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Research Ad Fraud with Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has an impressive background and education in the field and has developed a great reputation. He is best known for selling his research. His penchant for finding information and putting it into compiled research papers is to be commended. Sahm Adrangi has been in the business for over 9 years and continues to impress people with his stock market research. He focuses on long-term value investments and special situations.

Kerrisda Capital uses several means to publish the research that they do. At a recent presentation on ad fraud Sahm listed the sites that they use most frequently for posting the research to be shared. Social media and the Kerrisdale website are the two main platforms used to promote the articles and presentations that are compiled and publishes. The presentation had some great points consistent with hi company’s outlook and business savvy ways. Sahm Adrangi discussed Chinese fraud and how fraud can be a good thing when used for a positive thing. He goes on to explain that fraud combines an element of social good within a short activism. The advertisers are being targeted not the consumer in this instance. The advertisers do not get the information out there but do see that the ads are being viewed. However, they might not be being viewed by humans. They might be viewed by computers or by bots.

In conclusion, the presentation was informative and enlightening in that it brought to light ad fraud awareness. The research and meticulous findings in this presentation represent how the company works and shows the need for a company that is focusing on short activism. Sahm Adrangi is assisting the public in being aware of real ideas and news subjects. Performing the research and verification of the “fake” news and news sites that publish wrong information is bringing this issue to light.

Greensky Credit Is Changing Financing For Home Improvement Projects

What results when you combine the best of finance ideas and new technologies? The answer is a financial technology company such as GreenSky Credit. It is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill financing company. It uses the power of technology to make financing more widely available and easier than ever before.

David Zalik built GreenSky Credit from the bottom up over the course of many years. He is a true entrepreneur who had encountered many ups and downs in his business career. The still relatively young entrepreneur lost a lot of money in real estate, but that did not deter him from trying a new venture in the world of financing.

His idea to use technology and finance together ultimately culminated in what is now a billion-dollar company called GreenSky Credit. The company has a simple mission. It is to leverage the power of technology to make financing home improvement projects faster and easier than before.

GreenSky Credit improves upon traditional financing methods for projects by allowing financing applications to be completed on the go. This means people can complete an application for a home improvement directly on the smartphone. There is no need to complete page after page of paperwork. One can easily complete everything needed for a financing loan on his or her smartphone thanks to Greensky’s online and mobile-friendly application.

GreenSky also saves people a tremendous amount of time when applying for loans. The typical loan process can be very lengthy. GreenSky Credit’s application can be completed in as little as 90 seconds. The approval or rejection of your loan application is just as fast. You often get a response right away on whether you were approved for a loan or not. There are a few rare instances where some more information must be collected. This will not apply to the vast majority of applicants, however.

David Zalik has brilliantly blended together a time-tested financial product with the power of technology in his financial technology company called GreenSky. Homeowners benefit from the easy and quick approval process. Contractors also benefit because they can now offer loans to their clients right on the spot. They can also act as a salesman to help improve the experience of their customers and their own bottom line as well.

Investment Banking Has Defined Areas of Banking Services

Investment banking is a banking type that has become very popular. People see movies about Wall Street and hear about the excitement that is involved with investment banking, which increases the popularity of investment banking even more. While movies and word of mouth information is great for building popularity, the actual role that investment banking serves in the banking community is real and important.


One of the reasons why investment banking is important in the banking industry is because investment banking provides various banking services that cannot be found in most banks. The typical local bank cannot provide the services that are offered by an investment bank. In structure and organization, investment banks are specialized banks that provide many specialized banking services.


Investment banks can be as specialized as a banking type because of the structure of investment banks. Investment banks are designed with three areas of banking concentration. Each area serves an important role in the overall operations of an investment bank. However, all areas are not needed in an investment bank for an investment bank to operate properly.


The areas are structured to provide the banking services that will be provided by investment banks. Therefore, each investment bank can determine what area or areas will be utilized at an investment bank. For investment banks in specific areas, certain investment banking services maybe more popular than other banking services. With this as an indicator, investment banks in different areas may select the areas of investment banking that will be utilized in the banks based on banking service popularity.


Additionally, the area or areas chosen could be based on profit potential, in house expertise, requested services, or a variety of other reasons. In the investment bank, there must be a position that can be held responsible for the activities in an investment bank regarding banking services and other banking operations. The investment banker is a position that holds a prominent role in the investment banking structure.


Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has proven himself to be an excellent investment banker. Mr. Lustgarten has helped many clients achieve great success, and he is well known in the investment banking field.


Also, Martin Lustgarten has ambitions beyond being an investment banker working for investment banking firms. Martin Lustgarten went out on his own to start his own investment banking firm, which is Lustgarten Martin.

The Secret Behind The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy consultancy firm is just one of the many great firms that helps individuals learn to create wealth as well as to manage wealth, but there is one major difference. Do you know what the secret is behind The Midas Legacy? This organization doesn’t just focus on managing wealth, but they focus on the whole person. While serving a wide variety of clients, The Midas Legacy is interested in helping individuals invest as well as to get their start.

Entrepreneurs have had tremendous results with the help of The Midas Legacy, and this is because they are investing in the person as a whole. Many of the individuals that are a part of this consultancy firm are focused on treating their bodies with natural cures, and they look to only the best when treating the body mentally as well as emotionally. Do you wish to have an early retirement? If so, then you should start thinking about creating wealth as well as how to manage what you create. There are various types of desired success.

Success begins as soon as you have your very first consultation with the company. This means that you’ve made the decision to be successful, and that you’ve chosen the right group for the job. All new clients get a free guide to read and digest, entitled “The Midas Code.” This is vital for success, and it contains numerous nuggets for those who want to create wealth as well as to influence others with their innovative ideas. There are numerous entrepreneurs from all walks of life and all industries joining the ranks of those who have chosen to invest in themselves by coming to The Midas Legacy for help.

There are numerous thriving entrepreneurs that have joined this firm to set goals and achieve their dreams. These individuals have been recognized in their fields and they are now happier as a result. Now they are encouraging other entrepreneurs to do the same, and in turn they will learn how to manage their wealth for years to come as well as the scope of their entire lives.

They Laid an egg and the Law won, Laidlaw lost and the law won.

At first blush there seems to be a media frenzy, social at the minimum, against Laidlaw & Company, well known investment banking firm. The only thing we know about Matthew Eitner and James Ahern the principals and the company is that they have lost a legal battle in arguably the most corrupt state in the Nation.


A ‘therapeutic’ oriented concern slapped some kind of court order on them prevailing on some grounds of the common good we’re sure. We all need more opiates don’t we? I mean they relieve all sorts of pain and addiction eventually leads to heroin when the money runs out.


The result is a great way to control our black and undesirable white populations not only in America, but around the world. With a vision and unity of purpose to keep the white race in control of the destiny of humanity.


Who will colonize Africa if not the white man? Do we trust the Negro to enslave and disenfranchise his brother if he is not under white control? White power, white control.

The message is what we the white man say it is. Opiates from us are good, every thing the other guy says is manure.


So that’s what we know and we know it because this is written by an older man on the internet and you can trust this. The truth is what we say it is!


An official court in a state named Nevada said so too. What more proof could you possibly require? People on line complain about harassing phone calls, so that must be true as well.

Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Learns Transatlantic Flights Will Take Longer Due To Climate Change

Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães attended the United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference in Paris recently, and he learned about an interesting anomaly that other conference attendees may have already known. Transatlantic flights from the United States to Europe are shorter than they were in the past, and Europe to the U.S. flights are taking longer. The reason, according to weather scientists, is the jet stream is changing. The jet stream is changing due to excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

The United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference addresses carbon dioxide emission, and what individual nations can do to reduce those emissions. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent by the year 2100. Last year, CO2 emissions dropped 0.6 percent and that is good news, but according to Ricardo Guimarães countries like China and India need to do more to cut the CO2 their industries release into the atmosphere. Guimarães also said the UK and the United States are on the right track as far as cutting harmful emissions, but those countries and other developed nations need to do more to reach the goal in 2100.

Mr. Guimarães told the attendees that Brazil has several programs in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. There is a reforestation program in place in several cities, and there is a replanting of natural species program going on to replace plants that were destroyed by Brazilian companies. Brazil is very aware that carbon dioxide could ruin their natural beach formations, and the government is studying other ways to help those formations safe.

The people of Brazil say Ricardo Guimarães is the kind of guy that gets things done. His family bank was once known as the Land Credit Bank when his grandfather established the bank in 1930. The Land Credit Bank was one of the only banks in the state of Minas Gerais at that time. Minas Gerais is a mining state, so the Guimarães family was aware of the environmental dangers that mining causes.

Ricardo took control of the bank in 1998, and he turned the former Land Credit Bank into the nationally known BMG Bank that specializes in payroll loans. Ricardo’s marketing plan included soccer sponsorships and those sponsorships changed the way the country perceived BMG Bank.

The Paris conference opened the eyes of the presidents and heads of state that attended the meeting. Those leaders now know the Earth’s temperature is changing faster than the previous forecast. The countries that attended decided to put plans in place that penalized countries that were still polluting the atmosphere by not controlling CO2 emissions. Other ideas were discussed, and the consensus was to act and change rather than fight about whether global warming is real.

Some Of The Smartest Financial Minds Are Agreeing With The Soros Global Meltdown Prediction

For years, China was the main engine on the global economic train. Whatever China did was right, according to some economist. China was the major source of cheap products for the world, and one of the main investors in assets in other emerging markets. China was a global importer that couldn’t get enough resources and materials from Brazil and other developing nations, but something happened. The Chinese are victims of their own success. Prices started to increase and their manufacturing sector began to break down.

The great Red Nation is pushing itself to convert itself to a consumer and service economy, and the push hasn’t been hard enough. According to the legendary hedge-fund investor, George Soros, and other great investors, China could bring the global economy to its knees because of their currency manipulation, their stock market issues and their export flaws.

The idea that China could wreak havoc on the rest of the world was ignored for years. Financial experts and reporters said China couldn’t bring down the global economy, but George Soros, the man that is considered the smartest investor in the world, said that was just wishful thinking. Soros has been talking on Bloomberg about a global meltdown as large as the 2008 meltdown for quite some time. Even the Chinese government disagrees with Soros. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters recently that China wasn’t globally exporting deflation.

But according to a article, Soros said that is not true. At the Davos Economic Summit, Soros called China one of the three causes of global deflation. The other two causes, according to Mr. Soros are competitive currency devaluation and commodity prices. China is involved in those other causes as well.

China has been manipulating its currency since last December and in order to boost their export business the Chinese have been played a role in decreasing commodity prices. China’s manufacturing base is deteriorating faster than the transition to a consumer based economy, and the Chinese are using every trick in the book to keep adding fuel to the enormous Chinese engine. But that fuel is creating some serious issues for the rest of the world.

The world is not a healthy place, according to Soros. Mr. Soros expressed his views in a article recently. He said Europe is under siege due to the migration crisis. The Middle East is on the verge of a major war, and Russia is experiencing a recession and Ukraine fall-out. Several emerging markets are fighting recessions, and the United States is facing one of the most crucial presidential elections in its history.

There are always predictions about the global economy, but the Soros prediction has merit, according to some of the smartest minds in the financial industry.

The Proficiency Of U.S. Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve was established by gold business sector veterans who perceived the need to join high-quality customer service, master business sector information and the sort of reliable guidance that is completely fundamental when acquiring valuable metals. Today is one of the country’s biggest wholesalers in the US. The Government provided coins of Gold, Platinum and Silver, and the organization had the privilege of working with a huge number of customers who have exploited the numerous budgetary advantages of owning valuable metals. At the U.S. Money Reserve, we ceaselessly endeavor to give the most uncommon U.S. Government provided coins of Silver, Gold, and Platinum Coins available.
Throughout the years, numerous customers have put their trust in our capacity to pick coins that bear the cost of the most noteworthy price, and because of their numerous shrewd purchases, the larger part of those people have benefited currently. As a U.S. Money Reserve customer, you are served by an exceedingly prepared group of more than 100 experienced, and educated experts. The US Money Reserve is amongst the globe’s largest and most trusted merchants of US government dealing with silver and gold coins and the main gold organization to be driven by a previous U.S. Mint Chief. The 35th Chief of the U.S. Mint Philip N. Diehl holds the position of U.S. Money Reserve President.
At whatever time you are managing money, it bodes well to get your work done. With regards to your own particular riches safeguarding and managing long haul security, history has demonstrated the more work you put on the front end, the more the reward on the back end.
At US Money Reserve, the trust is that Gold ought to be a critical piece of each portfolio. There are a huge number of clients who put their trust in the company, and that is highly valued. US Money Reserve can offer you some assistance as you start the procedure of inquiring about which kind of gold is ideal for you. Someone may be planning to buy bullion, coins or a blend of the two. We realize that everybody is distinctive, and that is the same manner with your objectives and targets. Responsibility for metals has a long history of protecting the worthy of money amid times of financial downturn. However, it is over the previous decade specifically that silver, gold, and platinum have demonstrated their capacity to outperform numerous other types of assets.