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Memorial Health and Maggie Gill

Margaret Gill serves at the Memorial Health, which is located in Savanah, Georgia, as the Chief Executive Officer and President. The whole Memorial Health fraternity embraces the leadership capabilities of Maggie Gill. Thanks to her skills, extensive experience, and academic proficiency, Maggie Gill has managed to earn various prestigious awards as well as coveted features. Maggie joined the top leadership positions of Memorial Health in 2011, serving as the President and CEO of the entity.


Earlier on, Margaret Gill had successfully offered her leadership services to Memorial Health in various capacities. One of the most outstanding positions she held was that of the Vice President of Finance and Managed Care. At the Memorial University Medical Center, Maggie Gill has previously served as the Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining the Memorial University Medical Center, she was serving at Tenet South Florida Health as the Chief Executive Officer. At the institution, Maggie was a three-time awardee of the prestigious “Tenet Outstanding CFO” award.


Margaret Gill is an alumnus of the Florida State University, which is located in Tallahassee. She graduated with honors Bachelor’s degree from the institution. Later, Maggie Gill attended Saint Leo (Florida) University for her honors Master’s degree. Margaret has featured a progressively outstanding career in the healthcare sector. Margaret Gill has been continuously and profoundly improving health care quality at every of the various entities she has offered her services.


Maggie Gill continues to be of service to the community by committing to quality and excellent services at the Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia. As a professional role model, Maggie encompasses a personable character, and as such, she has earned her colleagues’ respect for her refined leadership attributes. Undoubtedly, Maggie Gill has a strong commitment and dedication to the excellence of healthcare.