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White Shark Allows Clients To See AdWords Campaign Process Every Step Of The Way

If you are really good at what you do then you don’t have anything to hide. Take an artisanal baker, for instance. If you are a great baker and you use only the freshest, most inviting ingredients then you may want to make your baking a display in your store. Putting up viewing windows or installing an open kitchen in your bakery would allow people to watch. They would star in mouthwatering awe as you decorated a cake or whipped up the ingredients for a delicious frosting. The baking process itself would be a draw and help your bakery’s sales. You are good at what you do and you don’t have anything to hide.

But now think of a processed foods plant that creates cakes in a factory. The giant vats and the chemical laden, processed foods aren’t all that appetizing. That company would now want customers touring their plant and that company would fight against food labeling laws in a effort to hide certain ingredients. They definitely have something to hide.

Both of these vendors are trying to sell you cake. One would love to show you how it is done and the other tries to hide the cake making process from you. Which would you chose? I think the choice if pretty clear.

That type kind, friendly, transparent business practice is what White Shark Media offers to its clients, but instead of cake they are selling effective AdWords campaigns to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Instead of hiding behind the confusing technical jargon of the internet, they offer an “open kitchen” type of customer service. They give you the keys to your own tracking software that tells you in real time just how well the campaign is going. They give you a communications representative with their own extension that is always available for questions, recommendations and criticism. They communicate to you in laymen’s terms the intent of their campaign strategies before they implement them so you know exactly where your business is headed online. And they update you every month through a virtual meeting.

This has all come about over the years as White Shark Media has listened to criticism from clients. Instead of getting negative about it, the Adwords company turned the criticism into a positive business model with full transparency, and this serves the client well.

You essentially get to see your campaign being made. White Shark Media hides nothing from you so you see every ingredient that is put into your campaign. And when you know all the ingredients, you know if the product will be worthy of your business. Some companies create their campaigns in secret behind closed doors, but White Shark puts their good work on display.

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