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Cotemor Mexico: A Giant Lying Along The Gulf Of Mexico

Cotemor S.A de C.V is a high end service company, lying along the Gulf of Mexico that prides itself in its service to the gas industry. The award winning company is known for their diversified services. The company offers transport services to their high profile clients and provide vessels that are used for recreational purposes for their clients. The company also has more than thirty years maintaining offshore for their clients. They make sure that the ores are maintained and are in great shape before they are used by the oil companies. In addition to their services, the company offers fine dining and accommodation services to their clients.



Cotemor Mexico has been described as one of the best employer in the country. The company understands that their employees are the reason behind the great service the company is able top offer their client. Due to the high risk industry, the company offers their clients frequent training sessions so as to minimize the number and chances of injury on the sites. Also the management sees to it that their clients are trained every now and then in order to advance their careers. Many employees at the company have confessed of the fair treatment by the management adding that the company allows them to enjoy the recreation facilities in the hotels.



Of course the company has been able to stand strong for all these years due to the great management and the culture built and communicated to the employees. High levels of professionalism are expected at all times from all employees. Employees are encouraged to uphold business and personal ethics at the organization at all times. This has resulted in a healthy working environment at the organization, with the human resource team have a great time as there are few cases of conflict at the organization.



Cotemor believes in sustainability and conservation of the environment. The company therefore has a strong social corporate responsibility that sees to it that the company utilizes technology that is meant to conserve the environment. Additionally, the company conducts annual training and conferences that encourage students in colleges and universities to attend. There, they are taught of the various technological advancements and encouraged to apply jobs.



Cotemor has been in the game since 1979. In those years, the company has mastered the art of customer satisfaction through provision of high quality services and their compassion for the environment and the people around.