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Securus Technologies Advocates for Ethical Business Practices by Shaming GTL

Breaches in integrity can cause significant damage to the reputation of a business or the entire industry. To avert this case, Securus Technology recently unveiled a plan to shame Global Tel Link (GTL) for its integrity breaches in its line of operations as an inmate communications provider. In a report by PR Newswire Securus Technologies intends to release a series of articles, reports, findings as well as facts pertaining Global Tel Link. In line with its intentions, it released its first report.

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As a leader in the particular industry,Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer expressed his personal and industry disappointment in GTL’s actions. Richard A. Smith cited that the business mission of his company goes beyond simply making money. It significantly involves providing satisfactory customer services to all its clientele including family members, inmates, correction facilities and law enforcement agencies.

The First Release

The release revolves around the actions or wrongdoings of Global Tel Link during its provision of outbound telecom solutions or services to numerous inmates incarcerated at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The report, which was filed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission in a 17-page report dubbed Order No.U-20784-B, was dated January 21, 1998.The wrong doings include:

The investigation reports show that GTL participated in the deliberate programming of the clocks involved in timing the call duration for its telephones. GTL added several seconds to the call duration.

It also charged higher rates. This was done under GTL’s PSC rate caps or tariffs. Further, it added charges to calls made by its customers, especially after the rating of calls. This unauthorized activity was also accompanied by double billing practices on single calls.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the largest provider of civil and criminal justice technology services involved in monitoring, corrections, investigation and public safety. It boasts of a large clientele in North America, which includes more than 1200000 inmates. Early this year, it accomplished BBB accreditation as well as becoming an A+ rated company.

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