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The RealReal

The Company with Unique Excellent Taste, The RealReal

According to the article, the RealReal company chief executive officer is Julie Wainwright. It plans on opening up pop up shops for establishment of the shops in order to boost online sales in new areas. This is due to success from development of a shop in New York city which led to generation of over two million dollars in a year. The company director of marketing, Allison Sommer believes that, these shops are able to open up a new market so that they are also known as part of the street fashion. Moreover, the customer loyalty is what creates the need to ensure that items are readily at their disposal. They also opened up a SoHo store for men wears.

Another thing with pop ups is that, it creates awareness therefore enabling the shops to exist long after removal of pop ups and development of permanent shops. It also leads to increase in number of online buyers from an area. This was evident in San Francisco where, the online shoppers increased by five hundred times. The RealReal company ensures that they provide the best services to their customers. This has been achieved through hiring of specialists in decor, fashion and jewelry.

The RealReal company’s employees consists of gemologists and authentication specialists who are there to confirm to buyers that, the price they pay is worth the quality of their purchase. Among the employees are those with a background in fashion such as in Gucci and Sotheby’s. In addition, The RealReal pop ups also allow consignors to drop in their shops where they are able to acquire prices and help sell items online. This is important because it enables the company to still stand out in a competitive market by increasing the number of awareness.

In conclusion, the company has over seven million buyers and sellers online since the opening of various pop ups. It has employed more than eight hundred people. Most of their shoppers include women and some men buying leather items and watches. The RealReal company growth is due to its up to date fashion creativity.