his mother to Venezuela’s first president. Both of which fought for the country’s independence and helped to separate from Spanish rule. His heritage is a blend of Venezuelan and Norwegian but he finds more close ties to Norway because of the tyrannical government in place in Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen takes fighting for human rights very seriously. He can be found up at all hours of the night contemplating how he can make to world a better place for those that have no voice. He has gone to other countries to negotiate the release of prisoners and has even gone undercover to speak with those held captive.

Thor was born March 9, 1976. He attended the University of Pensylvania and is not only an activist but also a film producer. He has many notable films under his belt and also is a news contributor to Fox. Thor Halvorssen’s opinions have also been featured in the country’s top newspapers.

Thor Halvorssen is an incredibly visible figure in the human rights movement and works tirelessly to make the world a better place for everyone that lives in it.