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John Goullet: Transforming IT Staff Augmentation

In the tech-savvy world, one of the most outstanding individuals is John Goullet. His entrepreneurial endeavors in the information industry have contributed considerably to his excellent reputation. A strong academic background is also responsible for John’s unprecedented success. He possesses undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Computer Science, both from the famous Ursinus College.

Before establishing Info Technologies, John Goullet accrued vast experience through working for numerous prominent companies in the sector.


Info Technologies

Having inaugurated the firm, John was the pioneering CEO by default. He held the position for sixteen years, before leaving in 2010. The experience he had acquired while at his previous firms proved useful in this venture. By monitoring the evolving trends in the corporate world, Goullet was able to identify the suitable staff for his clients. To further enhance the quality of his services, John was keen to hear out his customers’ needs. His exemplary work did not go unnoticed, as the renowned Inc. Magazine bequeathed his franchise with the ‘fastest growing business’ award on two separate occasions.


Diversant LLC


Ensuing the merger between Info Technologies and Diversant Inc., John Goullet maintained his position as honcho of the syndicate. Owing to his in-depth knowledge of the industry, he was the number one contender for the job throughout. Related to his role at his previous firm, John was in charge of another staffing company. In addition to offering staff augmentation services, Diversant offers employment to both part-time and full-time workers in the information technology sector.


Moreover, Diversant is a registered Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). The company has won the hearts of any by availing to its clientele unique and individualized services. Also, the institution treats its customers as business companions. In a bid to solve recurring problems that face their consumers, Diversant enlists the services of leading consultants. As it name suggests, the company is supportive and offers its clients diversity when it comes to resolving challenges.


The prosperity witnessed at Diversant LLC is primarily attributed to John’s progressive ideologies. Under his stewardship, the business has not only experienced hastened growth, but also a larger asset base.