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GoBuyside Integrating Technology with Recruitment Process for Faster and Better Results

There was a time when a prospective employee had to find ways to reach out to the recruiter so that they could get a job. Today, companies believe in taking a proactive approach and have the details of prospective candidates ready in case of a position opens up. It is necessary in today’s competitive world that companies hire the best brains to work for them and finding them is not always easy. It takes more than a thorough search to help find employees for the various positions in the company. Recruitment companies such as GoBuyside are using smart technology to pool a wide network of candidates and to build a better relationship with the existing employees. The patent recruitment automation software used by GoBuyside allow it to streamline the entire recruitment process for their clients that allows them to have access to a pool of talent and fill positions as they open up without having to wait. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Since the increase in competition in all aspects, recruiters have to be better marketers of their company so that they can attract the right talent. Prospective employees are today attracted to companies with a good online presence, and the recruiters must ensure that their companies are a powerful brand that they will be able to sell to employees. Large recruitment companies such as GoBuyside handles all of the hiring efforts of their clients like a job description, assessment, background checks and others to ensure that their clients can get the best candidates for their position without having to compromise on any front.


GoBuyside is a name to reckon with in the world of recruitment solutions. The company has proprietary technology that it uses to access its extensive talent pool spread over 10,000 firms and 100,000 employees to provide recruitment solution for some of the top investment and finance companies in the world. Arjun Kapur, founder, and CEO at Gobuyside has extensive experience of working in the finance industry, and he realized that there was a gap that needed to be filled. It is how he started GoBuyside, which is a comprehensive recruitment solution provider with extensive network globally. The primary aim of GoBuyside is to provide the platform to the investment and finance companies where they can meet with talents in a way that is affordable and effective at the same time.

GoBuyside has developed a proprietary recruitment technology that is continually upgraded. Arjun Kapur feels that such a technology is helpful in doing a talent search and it has a huge database that allows the recruitment firms to source with accuracy. More than 500 clients currently trust GoBuyside exclusively to search for their talent requirements. It is essential for the companies to have the right talent in order to grow and stay efficient. GoBuyside helps the companies find the right talent that specifically meets their requirements. It is primarily because the company doesn’t have one size fits all approach and can provide the recruitment solution that is customized as per the specific requirements of the client. Read more about GoBuyside at