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Jim Toner: For When You’re Ready To Embrace Unlimited Wealth

Jim Toner is the acclaimed Real Estate Magnet who grew up in humble conditions and set his heart, mind, eyes, hands and feet on entrepreneurship as soon as he did the math..of money ..of number of hours in a day ..of number of days in a year ..and realized there was no way for him to achieve what he wanted to accomplish for his family if he continued to work for someone else. Likewise, the math still didn’t work toward his and his family’s favor even if he worked for 3 different ‘someone else’s. Consequently, he bravely took on the Real Estate Investment (REI) challenge and quickly turned his life around for the better.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner has over a quarter of a century of experience in the real estate investment field thriving through economic downturns just as successfully as during bullish periods. His major bout with adversity was dealt to him and his family via an antithetical methodology against his sage advice to make and keep oneself attractive to the market. But he and his family members did overcome the sabotage and ultimately were better off for it.. ..better neighborhood, ..better life perspective, ..better appreciation for one another’s loyalty and a better attraction, namely his globally received book, “Jim Toner Is Dead: Manifesto.”

According to, along with investing in yourself such that others will feel eager to invest in you and buy into your business and that authorship is a keen way to reach that level, Jim shares a number of other keys to success. They fit itemized into three categories, A. Self, B. Interaction with others and C. Business management. A1. Get up early. A2. Exercise physically. A3. Reflect on your faith and your aims for the day. A4. Honestly hold yourself unto strict accountability. A5. Read often. B1. Share the breakfast meal with your loved ones. B2. While enjoying breakfast, review with one another your goals for the day, any concerns regarding possible challenges and encourage one another towards confidence. B3. Respond to and initiate communication that you need to address with those outside of your immediate home circle. B4. Make yourself available both attitudinal and presently to others who may need your interventive assistance. As Jim Toner explains it, don’t miss out on an opportunity to do well for another person because that’s the essence of why we exist. C1. Analyze your business’s statistics. C2. Assess and communicate your desire for your Company’s goals. C3. Inspire your work team. C4. Surround yourself with people who perform certain skills much better than yourself. C5. Develop more than one or two streams of income. C6. Differentiate your product or service and charge a high end price for it. C7. Know where you are positioned tax wise. C8. Delegate or outsource tasks so as to unencumber your creativity. C9. Persist knowing that setbacks are temporary and that not even an utter financial debacle signifies the end.


The Appeal of Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is a very appealing type of water. However, one must wonder why it is so appealing. It is not so much the nutrients and the purity of the water that is being offered. There are other water companies that supposedly offer the same thing. However, people that hear about Waiakea and learn a little bit about this company tend to make this brand of water their favorite brand. They also wind up making it their primary brand. This is one of the reasons that they are spending more money with the company. For people that are interested in knowing why this brand of water is becoming increasingly popular, there are actually a couple of main reasons.

One reason that Waiakea is so appealing as a water company is that it is based in Hawaii. When people think about something that is based in Hawaii, they think about something that is all natural. Therefore, if they read something with the disclaimer that it is made in Hawaii, then they are going to be very intrigued about the product. The same can be said for water. If the water has been packaged in Hawaii, then it is safe to say that it is going to be healthier than the other products and that it is going to be better than anything another company puts together.

While some water companies artificially add minerals to the water in order to make it taste better and healthier, Waiakea water packages the water with the minerals already in there. All that is needed is for the water to be distributed so that people can taste the difference in the water compared to the other companies. People will notice it right away with the taste of the water. Then they will know that they are getting all of the nutrients they need.


U.S. Money Reserve Creates A New Website And E-Catalog For Investors

When Philip Diehl became president of the U.S. Money Reserve, several people couldn’t wait to move their investments to precious metals. Diehl has an impressive resume. Diehl has been a Director of the U.S. Mint, and he is the man behind the creation of the 50-state quarter program. Philip is a former state director of the Senate Finance Committee and a former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Treasury – please read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase.

There’s no doubt that Philip Diehl is a people person, but he is also a knowledgeable investor that believes investing in precious metals is the smartest way to grow money in the 21st century.

As President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl is in charge of one of the country’s largest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government issued coins. U.S. Money Reserve has thousands of clients in countries around the world, and those clients have been very active buying gold and silver coins over the last 12 months (you can learn more about US Money Reserve: Diehl believes the main reason for the increase in gold, silver and platinum investing is the fact that a major recession is coming, and it’s coming faster than many economists expected.

Mr. Diehl knows what a recession can do to investors that have most of their assets tied up in stocks and bonds. If the economists are right, and Diehl thinks they are, investors should seriously consider moving their money into precious metal. Philip Diehl is making it easier for investors to do that. CBS19.Tv recently published an article about U.S. Money Reserve. In that article, the Austin-based coin distributor announced a new website and e-catalog so investors could purchase gold, silver and platinum coins easier.

The new U.S. Money Reserve website is meant to be an educational tool as well as a place where investors can buy gold and silver. The new website does make it easier for investors to buy gold, silver and platinum coins, but it also helps investors understand why investing in the bullion market is important especially now. Read more: US Money Reserve – YouTube

The website discusses the history of investing in the bullion market and the reasons why that market fluctuates. That knowledge is essential according to Diehl. Unless investors know why gold and silver investments move up and down, they can’t invest intelligently. The new U.S. Money Reserve website takes the guesswork out of investing in precious coins.

The one-on-one consultation feature offered by the new U.S. Money Reserve website is another tool that will help investors pick the right coins at the right time. Investors can take advantage of special offers, and they get have a professional consultant at their disposal to help them decide which coins to buy. Plus the U.S. Money Reserve buyback policy is one of the best in the industry, and that policy is explained in detail on the new website.

Marcio Alaor’s Innovations At BMG

Banco de Minas Gerais S.A., which is commonly called BMG, is a Brazilian financial institution. It is run by the Pentagna Guimarães family, who has been working in the financial industry since 1930. The current Director and Vice President of BMG is Marcio Alaor. After years of focusing on wholesale and consumer financing, BMG has began to primarily concentrate on payday loans. It was one of the first banks to give payroll loans, and this innovation helped to establish BMG as an entrepreneurial bank.

Currently, the bank is trying to move away from its former, conservative profile and raise the bank’s profitability. The new key assets of BMG are profitable loan portfolios, a high quality credit portfolios, diversification of funding sources, operational efficiency, and highly qualified teams of employees. BMG has been able to successfully diversify by creating a joint venture with Itaú Unibanco S.A. in April of 2014. By uniting with Itaú Unibanco S.A., BMG has been able to turn its attention to other profitable operations such as a Payroll Credit Card and financing for companies and suppliers.

BMG is well respected in the Brazilian financial sector for its excellent operation system. The bank has a Board of Directors, including Marcio Alaor BMG, which is primarily made up of independent members. The Code of Ethics and the Anti-Money Laundering Program at BMG are available for shareholders, and they ensure that the bank is completely trustworthy and ethical. All employees at the bank are hired for their talents, so service is always excellent at BMG.

After more than 80 years succeeding in the Brazilian financial industry, BMG is a recognizable and solid brand. Companies in both the private and public sectors rely on BMG for their financial needs. BMG continues to innovate and ensure that the needs of the public are met. BMG’s ability to quickly adapt to new market conditions and please consumers means that this bank will continue to be an important part of finances in Brazil.


Frans Schoeman is among many professionals on that are dedicated to protecting the environment. Schoeman, who has been an attorney for twenty one years at Joubert Schoeman, deals with legal matters of the environment among other legal matters. He is currently the director of Phatsima Diamond, a law firm in South Africa. He is well known for his vast understanding of copyright laws as well as the intellectual laws. Human activities are known to have either positive or negative effect on the environment. Environmental law is a term that describes the regulations, statutes, common and customary laws that relate to the effects of human activity to the environment. This law addresses how the natural environment which includes forests, minerals and fisheries among others are affected when human beings go about their daily activities. The law is comprised of other laws that include air quality law, water quality law, waste management laws and environmental cleanup laws. Pollution is the core principle that all these laws tries to address.
Air quality law is concerned with protecting human health by preventing pollution. They govern the release of poisonous emissions into the atmosphere. The industrial activities of people may lead to emissions of air pollutant concentrations that may also affect the Ozone layer which helps to protect human beings from the harmful sunrays. The emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere may also lead to the formation of acid rain that has negative impacts to the environment. In order to regulate release of harmful substances into the atmosphere, the law identifies and categorizes air pollutants and also sets limits for the acceptable levels of emission.
Water quality laws are the rules and regulations set to govern the release of pollutants into the water sources. Water sources ought to be protected to avoid pollution which may damage human health or destroy the aquatic ecosystem. Sewage treatment, industrial waste management and agricultural waste management are some of the measures taken to reduce water pollution. Proper disposal of waste materials is also essential in reducing water pollution as well as air pollution. The waste management laws govern the treatment and disposal of all kinds of waste. This generally minimizes uncontrolled dispersal of the waste materials. The laws also provide guidelines to the methods of disposal appropriate for different waste materials.
In case of pollutions or contaminations, there are environmental clean ups that are assigned to foresee the removal of the contaminants. They are designed to respond to pollution unlike the other environmental laws which are designed to prevent pollution. In some cases the parties that caused the pollution are often liable for their actions and as such do the clean ups. Other environmental laws such as the wildlife laws, forestry laws among others are put in place to ensure that these resources are not exhausted. Forestry laws for instance, deals with issues of forest management and timber harvesting. This is done to ensure that the forests are not exhausted. The wildlife laws on the other hand regulate the impact of human activity on wild animals.

Atlanta Hawks Score Record Season, Huge Franchise Sale

They always say that if you are going out you had better go out while on top, and that phrase applies directly to former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks back in 2002 through the Hawk Spirit LLC. He helped manage and cultivate the team for the past 14 years and made them into the yearly Eastern Conference power houses that they are today. It took awhile but Atlanta finally had a season that would make any team owner proud: Franchise record in wins, Eastern Conference Final berth (first time in 50 years!) as well as almost a full line up of starters in the All Star Game. Not a bad time to sell, right?

When the Los Angeles Clippers were sold this past year for a stunning multi billion dollar deal the market was dramatically re-adjusted. The going rate for NBA franchises seemingly doubled and that was definitely what happened with Atlanta. Last year they were estimated at a value of close to $400 million. When Antony Ressler, along with his group of buyers, closed their deal the Hawks ended up selling for close to $850 million. Levenson on ajc now gets to step away from the franchise as a winner in multiple different ways. So what will Antony Ressler be getting for his money?

Antony Ressler had an estimated value of close to $1.4 billion so it seems pretty clear that he knows how to make money, and that means making smart investments. The Atlanta Hawks, right now, are one of the smarter investments in the NBA. The Hawks are coming off of the aforementioned 60 win season and they’ve retained a vast majority of their Southeast Division winning roster. The Atlanta fanbase is finally showing prolonged interest in the NBA team and now there is a possibility for Ressler to cultivate some long term momentum for the team.

Right now Atlanta is looking like a lock for one of the top 10 spots in the NBA power rankings. By retaining Paul Millsap and plugging in some veteran acquisitions (Tiago Splitter, Tim Hardaway Jr.) the Hawks have retooled and refueled for another deep run.

The big focus for Atlanta, and Ressler in particular, will be the start of the 2015 – 16 regular season. Right now Atlanta is being downplayed by critics and analysts and a slow start could lead straight into a prolonged slump. The East has gotten competitive enough that a prolonged slump could spell long term trouble for a team even as talented as the Hawks.

Town Residential Helped Me Find A Great Home In Manhattan

I’ll never forget what happened on September 11, 2001, because it was the most terrifying day of my life. I have family members that had survived being close to the towers when they fell, and I felt badly for those who lost family members in the attacks. I didn’t live in New York City at the time, but I had always wanted to move to the city. After the twin towers had fallen, I did resent the fact that I would never get to see the towers in person. I’d also never be able to go to the top of the towers, and view of the city from the tallest buildings in the world.

Things have changed a lot since 2001, and I eventually had to move to NYC apartments for rent on Town Real Estate on my own. One of the first places that I visited was the 9/11 memorial, and it made me reflect on those that had lost loved ones after those attacks. I really appreciate a place like New York City, and the people here have been through a lot, and yet they still persevere. I wanted to be in a city where the people are strong; they work hard, and they continue fighting in the face of adversity, and that’s why I chose to move to New York City.

Of all the cities I could’ve picked to live in, I chose New York City, and I would never say I made the wrong decision. I currently live in the suburbs, but I’m looking to move to Manhattan because I want to be in the center of New York City where there’s a lot more to do. I have a business that I’m looking to start in Manhattan, and I’ve even found a great place to start the business. I already have the funding I need for the business, so I just need to find a place in New York City.

I wanted to get out of the suburbs and into the city, so I decided to work with Town Residential. I know that Town Residential has a portfolio of some great real estate properties, and I might be able to find myself a home that’s close to where I’ll be working. It would be nice to live in Manhattan and work in Manhattan at the same time. The agents over at Town Residential were great, and they brought me some great prospects when it comes to real estate, and I went through the list very quickly. There were so many great homes to choose from that I could hardly make a decision, but I settled on looking at one particular home. I plan on checking out the home very soon.

Grant Hill and Company Own Atlanta Hawks

The long sales process of the Atlanta Hawks has finally resulted in the team being sold to a group led by Anthony Ressler. The team also includes Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler. The final price of the sale is $850 million. This turns out to be a very profitable transaction for Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson has began a lengthy process of selling the team which resulted in a few close calls for making the final deal. At one time, the team was predicted to sell for $1 billion or more. However, in one bid, the highest price that was offered was closer to $700 million. While this may have been a disappointing turn out, it was a good profit for Bruce Levenson.

Things did turn around for the better for Bruce Levenson when the group led by Ressler has formed a deal which offered $850 million. The only thing that needed to happen is that the owners had to approve of the sale, but that was a given. The agreement of the sale was announced on Wednesday. The new owners have expressed their excitement of owning the team. They have shown respect to the process of NBA’s approval. Of course, they extended their best wishes to the Hawks for the playoffs.

The final price was said to be the reflection of the team’s strength. This is actually seen to be a good sign of not only the team, but the whole NBA market. People also think about the many media deals that could be made both locally and nationally. There is also the NBA team valuations. The final price has come a long way from the previous sales of the team.

The team will operate under the new ownership of Grant Hill and the others from this point on. They will still provide all of the entertainment that they have always provided. From Bruce Levenson’s announcement of selling the team back in September to the final deal made for the team, it has been a long process. Either way, the final deal has proven to be worth it, even if it is not the deal that was expected.

The Accomplishments Of Stephen P Murray

Just this last spring in an article on, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital lost one of its most prolific leader, Chief Executive Officer and president of one of the largest private equity firms in the nation. The company is now run by Greg Brenneman, the new CEO who also expressed his condolences in wake of Murray’s passing saying that the company had lost a great “partner” and “friend” in Murray and expressed prayers for his family, and paid tribute to his accomplishments throughout his time with the company.

Murray’s beginnings started out in a neighborhood of New York City in the Westchester district in 1962, and his educational accomplishments included a bachelor’s degree from Boston College in economics, and an MBA from the Columbia Business School. He first got into the financial markets in 1984 when he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as part of a professional training program, but he would soon become vice president of MML operations there. His time with Hanover Corp saw many different mergers, starting in 1989 when they were bought out by MH Equity Corporation, and soon after Chemical Bank, and then Chase Capital which would eventually be merged with JP Morgan took over.

The firm operated under the name of JP Morgan Partners for three years as a part of the main bank of JP Morgan, and during that time it expanded into the private equity sector and leveraged buyouts of middle market deals. However, when the firm purchased the pharmaceutical company Warner Chilcott, concerns over conflicts of interest with other firms doing business with JP Morgan were expressed. In the wake of that, CCMP Capital became a sole operating corporation with no ties to JP Morgan and began its own private equity ventures. Other retail sector companies that have been backed by CCMP Capital include Quizno’s and Cabela’s, and they have also held private equity in healthcare and energy companies.