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Clayton Hutson attended the University of Central Michigan and was awarded a degree in theater design. He later went ahead to further his studies in the school of business earning him a degree in Business Administration. After completion of his studies, Clayton held a few positions with active amusement organizations. He was a project director and filled in as a sound engineer. Even though Hutson worked in corporate entertainment, Clayton Hutson, in the long run, picked the music business.


Clayton was particularly enthusiastic about shake ‘n’ roll since he had a few occupations that presented him to each feature of sound designing, live exhibitions, and administration. Hutson found that he was a characteristic business visionary, and he was fruitful in his undertaking. His business developed rapidly alongside his image for exemplary and reliable work.


Clayton Hutson later decided to start his own business as he felt the need to utilize his abilities and experience from the organizations he has worked with previously. Hutson has had the opportunity to travel worldwide with a few musicians. Among his most significant achievements, he has worked with One Republic’s programmed rigging system amid one of its most celebrated visits. Clayton had a lot of involvement with sound designing for live entertainment and also with the tour production organizations.


Clayton Hutson ongoing and current work includes stage administration for an outstanding artist. There are a ton of critical undertakings that he needs to either do or regulate. One mix-up can ruin an execution or even a whole occasion. Energizing innovation has led to rapid changes. To reassure customers, it’s significant to stay aware of these improvements.


Mobile lighting gadgets have turned out to be substantially brighter, and also they can be quickly be moved around more effortlessly. Most shows productions own massive video walls. This innovation positively offers a few advantages, when entertainers try to inspire fans in more inventive ways. For example, Lady Gaga and Pink have been willing to attempt new things. Their shows regularly include tumbling and other fascinating stunts. Clayton welcomed this aesthetic inventiveness considerably more than a video screen that is much greater than the rest.


To achieve his objectives of precision and flawlessness inside his industry, Hutson is continually going to a work site. When he finishes an important show, Clayton Hutson knows from the most necessary subtle elements to the minor completing focuses on what needs to happen and all through the entire occasion of the show. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson

Pulling on more that twenty years of diverse professional industry experience has caused Clay Hutson to be a respected name in his field of expertise. Clay started working in and around the music industry when he was a child. He took this love for the industry and attended Central Michigan University, obtaining a degree in theatre design and technical production. He also went on to acquire a MBA in business management from the University of Michigan.

Clayton considers himself a jack of all trades, coming out of college he worked with different companies that provided solutions for live entertainment. He has worked as a rigger, sound engineer, project manager, automation, creative design and so much more. Working in these roles Clayton learned the business which led him to his entrepreneurial choice of establishing his entertainment production company.

Clayton is always aware of the individual needs of each client, which has allowed him to work with some of the best named entertainers in the industry. Clayton has found success working with Prince, Maxwell, Guns and Roses, P!nk, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, the White House and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. Specializing in the complicated, laborious and toilsome. Clayton and his team surpass expectations in contemplation of structure, ranging between corporate events and live entertainment. His clients have been known to say that “ if Clayton is on the job they have no fear because, he runs a tight and efficient ship. ”

Clayton especially enjoys working with artist such as P!nk and Lady Gaga, both of theses talented artist use aerial stunts and acrobatics in their act, which pushes Clayton to produce a wowing experience for each individual envelope and acumen.

Clayton demands a pace that most times have him working from sun up to sun up. When he is on the road he is usually the first person in the space, having already taken the time to structure the days events with an outline. This prevents mistakes and allows him to properly prepare the crew when they come. Clayton test every aspect of the set design and production set up one, two and three times. By doing so he has created a solid reputation and name for himself which will continue to increase as he pursues his goals. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani: A Life of Dedication and Hard Work

Hussain Sajwani is a well respected businessman who, through his own hard work and dedication, earned every bit of the billion dollar fortune he now sits on. At the age of only 3 years old Hussain began working for his father at his father’s watch and pen store. It was there that he learned about the hardships that a businessman deals with and began to form his ideas about what he wanted for his own life. While his father had hoped that he would join him in the family business, Hussain discovered that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.


Hussain earned his Bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics at the University of Washington, Seattle and then went on to become the Contracts Manager for GASCO, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). He only spent a brief period of time there before establishing his own business; Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC. This business eventually became the DAMAC Group, which is where he invests most of his energy and time now. Before this, Hussain put together DICO invest, which is an investment company that to this day holds investment portfolios of securities in numerous companies that are traded on different global markets. Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG was also built by Hussain and was eventually consolidated by strategic investments that he made in the insurance sector. Oman-based Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co SAOG along with other successful ventures were also started by Hussain before DAMAC.


DAMAC was started as a catering company in 1992 but since 2002 is known as a luxury real estate developer that provides unmatched living experiences in Dubai, UAE. As a developer of multi-million square-foot golf course communities, high-rise private apartment towers, and ‘limited edition’ living experiences, Hussain has teamed up with brands like Fendi and Bugatti, Versace, Paramount Hotels & Resorts and Donald J. Trump. A large part of his dealings with Donald Trump has been related to the golf courses that serve DAMAC’s luxury property developments. Hussain Sajwani has received high praise from Mr. Trump, who referred to him as a “very great man,” and has heaped plenty of other compliments on him, as well.