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Shervin Pishevar Tells People The Stock Market Is Not As Stable As They Believe

Try to convince someone that something they believe is true is really not. It is not an easy sell to most people. You can fight and fight with them to try to get them to see things from your prospective, but you will most likely just be howling into the wind. That doesn’t stop Shervin Pishevar from giving it a try though.

Shervin Pishevar recently went on Twitter and in a fit of explaining things went on a fifty tweet rant about the economy and how things are shaping up around it. He tried to explain to people that he does not believe that the stock market deserves to be priced as high as it is right now. He also tried to point them to the idea that Bitcoin is something that they should dump for the time being as well.

The reason some people care what Shervin Pishevar has to say about these things is because he has such a solid record of predictions in the past. He personally made himself wealthy by being an early investor in Uber. He knew that if he put money on the line with Uber that he was taking something of a risk, but he also believed that doing so would pay off for him in the long run. Therefore, he made that investment and ended up doing well with it.

Twitter is now filled with the thoughts of Shervin Pishevar as he frequently tries to tell people what he thinks about what is happening in the world. Some people love what he has to say while others are less appreciative. As long as he is right in the end, Shervin Pishevar doesn’t much care what individual Twitter followers think of his opinions. He just wants them to take it from him that he put out his opinions ahead of time and we can all sit back and wait to see what happens with them. He has taken the gamble in a sense by putting his reputation on the line every time he makes one of these economic predictions. It is literally that important when he tweets.

Fortress Investment Group Enjoys Two Decades of Success

Since its formation in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has remained a trendsetter in the investment sector. That became evident when it decided to make an initial public offering (IPO) in 2007, a unique move that investment companies had never made in centuries. Today, the investment company has diversified its management services and is holding over $43 billion worth of assets and more than 1,750 investors.

Its successful expansion across the world

To serve a broad customer base and capture the dynamic capital market, Fortress Investment Group opened its offices in various countries around the globe. Some of the offices are found in Hong Kong and Philadelphia while others are in Singapore and Italy. Becoming a leader means paying close attention to the investment market. As such, a decade ago, Fortress Investment Group went public through IPO. By doing this, it attracted several investors who offered it the excellent opportunity to experience growth.

Its diverse expertise

One of the reasons why investors are always ready to join Fortress Investment Group is the fact that it has several competency areas of services. The company provides expert advice in regards to fiscal development sectors. Such areas include liquid investment which makes it easier to access cask readily. The investment group also has other impressive competency areas which are relevant to the currently competent market.

What it is like to be an employee at Fortress Investment Group

Employees working at this investment group have a lot to say about it. One thing the staff loves the investment group culture is the variety of professional opportunities it offers. Working with the company gives one the option of advancing in their career as they work, which is usually funded by the company. The employees always appreciate the leadership and executive team for pushing for continued education and integrated learning of the financial market. The investment group also rewards employees very generously as the leaders believe that employee satisfaction is directly linked with customer satisfaction. The employees see a great room for expansion and can grow as much as they want.

Guilherme Paulus Helping Improve The Tourism Industry In Brazil

Brazil is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, but it was not always so. There was a time when people did not want to go there because of many myths. One person that has helped build the tourism industry single-handedly for, the past decades is Guilherme Paulus. He wants people from different parts of the world to come to Brazil and enjoy its natural beauty. He has helped lift the hospitality standards of the country to a great level.

Guilherme Paulus is one of the richest persons in Brazil and is a well-known name in the hotel and tourism industry. Over the years, Guilherme Paulus has been able to create a lot of jobs in Brazil and take his company, CVC, to another level with conviction and commitment. As per Forbes, Guilherme Paulus is worth nearly $1.9 billion, and his wealth has been growing steadily in the past few years. Under his leadership, CVC became one of the leading tour operators in Brazil and the third largest in the world. The tourism sector in Brazil has been growing exponentially, and Guilherme took it as an opportunity to help people fulfill their dreams of affordable and seamless travel. The fact that he co-founded CVC at the age of 24 speaks a lot about his business abilities and vision.

In the year 2009, CVC was bought by Carlyle Group for $420 million that made Guilherme one of the most influential and richest persons in Brazil. Guilherme is also the founder of the GJP Hotels and Resorts, which has a total of 15 resorts and hotels in Brazil. Before he started the business in Brazil, Guilherme used to work in IBM where he served as an intern. Guilherme has more than fifty years of experience in the tourism industry and has been able to make any significant changes in the industry that has proved to be phenomenal in terms of attracting growth and increasing overall revenue from tourism. The travel packages that Guilherme introduced went on to become highly popular among the people, giving the boost in terms of growth and profitability to CVC.

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Upwork; Prioritize that To-Do List

Upwork is a freelancing website that offers web and mobile development, virtual assistants, customer service, and more. Clients utilize Upwork since it is simple and cost-effective. Upwork offers ideas on how to get organized and complete tasks on time.


Write it down! When you jot things down it helps the brain to not feel so stressed and it can focus on the present. Make a to-do list and use an app if needed.

Don’t waste valuable time in the morning and allow an hour to complete an important task. So, the night before, decide which task needs completed.

When writing down tasks, keep them all in one spot so nothing gets lost. Again, use an app on the phone to keep everything in one place.

As you’re writing down tasks, think about how long it will actually take and set a deadline. Along with this, pick times you will start the task and how many minutes it will actually take. This will help execute the task in a realistic manner.

Prioritize. Possibly one of the most important keys. Something may pop up unexpectedly, but if prepared, a quick decision can be made.

If there are tasks that have been on the to-do list for a while, re-evaluate the task and try to give it a value. If completing the task is not making you or any of the other tasks more productive, just take it off the list and move on.

There may be a time where there are too many tasks for one person to handle and some delegating may be needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance in completing a task if there is someone else qualified to do it.

If there is one dreaded task that is so consuming and large, break it down into smaller tasks. It will eventually get completed with much less stress. Also, doing similar tasks one right after the other can be more productive.

Assign your energy levels to a certain task. Energy changes throughout the day so choose certain tasks to complete at certain times of the day.


Jason Hope and the End to Age-Related Disease

Jason Hope is a philanthropist that is a pioneer in anti-aging. Jason is a man to be admired for everything he has done to fight aging because he wants to enhance the quality of life for all humanity. He not only wants anti-aging to be reversed for a particular group of people, but he also wants the technology to be available to everyone.

Jason Hope does not want to stop aging because of how it makes people look. In fact, he wants to end all of the harsh impacts that occur during aging. As a person ages, their bones become brittle which makes them more susceptible to injuries. Due to the effects of aging, recovery will more than likely take much longer or not happen entirely. Then the individual loses their quality of life. It is not fair when aging can be stopped. That is only the beginning as aging opens the door for age-related illnesses such as cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis. He mainly supports the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is located in Mountain View, California and owns its laboratories and conducts its research. The purpose of the foundation is to change the way age-related disease is treated. As of now, health systems treat these illnesses with medication that only aim to control the symptoms. At times, the drugs can cause more problems than the diseases.

That is why it is so important that health systems begin to treat, diminish, and prevent age-related illnesses. It is just as essential that they make the treatments available to everyone. Part of what the SENS Foundation is currently working on is repairing living cells in the human body.

If successful, it will prevent the harsh effects of aging altogether. Jason Hope supports the foundation because he especially believes in their strategies to cure diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Both are diseases that limit an individual’s ability to care for themselves. Jason continuously supports the foundation because he believes that their research is going to open doors for curing the human body of aging and preventing these diseases from developing.

The truth is that life is hard. People worry, get sick, and battle depression every day. However, as they get older, the effects of these things on their bodies can start to show. It is not fair for people to suffer in this manner which is why it is a miracle that there are people like Jason Hope that are making a difference in aging research.

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The Contribution of Jason Hope Towards the Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur with a great passion for giving back to his community. Jason has been a significant contributor to the SENS Research Foundation where he gives his contribution to the expansion of anti-aging research. SENS is an organization that is non-profit that solely depend on the support from scientists, investors that are passionate as well as the researchers. The main aim of the foundation is to develop the medicine that will aid in battling aging effects where the co-founder Aubrey de Grey who is the chief science officer leads the team.

Jason Hope offered a donation of $500,000 towards the SENS Research Foundation back in 2010. The contribution was significant to SENS since the Cambridge SENS laboratory was constructed; moreover, new research programs were introduced. Through the interview, he said that the donation that he did to SENS was due to the innovation and initiative of the Foundation in combating aging. The SENS Research Foundation concentrate on finding the cure for the diseases that affect the body of the person leading to aging faster. Some of the diseases to find the cure for comprises of lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, Jason Hope is a great philanthropist that was born in Arizona and attended Arizona State University and earned a bachelor degree in finance. Jason Hope furthered his education and received MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. From there he becomes famous due to his excellent achievement in business, and he has been providing mentorship to students and other entrepreneurs so that they can become successful in their endeavors.
As a philanthropist, Jason Hope has been giving donations generously to organizations and more so towards the anti-aging research. The main passion of the Jason is to ensure that there is a cure for the adverse effects of aging and that is why he offers his donations to the willing organizations that focus towards the research. Besides, he is futuristic that primary focus is on the innovation and that has made him have a significant interest towards the smart technology.

Jason Hope also talks about the Internet of Things and is urging lots of companies to have a high concentration on the way they offer services to their customers. The Internet of Things increases the relationship between the company and the customer since the customer’s services are improved. So that companies can have better customers services needs to implement the smart technology in their firms.

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Vijay Eswaran: Mixing Philosophy and Business For Success

As a motivational speaker, inspiring author and business man, Vijay Eswaran has come to share and live by many philosophies. He is a firm believer in living the best quality of live by have a structure of life management. His success began as an economist where he then founded QI Group. The organization brings together real estate, retail, education and hospitality. Vijay Eswaran’s efforts have made him a highly-respected leader in Asia. His company has worked tirelessly to bring better education to the South East.

His books speak of his philosophies on life regarding fear and how to face it. He often states life is not promised and we must live as if tomorrow may not come. His book titled, In The Sphere of Silence, is a best-seller. Vijay Eswaran’s company provides products and services to over 30 countries. In his business capacity, he often tells of his personal experiences that have helped him live a quality life of happiness.

There are five things he lives by when conducting business around the world. First, a business should always care about the product and the people who sell it. It starts within the organization not just the outside. Second, a company should have clarity of vision. It’s highly important that your team understand and has a clear vision of their organization. Third, it’s all about having core values in a company. This defines who the corporation is and helps its staff work effectively. Fourth, it’s important to have a commitment to growth. All team members must commit themselves to any organization with the help of its service leaders. Finally the fifth step is to create a will to sacrife. Practice what you preach as a leader Vijay affirms in his books and his business leadership talks.

Overall, Vijay Eswaran continues his passion to help many business leaders motivate teams to work at their highest potiential while valuing the quality of their lives. Mr. Eswaran’s achievements have placed him on Asia’s Top 50 philanthropists list. He also maintains his seat on the advisory board of the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies.

David Giertz Freely Offers Retirement Advice

In order to achieve a more lucrative retirement, financial expert David Giertz imparts his advice on how to secure financial stability.

He points out that when saving for early retirement it is never easy to estimate the amount of money that will be required to deal with the complete retirement.

He advises people to determine how much money they will need to save to reach their right and proper amount after retiring.

Giertz called attention to investments as one way to earn extra income emphasizing what to invest in and how to invest will be crucial.

A flexible plan, such as a Roth IRA, would be a significant place to start, according to Giertz, as he indicated there are no penalties for withdrawing savings before the age of 59 1/2. There are limitations with the plan such as a small charge for the withdrawal and the plan is available to those can who earn less than $118,000 a year.

For those who earn more than $118,000 a traditional IRA or 401K should be taken into account.

Matching a savings account with a brokerage account is yet another way to make a stable retirement safe. According to David Giertz, this approach will make currencies, stocks and bond markets easy to get to for buying and selling the assets for gain.

Health savings accounts are an additional effective type of investment even though the accounts can only be drawn on for medical expenditures.

With more than 30 years experience in the financial services industry, Giertz works with the Nationwide Investment Services in Ohio. He previously worked for ten years at Citigroup.

Giertz has volunteered time on the Board of Directors for the For Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce as well as the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts.

He received an MBA from the University of Miami after attaining a Bachelor of Science degree from Millikin University.

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Significant Contribution of Filipe Montoro Jens in the Brazilian Business

The Brazilian business sector has had its ups and downs over the years with the emergence of privatization in the country being a result of debt crisis that arose during the 20th century. To achieve modernization, it was necessary for Brazil to invest in the infrastructure as a way of meeting its investment demands. Filipe Montoro Jens; the chief financial officer, treasurer, and controller of the finance division in Brazil, Singapore, and the United Kingdom explained that Brazil was marked in the 20th century by the state’s powerful existence. The infrastructure privatization concept started in the 1930s as the country faced its changing political environment. Brazil witnessed a progressive growth of the state that included state-owned business during the subsequent 50 years.

Filipe Montoro Jens is currently the Chief Financial Officer of His company S.A.; a global organization of Brazilian origin with a diversified business activities and presence in 25 countries. Jens is participates in His company Participaes e Investimentos, and also works in the organization as a controller, treasurer, and planner under corporate and project finance divisions both in Brazil and abroad. Additionally, he has served on the board of directors of the various companies controlled by His company including His company Agroindustrial that deals with ethanol and sugar, His company Ambiental for water and sewage, His company leo & Gs dealing with gas and oil, His company Defesa e Tecnologia dealing with technology and defense, His company Transport for infrastructure concessions in Brazil, His company Energia that focuses on renewable energy generation.

Before joining His company S.A., Jens served at Terna S.P.A in the structured finance and project development area. He also worked in the international structured finance division of Enron and in the consulting and auditing divisions of Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Jens holds a Business Administration Degree from Fundao Getlio Vargas and a Masters degree in International Management from The American Garvin International Management School, Thunderbird, USA.

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