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The Search for Garden Space in New York Real Estate

Oh, for a little hint of greenery, is it really too much too ask?

As real estate in New York heats up again after the ups and downs of the recession, a new factor is becoming an issue in the search for NYC apartments for rent for dwellings in this overcrowded city. What people are looking for now is a hint of a garden and patio to relax in. At these prices, is it too much too ask?

Real estate professionals in New York now say that serious buyers want apartments that give them a dose of nature to take away the edge of city life. What’s an issue, however, is how honest the listings are that mention a garden/patio with the apartment. Does “garden/patio” mean there’s an outdoor sitting area involved, with a little bit of grass, or does it mean if you look really hard out the window you might see a park a few miles away? Savvy buyers have to read between the lines, or hopefully work with a realtor who knows the score, garden wise.

Realtors who know what to look for can do a lot of detective work to find a property that has an actual garden attached, though it might take some doing. There are listings in places like Brooklyn that come with small gardens that are sometimes a bit larger than the apartments themselves, but if a buyer wants greenery, perhaps the trade off is worth it.

The real estate professionals at TOWN have been doing a lot of searching of late to find the right balance between garden spaces and living spaces for their clients. As one of the top luxury residential real estate firms in the city, TOWN has made a name for itself over the past few years with its solid track record of finding just the right properties for clients. They do it by really listening to their client’s desires while still keeping their eyes on the realities of the market.

So, if that means finding a penthouse downtown with hardwood floors, a view, and a real garden with real grass and flowers, that’s what they’ll do. Let’s face it, finding that dream spot in this city is no small feat, but with the right advice from professionals who really know the lay of the land, anything’s possible. Even a place with a real garden.