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New Security Challenges as the Cloud Comes of Age

As the cloud comes of age, companies have become more comfortable with it and many are fully embracing the benefits that come with migrating. However, despite the fact that cloud solutions can be just as secure as on-site infrastructure, a lot of cloud security problems boil down to age-old management and HR mistakes that can be remedied with a little old-fashioned forethought and planning.

A classic security concern is what`s known as “Shadow IT.” Shadow IT is when users bring in outside hardware or software that has not been cleared for use in the organization, and tends to happen when users feel that the tools available to them are inadequate for doing their job properly. Originally, the term referred to staff bringing devices, but in recent years, with the rise of web-based applications, there was a shift toward using Shadow IT to describe unapproved software. Now, it seems that the pendulum has swung back, and the emphasis is on virtual servers set up by specific departments or groups, but which have not been vetted.

This can largely be prevented by being more proactive about setting employee access based on job roles and not what systems are used in a given departments. By making sure that each team member has access to the feature they need, companies can curb this new type of virtual Shadow IT. One way of doing this is using a common access point such as OneLogin, which allows users to access all the features they need, but also to easily get access to other features which they may need access to in the future.

OneLogin is a San Francisco-based company providing Identity and Access Management services for companies of all sizes. OneLogin allows companies to streamline access points and endpoints across the organization as well as seamlessly managing and integrated features and apps into the system.