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Rocketship Education is Eliminating the Achievement Gap

According to the article in the 74 Million, ten years ago, the first Rocketship school was opened in a church in the city of San Jose, CA. Although they have made a remarkable impact in the communities they are serving; Rocketship Education is still an unfinished project that is still being developed. They are constantly learning how to serve their communities as well as students better. And they have learned several things during their first decade.


  1. To Change the System, they need to Develop More Demand – Rocketship is focusing on elementary education. Many partners, funders, and parents have encouraged them to expand and build a K-12 system. It is tempting to them; it is hard watching their Rocketeers leave them in fifth grade.

They wonder what is going to become of their future. To them, it’s the difference between trying to change their public-school system and then build a parallel school. They believe that a self-contained K-12 system weakens their capability of engaging parents past the classroom and develop parent demand for public education equity.


  1. Personalized Learning Begins at Home – They remain firm advocates for the technology’s purposeful integration of supporting student learning plus promoting student agency. Personalized learning regards much more than technology. It is about a thorough understanding of the unique interests and needs of each student as well as families. Their yearly home visits have come to be a significant component of their personalized learning model.


  1. You Will Not Go Far When You Try to Go, It Solo – They set some high goals for their growth when they started. And while their moon shot could have helped in drawing attention to the huge achievement gap size, it excessively underestimated the difficulty of growing a public school’s network depending on a dizzying pattern of public agencies. Building strong, transparent, and productive partnerships with these stakeholders take much attention and time, yet it is paramount to their collective success.

Rocketship Education is known to be a public elementary charter school national non-profit network that serves low-income communities with access that is limited to excellent schools. The Rocketship was established in 2006; its mission is eliminating the achievement gap by developing a sustainable and scalable school model propelling student achievement in communities that are underserved countrywide.