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Research Ad Fraud with Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has an impressive background and education in the field and has developed a great reputation. He is best known for selling his research. His penchant for finding information and putting it into compiled research papers is to be commended. Sahm Adrangi has been in the business for over 9 years and continues to impress people with his stock market research. He focuses on long-term value investments and special situations.

Kerrisda Capital uses several means to publish the research that they do. At a recent presentation on ad fraud Sahm listed the sites that they use most frequently for posting the research to be shared. Social media and the Kerrisdale website are the two main platforms used to promote the articles and presentations that are compiled and publishes. The presentation had some great points consistent with hi company’s outlook and business savvy ways. Sahm Adrangi discussed Chinese fraud and how fraud can be a good thing when used for a positive thing. He goes on to explain that fraud combines an element of social good within a short activism. The advertisers are being targeted not the consumer in this instance. The advertisers do not get the information out there but do see that the ads are being viewed. However, they might not be being viewed by humans. They might be viewed by computers or by bots.

In conclusion, the presentation was informative and enlightening in that it brought to light ad fraud awareness. The research and meticulous findings in this presentation represent how the company works and shows the need for a company that is focusing on short activism. Sahm Adrangi is assisting the public in being aware of real ideas and news subjects. Performing the research and verification of the “fake” news and news sites that publish wrong information is bringing this issue to light.

The Growth of Digital Marketing Agencies, the White Shark Media Review

Digital marketing agencies are on the rise. The increase in the number is as a result of growth in technology. Companies are competing to become the best agency in the industry. Among the many, competing companies is White shark media. The digital marketing agency was formed in 2011 by three Danish men who had expertise and experience on how to perform online marketing. White shark media has one main goal which is to offer a marketing platform such as Disqus which is used by individuals and businesses in marketing services. The rapidly growing company has achieved its growth by associating with small and medium sized businesses who are the most users of its services. The company is now the preferred media agency due to the excellent services it offers its customers. It has managed to expand its services to North America where it gained a significant number of clients. By ensuring a sophisticated good working relationship with its clients and ensuring clients get what they request when doing online marketing campaigns, White shark media has managed to stay in operation for six years now.

In addition to excellent services, they have dedicated their resources to ensure its open to customer’s suggestions and contributions. It is this commitment that has facilitated the firm to improve its services. The company’s website is open to receive customer’s complaints. It is with the help of these comments that white shark has corrected its previous mistakes and hence achieved positive ratings. Through the customer review platform, they can track their performance. The company has retained its customers since retention. White shark media is honored for having one of the highest customer retention ratio in the industry.

The company also has a Google Plus page for which it has built a good client base and promoted its services online. The page provides individuals and businesses with a variety of services provided by White shark media. They frequently remind customers on why they should use white shark media as a marketing agency and updates its followers on how to perform their AdWords promotions. White shark is determined to be the leading marketing agency by helping small and medium sized businesses create more e-commerce friendly websites.

Talk Fusion Announces an Amazing Destination for Their December, 2017 Vacation

The competition in the modern business world is so stiff. Therefore, survival for small business entities proves quite difficult. However, with a perfect marketing strategy and guideline from experts, there is a high possibility of beating the odds in the market. Talk Fusion is a well-established company that has over time supported all levels of businesses achieve their dreams. The company was founded by Bob Reina. Bob is a well-recognized businessman having been in the industry for more than two decades. Bob’s expertise in the field has seen him shift his company to a global setting and assist millions individuals reach their dreams. The company mainly focuses on assisting members to grow their businesses through their wide-connected platforms and associates.


Bob Reina believes that business success is all about connections, not only on the one’s country, but on the globe. Often, associates with the company are rated based on the number of business opportunities they will have created to others as well as sharing the company’s all-in-one marketing solution. The awarding acts as a motivation to the members to create more business opportunities for others. Apart from awards such as diamond rings, cars and Rolex, the company also awards the best associates with a fully paid trip to potential market capitals across the globe.


The founder and CEO Bob Reina announced a trip to Milan, Italy on December 2017 which he believes to be an opportunity of lifetime for any independent business person out there. During the trip to this fantastic city, the couples will be in a position to do amazing shopping, expeditions and Italian dishes. Additionally, the visiting couples will also be in a position to create new markets for other associates as well as themselves. The CEO also stated that the qualified fellows will also win a free vacation to Hawaii, Maui come the next June. The trips see most individual’s dreams achieved as associates are now in position to travel to amazing destinations without incurring any cost as well spend ample time with their families. According to the CEO, such great achievements see the company gradually skip a notch higher.