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Goettl Merges With Other HVAC Companies

In a recent article that was released by PR Newswire, Goettl Air Conditions was pleased to announce that it was merging with Paradise Air as well as Las Vegas Air. This merger was responsible for creating an additional twenty employees as well as another fifteen trucks to the business. The merger is effectively merging companies that operate through different corners of the market. Paradise air serves the rental market as well as multi-family homes. Las Vegas air is mostly just a residential service. The merger means that Goettle can continue to grow and add locations to their services area.


These HVAC companies are run by second-generation owners that take great pride in their work. The owner of Las Vegas Air, Stephen Gamst said he decided to partner with Goettl because he liked the direction that the company was progressing in and he grew up knowing the owner Ken Goodrick. Both of their fathers were HVAC owners in the same area. He felt that they would be able to do great things together. Goodrich bought Goettl in 2013 and moved the company to Las Vegas in 2016. The company has seen a five hundred percent growth in one year.


In 1926 the Goettl brothers began their business and then moved out West to the Phoenix area to find work during the Great Depression. Once the business was established the Goettl brothers gained international fame for creating evaporative coolers. The brothers became inventors and held over one hundred patents at one time.The company continued to expand and grow and Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is now considered on of the largest providers of comfort systems in homes in the area. They have seen incredible growth in the last few decades and with the recent merger there can only be good things on the horizon for everyone.